The Keepers on the Stargate periods 10:10, 11:11, 12:12

Beloveds, here is a bit of commentary about the next upcoming primary Stargate periods in your world.

10.10: Consciousness. We see that this Stargate opens the door further into higher frequencies and consciousness that have been contacting Earth since 2010-11.

11.11: Transcendence. We see that these energies (being also while the Sun is in Scorpio,) provide great potential for healing and transcending the limitations of the past; using the tools of shamanic, dream and “Shadow” work.

If we lack the courage to carry a torch into the heart of our own fear, to face the illumination of our deepest fears, we have no business calling ourselves “lightkeepers.” We are being called to open to all that we are, and birth ourselves through the womb of our own darkness. – Reconnection teaching, 10.10.12 (via Alyce Walker)

12.12 through 12.21.12: Realization. This is a time to “put it all together.” To bring the higher consciousness, healing and transcendence into a cohesive understanding in your world and view. To have a greater understanding and real-ization of spiritual truths and the reality of Sat-Chit-Ananda (You are That.) To bring personal manifestation and creation to a new level, and to step more fully into your soul mission and role. Shanti. – The Keepers, 10.10.12



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Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer is an akashic records reader, interfaith minister, intuitive counselor, energy healing practitioner and writer. She currently resides in Laguna Hills, California. Irma has been involved in the holistic healing arts community as a practitioner and teacher since 1992.

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