Opening The Pathway Between Your Sacred Mind And Your Sacred Heart

Beloved masters, all of you are making amazing progress as you move deeper into the process of evolution. Not only are you becoming more spiritually aware in your mind and within your heart center, but the entire physical body is in the process of a major metamorphosis. You are reversing what has taken thousands upon thousands of Earth years to create, and this process is causing much stress and strain on your bodily vehicles. Much has been said about the "symptoms of transformation," and all of you are experiencing some of these symptoms to one degree or another. The faster the transition, the more aware you must be of the signals of pain and discomfort sent forth by your Body Elemental. It is telling you that something is amiss which needs to be addressed.

We encourage you to let go of the popular mass consciousness beliefs of what your body should look like and what you must do to be attractive and acceptable. Do not judge yourselves or others by the cloak of flesh that encases the soul. Focus on filling your Sacred Heart center with the wondrous Love/Light of the Creator, and as you permeate your physical vessel with this transforming Elixir and share the remainder with the world, the transformation you seek will begin within you and it will also radiate out to others as a precious gift. Remember, always ask for ease and grace.

We will address some of the questions many of you have asked, and we will endeavor to give you more concise information about some of the terms we have used in the past.

Question: "What role does food play in our level of consciousness?"

It is more important what comes out of your mouth than what you ingest, for a loving heart and a positive state of mind can turn the simplest foods into a healthy feast. There have been many theories, rules and guidelines given down through the ages as to what a proper or ‘holy’ diet should be. However, we say to you, do not accept the concepts of others as your gospel or absolute truth. Diet is a very individual thing, and each person should take into consideration their age, state of health, activity level and personal preferences. In all likelihood, as you progress in spiritual awareness and your vibratory patterns are fine-tuned, your diet will become refined also. For some, meat is an important part of their diet for various reasons, and this is acceptable. It is the negative, brutal ways of processing, and the artificial additives that contaminate the meat products you buy and make them harmful in various ways.

All things have life force within them in varying degrees. As you know, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all contain life force energy. The vegetable kingdom and certain select animals, fish and fowl agreed to provide sustenance for the human kingdom for a certain span of time. It was necessary as humanity sank into the density of the third/fourth dimensions and was disconnected from the Prana or the Elixir of Life from the Supreme Creator which permeates the higher dimensions of existence. In your forthcoming evolutionary cycle that agreement will change, for as you evolve into more refined Spiritual/human Beings, you will gradually begin to draw more of your sustenance from that higher source. However, at the present time you are not ready for that transition, and so do not try to speed up the process, for your bodily vessels are not yet prepared.

It is important to chose moderation in all things, beloveds, and to walk the middle path. Listen to your Body Elemental and you will soon learn what is beneficial for your body and what is not. No one but you knows what is best for you, especially if you follow your inner guidance and the nudgings of your Higher Self. An overlay of love and gratitude adds beneficial qualities to everything you eat or do. It is time to accept the truth that dis-eases such as arthritis, back and joint pain and the break down of the various organs does not have to manifest with aging of the body. Humanity is caught up in the mass consciousness belief system of the third/fourth dimensions whereby the core issues from the past and the imperfections within your ancestral DNA will cause these symptoms to manifest if you allow yourself to feel unloved, unworthy, or feel guilt, shame or resentment in any form. All these negative energies are a result of deep core memories from your ancient past rising to the surface so you can release them once and for all. Every dear soul, in varying ways and degrees, has been ostracized, tortured and even killed in numerous lifetimes. However, it is time to heal those painful memories of the past and with our help it is possible to do so.

For many of you it is difficult to show weakness in any way, and you have often ignored the painful signals your body was sending to you as you pushed yourselves to the point of exhaustion. Begin to listen to your Body Elemental, and follow your inner guidance as to what you need to do to come into balance, both within and without. Go into your personal Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table. Ask that your mental/emotional and physical bodies be brought into alignment, for your highest good, as you state, "Thy will be done." We will join you there, and in aligning your will with the Creator Will, you give us permission to assist you in the process of transformation. See the Violet Fire of Transmutation blazing up around you, healing, balancing, strengthening and perfecting as you slowly return to a harmonious state of Being.

When you begin to love yourself and feel worthy, you will no longer feel the need to manifest those distressful physical symptoms. You are Spirit in human form, and you chose your physical body and your family heritage for a reason, in order to bring forth mis-directed thought forms and energies that needed to be changed and brought into balance. The thoughts you allow in your mind are as important as eating a good balanced diet, drinking plenty of pure water and exercising your physical body. Your health will improve when you learn to focus on positive thoughts instead of allowing negative thoughts to dominate your mind. You cannot stop thinking about something that is on your mind, but you can discipline yourself to monitor your thoughts and replace the worrisome thoughts with positive affirmations. In this way, you will gain control of the vibrational patterns you are projecting out into your auric field. Change your thoughts and you can change your world. Affirm to yourselves that you will live each day to the fullest and give thanks for all the small and large gifts and miracles that come your way. Occasionally, pause between the inbreath and the outbreath, which is the Still Point of Creation, a moment of perfect attunement to the All That Is. Be aware, that precious moment is all each of you can be assured, no matter your physical age. And know that when it is your time to transcend, it will be as if you walked through a door into the most wondrous place you could ever imagine, and we will be there to welcome you home.

Question: "Please explain the meaning of our Body Elemental?"

