Venus Rx in Gemini 2012: You dropped a bomb on me!

Hello dear readers,

I am currently writing this on May 23, 2012 while I am on a much-needed hiatus from social media; except for my “Cosmic Weather” and “Bright Star” pages on FB that have  respectful and cool people on them, and I am grateful. 

After thinking on the Venus Retrograde in Gemini (the Love goddess is going backward and is rather pissed off about it!) and the whole “If mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy” theme, I couldn’t help but see *bombs* going off in my head. Love bombs are cool, psychic bombs are most definitely NOT. Well I’ve always found that music and humor do wonders for shifting up the energy, and we need these things now more than ever. So here’s a musical interlude for you. Go give it a listen, and maybe do a little chair dancing while you’re at it.  I get the funniest “earworms” sometimes like the Adam Ant (2nd) tune for example. 

You dropped a bomb on me baby!

Beat my Guest!

Okay, thanks for joining us again. You may wonder why I chose that picture of the angry baby (besides the fact that it is hilarious?!) I’m finding the current energies quite challenging along with the ongoing nature of the Uranus/Pluto square which invites everyone to evolve, wake up and most importantly- grow up! It has been so bizarre to see adults bounce back from Parent to Child ego states like they are playing an inner game of “Pong.” It’s been nutty, confusing and disconcerting to say the least. It feels like for so many their own inner landscape is not only public property, it is no longer their responsibility anymore, but YOURS. The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have called this behavior “Offloading.” It’s subtle and many times you can’t see it coming. There are four good words of advice that I can offer in this area: Don’t fall for it. You may be thinking, “So what is the deal with this IK? What’s with all the snarky and impolite behavior?” As you probably know by now especially if you have been following my blog, we are really “in for it” this year with these powerful astro-cosmic energies. For those that are staying open and doing their best to be in their heart are probably faring okay. For those that are insisting on remaining in separation, projection, fear and other forms of disconnect; they are really feeling the heat and it’s just too dang HOT in that particular kitchen! We all know how cranky people get in the summer when there’s no cold beer and the A/C is on the fritz.

I have certainly seen my share of flamers, trolls, pervies and other internet nasties in my day. Yes before you judge me for “labeling” people, hear me out. I DO know that they are we are all multidimensional children of the ONE, and also possess an innate Buddha Nature. I also know for some people what they choose to manifest for the moment is a long way from that. It’s also really okay to call a spade a spade, but I have found in these volatile times even doing that in a loving and compassionate way has made me (and some of my friends and colleagues) strongly open to attack.

In my quest for knowledge and guidance this week, I was guided to this helpful and powerful information that I have shared below. It really says it all and quite well and there isn’t a lot that I would add to it.

“Every time you are criticized, it is the soul of the critic reminding you how desperately in need of acceptance and love they happen to be. When you allow any form of criticism to remind you when it is time to let someone know how much they’re accepted, appreciated, and loved, in spite of their behavior, you allow yourself to step through the doorway of evolution. In doing so, you simultaneously transform in all lives what has kept so many beings stuck and distracted for far too long. This is the grace of compassion.” ~ Matt Kahn

“We never have to jump through vibrational hoops for anyone or acquiesce to their ideas of how a relationship should be based upon the boxes of rules they have built around them. We never have to be drawn into others dramas, pettiness, insecurities, resistance or judgments. We never ever ever have to play small for others. Always let your vibration speak for itself. You don’t have to defend yourself or tell your side of the story to those who are quick to judge or not interested in your perspective. Trust the vibe to work it all out. Just keep shining on, loving on and blessing on and leave the drama to the Kardashians.” : ) ~ Sierra Goodman

“So what does the adversary do? He/she gives you the opportunity to know yourself at a deeper level and to even call upon strength that perhaps you didn’t know that you had. Yes there are those that do not respond to polite conversation, logic and so forth. Anger is often highly illogical, and at times a calm demeanor acts as gasoline instead of water to that particular fire. So you ask us what is the deeper teaching? It is as your Mahayana’s teach: Make yourself “larger,” in context. You are as large as the Universe itself, yet also as small as your own individual personality. The Universe does not feel pain (at least not in any human context,) when beings strike against it, it *exists* and that is enough. So is it for you. When you are connected with that place within, no apology or defense is needed. Do not let the projections of the world trouble you dear ones, again you are being called to “Know Thyself.” It is time. Shanti.” ~ The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 5.21.12

One thing I DO know is that both my online and “Real world” experiences are depending on me to maintain them through my *awareness* and attention. I strongly agree with the Sierra Goodman quote about what we have to offer others vibrationally. I don’t have a wall full of diplomas, I have me and the offering of my vibration that I have been perfecting and working on for many years. As my wise friend Jocelyn once said, “When you walked in the door we considered you a friend. If you do not or cannot behave, don’t let the door hit your a$$ on the way out.”  This is not mean, judgmental or selfish, no matter what people will say to try to get you to join the Drama Club. We’ve got a little over a month left of the Venus Retrograde. It is my strong hope and intention that we emerge from it much stronger, wiser beings and not full of cosmic bullet holes. I am also planning on taking the Keepers advice here and start seeing myself in a much larger context then just little ol’ Irma Kaye Sawyer. I feel that is a powerful key for us all to rise above the strife and not take things so personally.

Wishing you all love, peace and abundance in these powerful times.


Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer


Eyewitness 21st October 2015 1:39 pm

Many people seem to have difficulty understanding the Illusion of opposites because we are constantly fed this idea that everything is supposed to be wonderful or something is 'wrong'. When you are 'criticized' it has nothing to do with negative people who 'desperately need to be loved', its really just another divine opportunity to realize that all rejection is a valuable lesson each soul must learn to master along the path to self. Its not that some souls are loving and 'positive' and others are 'hateful' and criticize you because they don't feel loved. Your false ego decides what is good and bad based on whether it feels comfortable or not and your thoughts run with the idea that you are somehow being attacked from outside by 'others' who are not yet as loving as you are. This whole concept is part of the same illusion to me. How can anyone possibly learn Who They Really Are if they can't handle Every Experience and see the truth behind it?? Happiness has never been the goal of life. Mastery of Self is the goal. Look closely and you will see yourself in every 'troll. :)


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