Empathic Expansion during the Transformation

As the veils thin and the limitations of the Old Earth Game dissolve we are experiencing repeated expansions in our empathic abilities.  The most recent bump-up happened over the last month or so and it was a doozy. I know of many people around the world, who have this mysterious “virus” that brings a sore throat and inability to speak. Losing the voice so we have to find a different way to communicate, kind of like rebooting after installing a new operating system on your computer.

Some people this bump-up of empathic abilities involves experiencing a parallel blend.  A parallel blends can leave you feeling weird, a little unfocused, dizzy or wobbly for a few days. You might even wake up and not know where and even who you are.  When you have a parallel blend your soul focuses more energy and attention on a specific reality. This recent parallel blend focuses on a reality that allows more empathy, intimacy and inter-dimensional communication. I will share more information about parallels during the webinar.

If you are thinking, “I already feel too much.  Why would I want to be MORE empathic?”  There is a very good reason!  Empathy is required for intimacy.  So many have been alone, focusing on the self and are hungry to connect with like-minded, like-spirited people.  It is time to move to the next level of connection and intimacy, in whatever way you are ready for, without activating any old programs.

These shifts will also open the potentials to communicate with our Star Families (the Sirians and Pleiadans, etc.), Angels and other “unseen” beings who share time and space with us here on Earth.  This is exciting, but it requires us to be conscious of our increased sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of those around us and of mass-consciousness on the Planet.  So, though you might have developed the skills to keep yourself clear of outside energies, those skills might not work with the “volume” turned up and so many more sources of perceivable energy and information.

There are two main types who will have a high level of empathy.  Looking through the lens of Aura Colors (Pamala Oslie), the two most empathic aura colors are Blue and Violet which she labels as the Emotional Life Colors.  Both come here with the intention of improving the quality of life on Earth.

You are not limited to experiencing only one aura color.  Some people have a combination.  Also, you can add a color to improve your life or certain aspects or situations.


Blues are very loving and generous and desire to help others.  They can get great satisfaction in knowing that they have somehow improved another person’s life.  They can also feel resentful that they are always giving but nobody reciprocates.  The Blue’s priority in life is relationships, love and intimacy and are afraid to hurt or offend anyone.  Blues are sensitive (empathic and easily hurt) and uncomfortable with confrontation and anger.  If they are around someone who is crying, they will cry too.

Blues are comfortable being in the support position in the work environment; nurse, secretary, social worker school teacher.  They are not comfortable being the boss or self-employed.  Most Blues are healers though they might not do it as a “job”.  They can be massage therapists, practice Reiki or other types of energy healing or be a waitress or even a maid, as long as they are helping others.

Blues are more comfortable as part of the group rather than the center of attention.  When they are in power and/or have other colors in their aura that are more outgoing, that they can be “noticeable”.  Think of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana.

Blues feel it is important to be in service.


Violets are the visionaries.  They are leaders.  The know that they have a lot to accomplish here – big dreams.  Violets feel that they are here for a reason, to do something important.  They are driven to make big changes and/or have a responsibility to create a better world, to “save the planet”.  Violets are passionate and intuitive but not sensitive the way that Blues are.

For Violets the focus is more on the big picture.  Their focus extends beyond individual people, they see beyond the 3-D and and present time.  They can “see” the future potentials with the “inner eye”.  They can see a work of art or a house or another project completed before they begin.  They can jump from A to Z without having to know all the steps in between.  They can see things that other colors can’t comprehend.

Violets are happiest being self-employed or at least independent and in a leadership position or at least part of the decision-making process.  They are natural communicators and performers.  Since they are artistic they flourish as musicians, artists, actors, directors or producers.  Violets are often spiritual teachers, enjoying teaching workshops, seminars and webinars.  Other Violets are doctors, lawyers or psychologists.

Violets like to be the center of attention, however if they lose their vision they can unconsciously take on the pain and suffering of others and the collective consciousness in an effort to do “something”.  They can be overwhelmed and want to hide.

Violets feel it is important to inspire others.

Going Forward

If you recognize yourself from these descriptions you are an empath.  As we continue through the planetary transformation your empathic abilities will increase which allows for more intimacy which is wonderful, but can be challenging if any old programs come up for release.  This is what I call Splash Out.  Read more about Splash Out here.

Our expanding empathic abilities will allow up to communicate with non-humans.
We are rapidly approaching a time when telepathic and inter-dimensional (from the third dimension to the 5th dimension and beyond) communication will be a natural way to interact with each other. There are so many life forms living on this planet that we have been unable to perceive historically, like fairies, elementals, water nymphs, angels and more. But that is changing! Yea! The Veils are thinning and we will once again be aware of and able to interact with many amazing and beautiful beings.

From Ahrazu/Osiris 

Many of you have already met me or other Extra Terrestrials that watch your planet. However, the memories are buried. Over the next few years you will begin to remember these contacts. Most likely these memories will come back as dreams. Watch for them and don’t doubt. Speak about your experiences and connect with others who are also regaining their memories.

Look to the sky and let your imagination soar! What would it be like if one of our ships flew over you, landed nearby and then invited you for a ride? Would you be frightened or excited? When you see a lenticular cloud or a curious light in the night sky, send out a mental message of welcome. Play with the possibilities. The more you can imagine it, the sooner it will happen.

This is the time that you have been waiting for. You are the ones you have been waiting for. Each and every one of you who are reading this has felt the call, that perhaps momentary awareness of your divinity. That time when you felt at peace, in a blissful expanded state when you knew that all was well. That is the truth of you, who you really are! All the other stuff is just the game. That game is ending now. You get to be the real you again.

And we get to play with you again! What a party we will have!

I like a party as much as any Violet, but I know that parties require work to create and energy to clean up. The process of expanding your awareness to include other mental states and multiple dimensions is cyclical. Each choice you make to open to more will bring up any limitations that prevent you from having that choice. When you extend your awareness to higher dimensions, you begin to access experiences that you had in that dimension. The process of reclaiming your greatness requires shadow work, dealing with both the victim and perpetrator experiences.

The limitations usually fall into two categories:

Fear; previous experiences (in this life or other lives) that ended badly, like being burned at the stake or being ostracized. Another fear is that you will be overwhelmed by the energies. Remember to perceive (outside of you) not feel (inside of you) the emotions and energies around you.

Judgment; experiences from the past that ended with you judging yourself.  You did something and felt guilt and shame about it and then chose to “never have that in you or your life again”.

The transformation requires staying conscious and aware.  We are walking on paths that we have never been on before.  Pay attention so you don’t trip on an exposed root.  And know that there will be ups and downs, intimacy and Splash Out.  You are not walking alone.  Humans are meant to help each other.  Your unique gifts are valuable.


spring 14th November 2014 6:38 pm

Brilliant post! Thank you Sarah :smitten:


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