A cosmic viewpoint of creation and evolution

Beloved masters, allow us to delve more deeply into the concept of duality and polarity. We have explained to you that the predominate theme of this universe is diversity, whereby all of the facets (Sparks or souls) who burst forth from the heart core of our Father/Mother God were commanded to go forth and create in as many diverse ways as possible. Before you journeyed forth, to be fragmented into lesser and lesser Sparks of consciousness, your God Ray or I AM Presence encoded a Cosmic Divine Mission deep within your Sacred Heart. This has been the driving force behind all your incarnations. In many lifetimes, this burning desire helped you to overcome insurmountable odds to create many wondrous things, and in other lifetimes, it created a Divine discontent which no amount of wealth, power or worldly accomplishments could extinguish, for you were not following your soul’s deepest desire.

At some level, we as cocreators, which means every ensouled Being who came forth in this great Cosmic Day, assisted in the creation of everything within this universal experience. When our Father/Mother God sent forth the “Word,” or the thought form, “Let There Be Light,” we all assisted in radiating the refracted Light, or the great Rays of Creator consciousness, out into the dark void of unmanifested primordial substance. Under the direction of the Elohim, who bear the mental focus of our Father God, the angelic realm, who radiate the love focus of our Mother God, and all sentient Beings, helped create the multiple dimensions and sub-dimensions which contain constellations, star systems, galaxies, planets and life forms so numerous and complex they are beyond human comprehension.

“Light” in spiritual terms is defined as electromagnetic radiation, a Divine emanation from the heart/mind core of the Supreme Creator. It is the Essence of Life and within it is all that the Creator is: the qualities, virtues, aspects and attributes which were refracted into twelve great Rays of Creator consciousness through our Father/Mother God, the overlords of this universe. There is some level of Creator Light in everything in existence, no-thing could exist without it. That is why it is often called Living Light; no matter how small or dim, it must be present in order to exist. You, as Sparks of Divinity, came forth with a specific amount of Creator Light stored within your Diamond Core God Cell; however, the greater portion of your Divine Light remained stored within your God Self in the lofty realms of higher consciousness. The ascension process entails drawing forth the maximum amount of Creator Light that can be contained in your physical vessel. As you return to harmony in your world within and without, your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies are made ready to receive “spiritual illumination” or Living Light from your Divine Self.

It is more difficult for the human mind to comprehend the vastness and the intricacies of Creation at a cosmic level than it would be for a babe in arms to understand the concepts of math, science and language at a college level. All of the information and knowledge we have shared with you over these past years are still only the most basic concepts, and only touch the surface of the true workings of the universe and the awesome power, love, wisdom and potential of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator.

In order to understand the teachings of past ages, humanity has tried to bring cosmic truths/concepts down into the narrow focus of “human consciousness.” The Genesis story of old states that the heavens and Earth were created in six days and on the seventh day, God rested. A cosmic or universal day contains trillions and trillions of your earthly days and, indeed, it has taken an incomprehensible amount of time to create this universe. We have explained that after the Supreme Creator stirred and radiated forth an inexplicable number of fragments of ITSELF and initiated the creation of the Omniverse, IT went into repose as an Omnipotent Observer. The present cosmic day for this universe is coming to a close and the Supreme Creator is once again taking an active part in the Creation of the Cosmos by radiating forth the Essence of Life to enfold and encompass all that has been created under the direction of our Father/Mother God. Only those thought forms and memories which are in harmony with the Divine Plan will remain, all else will seem as a bad dream and will gradually melt away. All of Creation must move forward, no ensouled Being will be left behind.

All of the great diversity of this universe was brought to your beautiful, special planet called Earth or Gaia, and you as the designated bearers of this diversity agreed to fragment and submerge yourselves in the density and polarity of the lower dimensions. Your ultimate goal was to move deeply into the multiple levels of separation, and then gradually return to unity consciousness or ONENESS. That is the wondrous process you are now in the midst of. It has been a long and painful process, but you are succeeding, beloveds. You are reclaiming your Divine nature and as you return to the middle path, the power of the NOW and learn to stay heart-centered, you are remembering who you are, why you are on Earth, and the magnificence to which you are destined to return.

The story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden has also been distorted down through the ages in an effort to bring the concept down to a human level of understanding. Many scholars and wise ones have pondered over and over the meaning of the biblical story of the creation of Adam and Eve. The cosmic origins of this beautiful story are of how you, in your perfect androgynous Divine Essence called the Adam Kadmon Light Body, began your journey down through the multi-dimensions. As part of the Divine plan for diversity, there came a time when your Essence was divided in half, one part bearing the masculine attributes of our Father God and the other bearing the female virtues and qualities of our Mother God. One was not more or less than the other; you and your Divine counterpart are and always have been equal. This was potentially a painful rending of Self from Self, and in order to do this without causing great trauma to your Core Essence, your consciousness had to be diminished, or the beginning of the veil of forgetfulness was drawn across a portion of your memory of your origins and your vastness. You might say that part of you went into a deep sleep, as the story of Adam and Eve states, and you have stayed at slumber for all these many aeons of time. You are just now beginning the process of awakening and returning to full consciousness. Many of you now have the ability to connect or communicate with your Divine Counterpart, who most often remained in the higher realms to support you when it was your turn to incarnate and, once again, experience the world of duality and polarity.