Your Body Elemental is a facet of your Etheric Body. When you came to Earth in your crystalline form, the attributes and qualities of God consciousness you were to incorporate were placed within your physical chakra system, which is like seven different mind centers. Within your DNA and deep within the consciousness of your Body Elemental was the design for your physical body which gradually developed over a very long period of time. Your Body Elemental is what could be called your 'central control center,' which is a part of your Etheric Body makeup. The Etheric Body refers to the invisible counterpart of the physical vessel. It holds the Divine blueprint for your three lower bodies: physical, mental and emotional. It sustains and revitalizes the physical form and controls your autonomic nervous system which is responsible for the control and regulation of your involuntary bodily functions, including those of the heart, other organs, blood vessels, respiratory system, etc. The consciousness of your Etheric and Elemental Bodies repairs the damages within the physical body; however, your thoughts have a dramatic impact on how your Elemental/Etheric Bodies respond. The Etheric Body was to maintain a higher-frequency pattern than the earthly body; however, over time it became susceptible to the imbalanced, negative thought forms of the mental and emotional bodies. The imperfections affected the multiple layers of your Etheric Body first, and then gradually penetrated your physical form which manifested as illness, disease or dis-abilities. The same thing is now true: your Etheric Body is gradually being healed and returned to a harmonious state, and the higher, balanced frequencies that you are incorporating will eventually radiate into your physical body, healing and transforming it into vibrant health once more. Your Etheric Body or Etheric Double, as it is sometimes called, stays with you until you transcend and vacate your physical form, and then it gradually disintegrates and returns to the great Devic /Elemental Kingdom from whence it came.

Question: "Explain what you mean by sub-conscious * conscious * super-conscious minds." Your sub-conscious mind is a thought processor that takes literally all the ideas and images you allow to filter through your mind, especially those you accept as your truth, or that further validate the intrinsic negative beliefs you chose to bring forth into your present incarnation to rectify. All your mundane acts, your habits and memory are controlled by your sub-conscious mind. Affirmations, visualization and changing your language are the fastest ways to de-program and re-program your sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind receives direction via repetition, rhythm and emotions. The sub-conscious mind plays back or sends out impulses that it receives like a computer. It is subjective and makes no judgments.

Your conscious mind is constantly being affected by your sub-conscious mind, and it is a composite of all your past experiences in your present lifetime, as well as a portion of the collective consciousness of humanity that you agreed to bring forth to rectify. Every soul came forth into this lifetime pure and innocent. However, all of you also brought forth within your sub-conscious mind and DNA a certain amount of ‘imbalanced vibrational patterns’ which were created by yourselves during your many past lifetimes, while others were created through your chosen ancestral lineage. This has been called ‘original sin’ in past teachings. You now know it as karma, and that it was your choice to experience the lessons involved in rectifying and healing those imbalances. Your conscious mind contains those things that you have accepted as valid and true, whether positive or negative. Your conscious mind stores the knowledge and experience you have gained and is partially, to one extent or another, influenced and controlled by the impulses, beliefs, addictions and the collective consciousness of humanity via your sub-conscious mind. Those stuck in the illusion of the third/fourth density have rigid beliefs which are resistant to change. As you evolve along the path of en-Lighten-ment, you gradually connect with your Higher Self and the expanded consciousness of your Soul Self which contains the wisdom of what has been termed your Super Conscious mind, or the harmonious collective consciousness of the higher realms.

As you begin to balance and harmonize the physical chakra system, and your Soul and Higher Self merge within your Sacred Heart Center, the process of tapping into your Super Conscious mind begins. That is when you begin the process of accessing the higher truths of galactic and cosmic consciousness. Your sub-conscious mind is in the process of being reprogrammed as you clear all old out-moded, negative and restrictive concepts, so that you will have ready access to any self-limiting thoughts and can quickly modify them. Your conscious mind is in the process of reunifying the right and left hemispheres of the brain so that you may use equally the linear, concrete, analytical outward focused abilities of the left brain, along with the creative, intuitive, abstract abilities of the right hemisphere of your brain structure.

When this process reaches a certain level of reunification, you gain access to what we call the Light Packets of wisdom stored within the higher frequency levels of your brain structure. As we have explained in past messages, there are membranes of Light which are now being dissolved so that you may gain entrance into your Sacred Mind. There is a pathway from your Sacred Mind to your Sacred Heart and when this reunification takes place, you are well on your way to self-mastery and a whole new world of possibilities will open before you. Your Sacred Mind will overLight your emotional nature, and your Sacred Heart will overLight your mental nature as you return to the unified consciousness of self-mastery.

The coming years can be the most exciting, fulfilling years of your life if you will just begin to tap into your Sacred Mind via your Sacred Heart. You have brought forth wonderful gifts and attributes; however, you must consciously begin to access and bring these gifts into your awareness. Allow yourself to envision the perfect world you would like to create, and then follow your soul's nudgings and take the action necessary to manifest your dreams.

You can be a shining example to those around you by projecting love and harmony. See yourself surrounded in the transmuting Violet Blue Flame of transmutation and project this out into the world of substance. You are in the midst of the initiation process necessary to become a master of cocreation on Earth. As you move through each lesson and see the value of its teachings, know that you will never have to experience that situation again. See each adversity as a seed of opportunity. Call on the masters and we of the Angelic Realms. We are always near; just whisper our names and we will answer. You are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.



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