Energies of 2009

The Universal Number for year 2009 is the Master Number 11/2 (2+0+0+9=11, 1+1= 2). It's the first 11-year to occur since 1910! That means that most people alive today have never experienced this event!

Any time a Master Number is prominent, energies are intensified. 2009 promises to be momentous, not just each individual, but for everyone in the world who lives by the modern calendar.

11 is the number of the Vision, Visionary or Spiritual Messenger. The number 1 by itself represents leadership and intuition, so the number 11 is two 1's - it is a partnership of leadership and drive that is unlike any other. 11 carries a very intuitive and spiritually charged energy. This is a year to act on your intuition and wisdom, and to step into (or more into) a leadership position. 2009 is being powered by visionary & humanitarian principles of change. Change for the greater good of all.

Astrologically, the Number (11) is associated with the Planet Uranus, known as "The Great Awakener". It’s the sudden flash of light that exposes the things that have been hidden and kept secret. We’ve certainly been seeing a lot of that in the world. In your individual life this light exposes those parts of your self that you have suppressed, your personal shadow energies. These judged and rejected energies need to be received back with love.

By the way the word light adds up to 11!
L   I  G  H T
3+9+7+8+2 = 29 (2+9 = 11)

Another by the way, 29/11/2 is President Elect Barack Obama’s Destiny/Life Path Number (numbers of birthday added up). He was born on 8/4/1961. 8+4+1+9+6+1=29. How cool is that!

All numbers have a higher expression and a lower expression. The higher expression of 11 is intuition, vision, spiritual communication, rapid or sudden transformation, insight, humanitarianism and balanced leadership. The lower expression of 11 is overwhelm, fear and phobias and rebellion. The challenge this year is to trust and have faith in your self. View everything from the higher vantage point of your Greater Self. It is going to be extra important to maintain contact with people who remind us of our true nature and help us stay in the higher expression of our selves.

Throughout 2009 we will continue to have influence of the Uranus/Saturn opposition that charged up the energy on election day in the US. The last time this aspect occurred was in the 60’s, and you know what happened then! I certainly do as I was living near Berkeley during that time.

This is a year of choice between the old energy/rules of Saturn and the new energy/vision of Uranus. These oppositions will continue through the summer of 2010. It’s a major theme for our time.

Saturn in Virgo affects our guts and digestive systems. Uranus in Pisces amps up the nervous energy in and around us, affecting our endocrine balance and sleep patterns. So many people, myself included have had disrupted sleep and unusual digestion. As the nerves get stimulated you can go into fear, which affects the bowels. Once again, it’s so important to stay out of the fear based mentality and connect with people who understand the new energy and can help you to sustain your higher vantage point.

Another important aspect for 2009 is that Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, vision and the search for truth is in electric Aquarius, which is associated with Uranus. Jupiter will stay in this placement throughout the year until the middle of January, 2010. Aquarius energy is about compassion, uniqueness, innovation, far out and futuristic thinking and inventions, and collaboration. So Jupiter’s placement in Aquarius expands the mysteries of innovative, unique, avant-garde, revolutionary experiences designed to maximize the evolution of consciousness. 
And Obama has Jupiter in Aquarius in his natal chart too.

The themes for 2009 are to express your unique self, expand your vision and expect the unexpected. Another important theme this year and for the future is community. As I said before, it’s really important for us to connect with our spiritual families, those people who support our expanded vision and remind us of our true nature as a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Western culture has valued self-sufficiency above all else. This has created an environment of competition and isolation. And many Lightworkers have had difficulty receiving, preferring to give. This has left many people in a difficult situation financially. This is changing now, it must. Reach out, take a chance and and join with like minded people to support each other. 

Read my article, Opening to Receive.


CJ 12th January 2009 7:26 am

Im a numerologist and have a destiny/complete name number 11.....so i love your article. and it is very on the spot..well done. This year is a personl 8 year for me and i will be having twins. Even though ive heard alot of challenging stories about 2009, for me its a year of amazing opportunities as i find my independance and i look into illuminating my feminine and masculine aspects. Thankyou for such a positive and also 'cool' article...it was REAL!

mary c 17th January 2009 12:42 am

i was really enjoying this information until the obama stuff was added. it's really sad to me to see airy fairy spiritual types falling for this man, who is a smooth talking snake oil salesman. he's not a citizen of the u.s., he rose unnaturally rapidly through the extremely corrupt political arena of chicago, he has very little experience and his past has been obscured, he claims he's black (even though he's half white), he's a radical leftist racist fellow, he's a socialist/communist, and he's gone back on his promise to end the war, voted for telecom spying immunity, lied about his affiliation with the CFR, pretended to know nothing about the NAU (poorly, i might add). he won't release his college records, his law school records, his medical records, his true birth certificate, his cabinet members are all supporters of the wall street mentality or has beens from clinton's administration...i mean really...need i go on. wake up please. being a lightworker doesn't necessarily mean allowing hazy or non-critical thinking. this man is a total fraud, which you'll find out very soon

Tinlady 29th March 2010 6:41 pm

Mary C you are right. And Connie, I know it may be tough to hear the truth, but Mary is right on. Please Wake up. Do some research. Obama is NOT a good guy. And even if he was, the people around him are SCARY. Pleae do some research...Why is it that all of these spiritual channelers on this sight talk about Obama and NOT ONE of you speak about Congressman Ron Paul???? This man REALLY speaks the truth. He SHOULD be president. I am afraid to say I will no longer visit this sight due to the serious lack of truthful information.


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