The Gathering Of Souls

Beloved masters, once again, I welcome the opportunity to blend with your higher consciousness, to fill your Sacred Heart and Soul with the Divine love of our Father/Mother God. It is always our greatest desire to inspire and comfort you and to guide you along the path of higher awareness, which eventually leads to Self-Mastery. At this time we wish to apprise you of what is transpiring during this momentous year we are calling the year of the Gathering Of Souls. My intention is to reinforce the concept of telepathic communication between you, the Star Seed, the Cosmic Council of Light and we of the Legions of Light within this Sub-Universe. It is important that you feel with your inner senses, and validate from within your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart, that through these messages I am truly with each of you. With your permission, I will connect with your OverSoul/Higher Self, and I will merge a facet of my Essence with yours at whatever level you are able to accommodate at this particular time.

There have been and will be many blessed gatherings of Star Seed Souls during this momentous year. My beloved messenger recently participated in a major event of great significance in Sedona, AZ via the "air waves" of the worldwide internet. She also held a small but powerful event for members of her inner group of followers in the Sacramento, California area of the United States. For those who came from the far reaches of the planet to join with their Soul families at these events and to partake of the wisdom teachings that were offered, it was a time of harmony, joy and blending of energies. For many, it was also a time of exceptional transformation at the deepest, innermost core level. It was a time when many layers of negative energy were dissolved, energies that had been placed around the heart in times past to protect and insulate the emotional and physical bodies from the pain and suffering of the third and lower-fourth dimensions. The floodgates of the emotional body burst open as these energies were dissolved and the precious gift of Creator Fire Light was once again allowed to take up residency within the Sacred Heart / Soul chamber.

It is a rare moment of recognition and a feeling of culmination when the facets of your Soul family begin to reunite and use the synergistic strength of common purpose for the greatest benefit of all. More and more members of your Soul family will be seeking you out as you lift your vibrations and send out a Soul Echo that they recognize. When you meet a member of your inner Soul family circle, you will know without a doubt that there is a rare and beautiful heart / Soul connection between you. When your actions are for the benefit of all, you earn the right to have a support system of like-minded, Soul-focused people.

There were STAR SEED representatives from all over the world in attendance at these events, and these blessed Beings carried the SEEDS of a new awareness with them as they returned to their homes. Make no mistake; those of you who are tapping into this wondrous refined energy from the heart core of our Father/Mother God in your own locale or at other gatherings around the world are and will be gifted with an infusion of White Fire Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. As you are attuned to these higher-frequencies of Divine Light, there will be no time or space restrictions, nor barriers of any kind, for all Light Bearers who have returned to an acceptable level of harmonious frequencies of Sacred Love will begin to experience a Oneness of Spirit at many levels. At these momentous events all will commune with the masters and will receive a blessing of Divine Creator Fire Light. Indeed, into the depths of its very core, the Earth is being bathed in a glorious beam of Divine Light Substance, and every creature upon the Earth will be blessed and acknowledged. Remember, at one level or another, all are on the path of evolution and transcendence; none is being left behind. All humanity is being affected, either positively or negatively. It is up to each individual Soul to decide how much of the Divine gift of transformation they will accept and use.

Initiation is now a group event, not just an attainment for special, advanced Souls. You must be willing to assist those on the path behind you in some way, so that as you are lifted up, so is all humanity. The Soul has a natural inclination toward group-consciousness. It is the Soul which seeks reunification, not the personality. Advancement on the path increases Soul consciousness and group awareness. During these times of incredible advancement in consciousness for humankind, there are many special dispensations in place for the ascension of humanity and for the coming age of en-Lighten-ment. However, each Soul must do his/her part by taking the necessary steps to attain Self-Mastery in order to tap into these, heretofore, unavailable gifts of transformation.

A great multitude of Star Seed Souls have integrated a higher frequency mental and emotional awareness as they access new cosmic wisdom teachings. Many of you are also beginning to enjoy a sense of harmony within your innermost Self as you fine-tune and harmonize your chakra system, which is in essence seven individual memory centers within the physical body. However, some of you still have doubts and are reticent to share your insights with others, for you fear that you will make a spectacle of yourself or you believe you will be ridiculed if you try to pass on the new concepts and higher truths which are being revealed to you. There is a universal law that states you must not only be an example of your new enlightened state, but you must pass on the wisdom and understanding you have garnered so that you may move forward to the next higher frequency level.

You must not try to change the minds of those on the path behind you, but teach by your example, speaking your truth at their level of understanding and telling them that there are many paths back to the Oneness of the Creator. Be patient, but strong in your convictions; compassionate, but do not get caught up in their drama, their small stories of woe; stay joyful and enthusiastic so they will begin to wonder what makes you so different. Indeed, they will notice and some day they will take heed, for you will have sown the seeds of change within their auric field and their hearts. These seeds will not be denied--they will flourish one day and burst forth and bloom into a Divine discontent, which will nudge them onto the Path of discipleship.

You are a student on the path of initiation, you are a practitioner of spiritual mastery and cocreation, and you are a teacher with a message to share. You are also preparing for a greater alignment with the many facets of your Higher Soul-Self.

