Cosmic Tides for April, 2015 – Oh Baby!

Have you been feeling frustrated, like you want to go forward but, something keeps stopping you?  It could be your health, the weather, your relationships, your money (or lack thereof).  Anxious to go but too tired to move?  How about frustrated or annoyed or even bored with your life but you can’t figure out how to change it?  You have worked so hard transforming yourself spiritually, mentally and physically, yet can’t seem to make consistent progress; old stuff keeps coming around.

I am not a person who frequently checks astrology, but when I see a pattern expressing itself in so many people (with individual variations), one of the things I look at is the sky.  Actually, I look at the sky every day and most nights, but I only explore the astrological sky occasionally.

If you follow astrology at all, you have probably heard about the series of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto that started back in June 2012. This is that revolutionary energy like in the 1960’s.

Read more in Revolution and Revelation: Buckle Up Buttercup. (August 2013)

The seventh and last exact Pluto/Uranus Square took place in March (2015).  Though the last EXACT square is past, the two planets are currently less than 2 degrees apart.  Usually astrologers use 6 degrees as being close enough to “matter”.  The period of time approaching the exact square is more intense than afterwards.  This is a big deal and isn’t “over” yet.

Various planets have been in aspect to Pluto or Uranus.  During the full moon total eclipse on April 5th, both “planets” were square to Pluto.  There have been and will continue to be many more astrological events that bring up the Uranus square Pluto energy, kind of like a harmonic resonance affect.  I won’t go into detail because if you are not into astrology, you probably want just the bottom line and if you are an astrologer, you already know what’s happening.

Bottom Line One: The energy of the Uranus/Pluto Square represents the whole planetary transformation; New Energy Uranus (Age of Aquarius) vs. Old Energy Pluto (intense emotions, especially the “shadow” emotions like shame and fear)  This will be triggered, gradually lessening in intensity, for some time.  There will be times when you “really get it”, that burst of awareness and the bliss of freedom. And there will be times when you will feel stuck and constricted, fearing that “it” will never happen and/or “Why do I have to clear/heal this again?”

It is like a birth, and oh baby, the squeezing has been really intense, painful sometimes and even scary.  Since this is a planetary “labor” it is happening on a planetary time scale. Labor started almost 3 years ago and now we are both inside (old energy) and outside (new energy).  It is like now the head is out but the body is still inside.  Imagine what that must feel like to be seeing a bright new life, but still tightly squeezed and held in the old.  Not to mention learning to breath!  Of course, you don’t have to imagine it, you are living it!

“Oh my God!  I made it to my new life!  Yikes, it is really bright.  Oh no, I am stuck, I can’t move.  Why can’t I move?  Need . . . oxygen.  Oh my God, the pressure – I thought it was done!  Wait… what will happen when the only world I’ve ever known is gone?  What if I fall?”

I hope you got a giggle (or at least a smile) from reading that.  I enjoyed writing it.

Bottom Line Two:  Believe it or not, the worst is over and our success is guaranteed!  All you really need to do now is breathe!  (You know how to breathe, it comes naturally.)  And a giggle or two “godzillion” can’t hurt.



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Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann is the founder of ImagiCreation technique. Sarah is a clairvoyant and highly empathic intuitive counselor and healer. She is able to perceive your life lessons, dysfunctional belief systems and the past lives that are limiting your ability to express your divine plan and live your dreams.


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