When you, in your perfect Adam/Eve Kadmon bodies, first stepped onto the Earth, which resonated to the frequencies of the sixth and higher fifth dimensions, your Divine mate was with you and the Earth was truly a paradise world, the Garden of Edon, as it is known in the higher realms. All the sustenance you needed was supplied from the Creator Light-infused Essence of the air and water. You knew how to create with your mind all that you needed to exist in comfort in this paradise world, and you were in total harmony with your Divine earthly mission and the Will of our Father/Mother God. However, gradually, over time, as the Earth sank deeper into the frequencies and a broader spectrum of polarity and duality, the consciousness of humanity began to move further and further from a sense of Oneness with All, and the Middle Path of harmony and balance. Thus came the symbology of the tree of knowledge, or the emerging of polarity consciousness of good and evil. The meaning of Adam and Eve being banished from the Garden of Edon is also much different than the one told by human scribes in ages past. What was conveyed is only a metaphor for the true esoteric teachings. The filters of forgetfulness grew stronger, and the sense of connectedness with the higher realms and your Divine Self diminished more and more. The time came when you could no longer draw forth the fruit of life from the Essence of the air and water, and you lost the ability to create whatever you desired using your mind power. You had to learn to sustain yourselves through physical means without the assistance of your Higher Self, or by the “sweat of your brow.” Therefore, that which had once been a paradise world gradually became a world of struggle and strife.

As you are aware, the further you move into density the more pronounced your dual nature becomes, and the more likely you are to become polarized and “narrow-minded” in your thinking. Down through the many aeons of time, your “human nature” became the dominating force of your life’s experience. You gradually replaced the concept of ONENESS, and unconditional love for ALL Creation, with a sense of separation, judgment, and love with many conditions, resulting in fear, in deep-seated emotional feelings of unworthiness, lack, guilt, ego-driven emotions rather than Spirit-inspired emotions.

Many precious souls heroically endeavored to stay the course of the middle path and to retain a connection with their inner consciousness. These are the brave ones who, down through the ages and against all odds, strove to protect the weak and the innocent, and to maintain law and order for the greater good of all. They were those who maintained a Spirit-inspired connection and brought forth the lofty ideals which are the philosophical treasures of past.

Sadly, there many more dear souls who turned away from the path of Light and sank deeper and deeper into the density and distortions of the third/fourth dimensions. These are the poor souls who not only lost their connection with Spirit, but much of their human consciousness as well, to become what we have termed as having an animal/human consciousness. They were submerged totally in the vibrations of the three lower chakras with overwhelming instinctual natures focused on survival of the fittest, a powerful sexual nature with hardly a sense of love or kindness toward others. A sense of self and self-preservation was usually the driving force, often to the detriment of others. Many did not even protect or nurture their young as well as those of the animal kingdom.

The grand plan for humanity and the Earth was preordained to succeed. Never would the Creator and our Father/Mother God, who love ALL their creations unconditionally, send us forth on such a great and perilous mission without a failsafe plan. We have not failed, my brave warriors. In fact, we have succeeded beyond the greatest expectations of the heavenly host. As you are lifted up in consciousness, you assist all humanity to release the shackles of illusion and limitation of the lower densities, and they too are slowly being lifted up. You have created a pathway of Light for them to follow so that their journey will not be nearly so perilous or painful as yours has been. Each distorted, negative thought form that you return to balance is one more obstacle that you remove from the collective mass consciousness of humanity. As you gradually return to center and withdraw your mental and emotional energies from the broad spectrum of polarity, a miraculous thing is happening. The pendulum of duality is not swinging so widely nor so far off center, and the band or spectrum of polarity is gradually diminishing. Together, you the warriors of Light and truth have returned to harmony trillions and trillions of negative thought forms. You have no idea of the miracles you have wrought.

We know it is disconcerting when you look around at the chaos in your world and at the animalistic acts, pain and suffering that are being wrought by humanity. That is the reality of the lower third-dimensional experience; however, when you focus on that reality, your consciousness moves into and you are adding to the broadest spectrum of polarity and duality consciousness. When you learn to maintain a focus of centeredness and harmony, it is not that you are unaware of what is happening in the world of duality, but your will power, energies and desires are totally focused on the power of the moment and allowing your God Self to radiate forth through you the healing, transmuting vibrations of love and transformation.

The great ongoing controversy regarding the theories of EVOLUTION versus CREATION are a third-dimensional exercise in futility. Both theories are true, but certainly not in the way they have been presented by the scholars and historians of the past. Beloveds, let go of the energies of judgment and scarcity. Let go of old self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve your greatest good. Keep an open mind and stretch your beliefs to allow your consciousness to expand as you tap into the cosmic libraries of Divine wisdom. Attune to your God Self when you strive to discern what is your highest truth. Listen to the wisdom of your soul/heart center, and allow your mind to tap into the Essence of higher truth which is stored within your brain structure. You came forth with all the wisdom, information, talents and abilities you would ever need to create a paradise on Earth. It is time to reclaim your Divine Heritage as a powerful cocreator of beauty, joy, abundance and peaceful co-existence with all the diverse facets of Creation. Our faith in you has never wavered and our respect for your bravery and steadfastness continually increases, as does our love for you.

I AM Archangel Michael.



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