Beloveds, we understand there are those of you who feel you are not making much headway, and you are experiencing very few or none of the ascension symptoms that have been described in detail such as the rising of Kundalini Fire, positive life changes or more spiritual awareness. Please do not become discouraged. Those who are the Star Seed-Wayshowers have been on the Path Of Ascension for many lifetimes. If this were not so, they would not be able to bring forth the refined wisdom teachings to guide humanity toward the Light, nor could they be the living examples of these higher truths. We have given many levels of spiritual teachings over the years, and many of you are trying to bypass the beginning stages of en-lighten-ment in order to catch up with those who are the leaders on the Path. You are not being left behind. Each Soul’s journey is unique. Do not judge yourself by anyone else’s standards or accomplishments. Stay heart-centered and Soul-focused and you will progress in the time and manner which is best for you.

We give you a mandate to go by: focus on that which wells up within you as the most important issue of your life. Seek validation from within your Sacred Heart and from your Higher Self. Dedicate yourself to accomplishing that which you desire with all your energy— physical/mental/emotional and spiritual—until it is brought to fruition. If you have doubts, start small, until you become proficient in using your latent abilities of cocreation. Sweep aside your doubts, and do not listen to others' criticism or admonitions. Follow your own inner guidance; you will not be led astray, beloveds.

We have requested that our messenger share her latest experience with all of you. By doing so, she is conveying to you a heretofore secret and very ancient thought form of higher truth, and she, along with other dedicated messengers of higher truth, is helping to open the way for the next phase of the ascension process. The magnificent White Fire Angelic Beings have been waiting patiently to reestablish their connection with humankind. It is indeed a wondrous time for all of humanity, for no matter where you are on the ascension Path, the streams of rarified Creator Light radiating from these great Beings will affect all human Beings who have opened their hearts to the higher frequencies of Divine Light.

Dearest hearts, be of great courage and resolve, for you are the guiding Lights for humanity. The rarified Light frequencies and codes of ascension must flow through you and out into the world. You are honored for your dedication and steadfastness, and you are loved profoundly.

I AM Archangel Michael


grammanet 1st August 2012 8:36 am


Thank you :smitten:

COBALT 1st August 2012 3:03 pm


k 1st August 2012 3:44 pm

Humans..ummm. I have found that most gatherings of people who consider them selves to be Lightworkers, Indigo, Blue Ray.....They gather and it is a big ego fest and I have found the energies there to be unbearable. Give me solace in a quiet forest and let me commune with the elementals. I a friend posted on facebook that he taught many people to love out of one of these events.....I have to laugh..he may have taught people how to act like they love, but the ability to love only comes from God.
The elementals are having their issues with me and they are letting me know they will not be ignored. I read in my investigation of Carl Jung's work that God saves the human soul, but those of Light saves nature. Ego fests under the name of meeting like minded...been there...the energies around Sedona are the worst I have ever felt...and I know the energy that is in the ground, the plants, the animals and the people. I am Amarilla...she who shines, and I will not be decieved. I stand alone, independant and no human who does not connect with nature and know her ways will touch me.

Jaan 5th August 2012 1:05 pm

"However, some of you still have doubts and are reticent to share your insights with others, for you fear that you will make a spectacle of yourself or you believe you will be ridiculed if you try to pass on the new concepts and higher truths which are being revealed to you. There is a universal law that states you must not only be an example of your new enlightened state, but you must pass on the wisdom and understanding you have garnered so that you may move forward to the next higher frequency level."
Funny, sounds like organized religion and ideology to me. The existence of insights, wisdom, and 'so called' higher truths, is very much an individual journey...for it is already available and in existence. We know not the heart and life lessons of another, no matter how connected we may appear to be. Be an example of your truth (if it harms no one) however, the idea of passing on wisdom and understanding in order to obtain a higher frequency is just another way of exercising ego power.

siminthesky 5th August 2012 5:59 pm

Your messages ground me and gives me a conformation i am on the right track myself.. Thanks Sister Ronna!

Shinzarae 6th August 2012 8:51 pm

I agree with you Jaan. How we enter ascension - whether it be through love, frustration, skepticism is all of God. Perhaps we will encompass of those attributes ..and that will be fine.

It was AAM who addressed us all prior to 11/11/11 with great fanfare and then shared nothing about what had transpired. So of course there is skepticism. We knew "certainty" prior to 11/11 and now as we move into 12/21, we know probability or possibility.

Many of us are receiving downloads, but if we will ever be able to utilize them in our lives is a big question mark. We observe no trending of light within our world and there is truly no value in speaking of all of our potential, because so many LW's are so stressed and financially strapped, they are no longer hearing the message.

Such poor planning from the Hierarchy. These writings are very manipulative anymore and I rarely go on-line because I get frustrated with the lack of integrity. Just wanted to briefly say, I support your viewpoints.

On a positive note, I have been able to integrate my GodSelf with another to assist their clearing

JoanneBrocas 12th August 2012 2:44 pm

Wonderful and delightful as well as insightful channeled message from our beloved Micheal.

I love to meet like minded souls and invite you to share some channeling with my readers too. Intuitive Healer Joanne


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