11:11 Meditation

I have received a few emails about connecting worldwide to spend some time on 11:11 meditiating on the Earth and what we need to do to improve the situation. Unfortunately, the energy of these emails was focused somewhat on what is wrong and how the Earth is suffering.

What you focus on reinforces that reality.

What I suggest is that you imagine and feel the Earth as being in her beauty and perfection. She, like us, is a conscious Being going through a transformation, yet at the same time, and from an expanded level of awareness, we can know that everything is happening perfectly.

We are firmly locked on the track that takes us to the Cosmic Transformation, the Awakening! There is no going back.

There are new, wonderful technologies that will soon be released that will totally change the planet. Cars that run on water or non-toxic alcohol based on sea-purifying kelp, old tires and medical waste that are processed without any toxicity into organic fertilizer, turbines that harvest the ocean tides to produce enough energy for huge cities, and much more.

Also, we are getting so close to "first contact" with our Extra Terrestrials. Soon governments will have to disclose what they know and who they know...

Obama want to do this and has been pressured and threatened to keep silent. This is going to change.

So have hope, focus on the wonderful potentials and help create that reality.

With Love and Gratitude,

Sarah Biermann



octavia30 11th November 2010 8:23 am

Bravo! Short, sweet, and to the point, and POSITVE! "What you focus on reinforces that reality". Some folks still just don't get it.

Ron Laswell 11th November 2010 8:59 am

Yeah, I hate that when organizations want money to protect the polar bears. I AM doing my part, as Sarah said, by envisioning a new, ascended world.

By the way,I'm scheduling meditating at 11:11 AM & PM on this 11:11 day! Blessing to All.

Expansion 11th November 2010 11:16 am


I just sent love out to all who has helped me thus far. The meditation I took part in today was about visualising connecting all my chakras with mother earth.

I intend to send reiki to planet earth for her/his highest good and let the energies work as they need to for I do not know where she/he needs to go do I?

Love and blessings
Joanne xxx

kay 11th November 2010 12:42 pm

Thanks, Sarah. Good one!

Anne333 11th November 2010 5:46 pm

I SO agree with your sharing Sarah! I know the Earth knows what she is doing. In fact; I'm following her lead! Happy 11:11!


pgracie 18th November 2010 3:28 pm

I believe meditating helps, but prayer is the most powerful tool we have! lets not forget that every time we see these Angelical Numbers we are in connection with the ANGELS this is another dimension, and what we need to do is get down on our knees and start praying to GOD for anyone and everyone!

lycha 9th November 2011 1:14 pm

thanks Sarah.. I totally agree. let's join in peace and joy to bring more light to this planet......
God bless you


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