I Guess It's Just Not Meant to Be...Or Is It?

You get inspired to explore a new path, a book, or website, etc., and take the first step on the adventure. Perhaps a friend (or three) mentions a new speaker on an online radio show that sounds exciting to you. Your “guides” and the “universe” agree, and tell you this is your next step. You feel that creative passion flowing again. So you get excited, find the site, read the bio, scan the book, and get the details on the show time. Great - the “universe” has opened this door for you. On the day of the show you stop at the store after work, get home a bit late, and rush into your office. You hurriedly go to the radio’s website and try for a few minutes to login and listen to the show. Nothing. No sound. You get increasingly frustrated because you can read the chat-comments and everyone is excited about the information. After five minutes of struggle, you give up and say, “Oh well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” You cross that speaker and radio show off your list of interests and move on to your next new mentor.

What happened? Just yesterday you thought this speaker was your next inspiration and today, she doesn’t even exist. How can something that thrilled you yesterday be suddenly meaningless? Because the internet connection was patchy? Did the “universe” and your “guides” play a trick on you?

This phenomenon is quite common with both the newly awakened, as well as those who have been focused on their path for years. When it isn’t easy or simple to take the next step, we immediately abandon the path. When a speed bump appears in the road we turn and walk in a different direction. Sound familiar? But what if there’s more going on here than you imagine? There may, in fact, be gems before you in this adventure that you are not recognizing. What if your guides had a divine ulterior motive. What if the universe was offering you something quite different – and much more rewarding – than you could ever have anticipated? What if it had nothing to do with that new speaker at all?

Alternatives to shrugging and walking (or running) away

What turned you on?

Something intrigued you about this person or her information. What was it? If you can clearly identify what it was that thrilled you, you will better identify what truly resonates with you and what you can focus your attention and intention upon.

It might be as simple as the speaker’s energy and how she presents herself. It might be the voice with which she writes.

Notice if this is a pattern

How many times have you hit a pebble on the path and turned aside saying, "My guides told me not to follow this trail"? Many indeed use guides or angels as an excuse to turn away when perhaps these beings were simply doing all they could to show you a valuable piece of information that awaited if only you had continued walking. Are you a dabbler? Is your pattern to dabble here and there in the newage circuit, never landing long enough to do some serious personal work? Perhaps you just want to be entertained by these speakers. And that is okay, too. The point is to recognize the pattern and own it.

Your reaction to the event

Ask yourself, “What is the energy behind the frustration or disappointment I felt when things didn’t flow as smoothly as I wanted them to?” There is a great deal of personal information behind our 3D reactions. If you stop long enough to watch your reaction, you will notice life patterns. Once noticed (even if you don’t have words for them) you can clear them away.

Where was your attention?

You might take good advantage of this situation to really understand how you created it. What led up to your reaction of frustration, disappointment, etc? In the Internet radio show example above, the person hurried home and rushed to logon to the radio show with nervousness and stress. Was he grounded and calm? Did he prepare for this new experience intentionally with focus? Did he clear out his day so he could listen and receive the information with his full attention?

It was no accident that you were drawn to the person who attracted you, and then created the adventure you stepped into. Whether you continue to learn from this new person doesn’t really matter. What matters is the rich opportunity this experience presents for you to better understand your patterns, intentions and desires. YOU are the most important person in your world. Such full opportunities are before you every moment of the day – just waiting for you to notice and take advantage of them.


Rhiannon 16th September 2011 9:42 am

Perfect synchronistically...thanks for posting...is this ironically funny...yes! And full of meaning, too! :coolsmiley

themaster 17th September 2011 10:53 pm

Roxanne your authoring now? :)

I smell jim's influence.. :2funny


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