Righteous Indignation & the Mirror Effect

Hello friends. Interesting title huh? With the current Cosmic Weather it seems to be going around (Sun in Leo square to Mars in Scorpio, for one!) Both of these energies are powerful and “executive” in their nature with the possibility of “my way or the highway” viewpoints. That is both the danger, and the opportunity.

I recently got wind of some behavior that a person who is seen by many as a powerful authority figure was doing that was harmful to others. I quickly became enraged and righteously indignant. The “Mama Bear” healer in me wanted to go kick some @$$ immediately. I got to look at that and what I saw was pretty enlightening. Firstly, it’s not okay for others to be harmed and we don’t condone irresponsible or hurtful behavior, but we never really know the whole story, especially on a karmic level. The way that this information was shared was inappropriate also, as something shared in confidence was “leaked” to certain parties. As a spiritual counselor who has heard many controversial things over time and kept them in confidence, this also became a real “hot button” issue for me. I could imagine how I would feel if someone spilled my treasured secrets, and how violating and hurtful that could feel and I wasn’t okay about that either.

When I as able to calm my monkey/reactive mind down about it, I consulted Guidance and was shown what I had figured was the case all along. It was TIME for this information to come out, and for the truth of this matter to be known so that the parties involved could begin the work of healing and reparation. This is also an attribute of Mars in Scorpio currently squaring both the Sun and Moon in Leo. Astrologically, it made sense too. This last weekend was a definite “power portal” and we’re still soaking in it. With all of the “fixed” energies around, the time is definitely ripe for making judgment calls, and sometimes in a reactive, unconscious manner too.

Thinkin’ all about those censored sequences. Worryin’ about the consequences. Waiting until I come to my senses. Better put it all in present tenses. – Elvis Costello/Little Triggers

I know I have triggers around abuse of power, I have had to deal with that in my own past. I don’t have any children of my own, but I used to joke that if I did they would probably all not be able to stand me. I felt I would be hypervigiliant to the point of extreme annoyance, based on the lack of boundaries and safety in my own upbringing; though I’m sure over time like all parents do, I would have to learn to let go. Though I’ve done plenty of work on that issue, it hasn’t gone away. The feelings of judgment I experienced this past weekend reminded me of that. I remember feeling a sense of relief when I heard Ram Dass say (and I’m paraphrasing,) “I was shocked to find after 20+ years of practice and meditation those old neuroses were still there. These days I just see them as little schmoos and when they show up I make a place for them.” He also went on to say that though they are smaller and have much less power, they still pay a visit from time to time. That’s where the work lies.

This is not to say that we turn a blind eye to abuse, injustice or anything else of that nature, but it’s important to not try to storm in and fight everyone else’s battles either. From the teachings of the Keepers and my own experience, judgments are calls to *awareness* especially if they are really turned up in their intensity. It may also be a convenient way for mind/ego to be outer focused to avoid looking within to what REALLY is going on with our own reactions and judgments of others. Sometimes (as in with the example that I shared here,) there is a “method behind the madness” of chaos and misunderstanding. In cases such as this, time really can help to heal wounds.

Dear ones, though the current times have been perceived as a Dark Age (Kali Yuga,) in truth it is lighter than previous times in your history, namely for one reason: the amount of “Lights” that are here now in human form. Do continue to send healing love to areas affected by suffering and darkness. Be mindful that ordinary/egoic mind loves to be indignant over injustice and suffering. It may take advantage of righteousness and anger as if it is really “doing” something. If you allow these feelings to pull you from your center often or permanently, you cannot rest in alignment where you are most effective. It is true that even very high and conscious beings feel pain and heartache over events in the world, this is not to suggest that is the goal. A warrior centered in the truth of their being can be more powerful than an army of a thousand in the third dimension.

In your world it is true that darkness for a time will play out. This by no means is an assertion that it is gaining dominion, despite outer appearances. Be wise. Turn within. Shanti. – The Keepers, 7.20.14

So what would Divine Mother and the other wise beings in Spirit tell us? “Keep Calm and Bless Others.” We are ALL moving through these energetic portals of intensity and karmic acceleration. A little less judgment and a lot more love, understanding and compassion will go a long way, especially now.

Thank you for reading friends. Shanti.


KellyRae 29th July 2014 1:26 pm

Went through something very similar myself this weekend. Was so blown out of left field, so to speak, at the instant uprising of the situation that presented itself. Why? Because at first it felt like a situation I had dealt with so many years ago, which is not to say I didn't, but just not to the depth that this weekend took me. It was a freedom of sorts like I've never experienced before. In some ways still processing the event, but from a place of awe and gratitude.

spiritdiver 29th July 2014 9:59 pm

Irma, the new Virgo Moon opposed Nessus Monday. Noted astrologer Eric Francis interprets this can trigger abuse patters and self criticism. As you wisely explain awareness, and forgiveness are key to letting go. I have also found as told in ACIM, in our letting go the real healing work of the special relationship can become for all through the power of allowing the Holy Spirit in.

Blessings to you and your generous work and heart!


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