Energy update: Watch out for "Breaking News"

There is a lot going on right now on the side of the veil. The events we have long been waiting for are about to begin. I'm talking about disclosure, way beyond what Snowden exposed or the creepy emails from Hilary Clinton. It is finally time to get the truth out about the extra terrestrial presence on our planet (yeah!) and also the truth about the "shadow government" and they're nefarious abuses of and crimes against humanity and our planet.

For many people on this planet discovering that there really are extraterrestrials or that the government or church they believed in is nothing like what they thought, it would be very difficult for them to stay grounded and positive. People will feel betrayed, frightened and angry!

Steven Greer quoted Gloria Steinem, "The truth will set you free' ". He then added "But first it will piss you off". My addition is, "Unless the horror of the truth sucks you into the fear before that."

Be cautious about the information you seek. Often lies are "wrapped" with the truth. The truth makes you trust the information, then you tend to also trust the lie. If you feel heavy or afraid do not engage or involve yourself with that information. Some of the things that will be disclosed can trigger intense emotions. We have been lied to. We have been told the reality was one way when, in actuality, it is completely different. We will be shocked to learn of the abuses that have been perpetrated on the people and the planet. It is healthy to feel and release your intense emotions, especially in the Spiritually Incorrect Room, but try to step out of polarity and remember that we are transforming this world so this kind of stuff will not exist to you anymore. You can't clean up a dirty mess and less you see it first.

If you only remember one thing, this is it. Watch for false flags. A false flag is some type of dramatic/traumatic event that is designed to get us to react. They use this formula to do what they want - Problem, Reaction, Solution. They want to have more control over the masses so they perpetrate a fake "terrorist attack", exaggerate the injury and death count, hiring "crisis actors"* to play the wounded, the grieving friends and family and the distraught witnesses, and then flood the media with "breaking news". The next thing you know we have the National Security Agency watching our every move and listening to our every conversation. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

If you know what's going on then it's easier to not get caught up in the distress.

11 Things to Look For in False Flag/PsyOps Events

  1. "Breaking News" When you hear/read this you know you are about to be "fear triggerred"
  2. The "Serious Reporter speech patterns and key words 
  3. Body Count - usually (always!) higher than in reality
  4. Dramatic "eyewitness accounts" spoken by "crisis actors". See link below
  5. Control of information - One actor, usually dressed as a police officer who says only they have the true information
  6. Fake alternate stories to satisfy the "non-believers" that the event is real
  7. Staged "cell phone footage"
  8. Continued "breaking news" with "new" interviews and other fake evidence of guns being purchased or someone saying they knew the bad guy and he hated jews/gays/white people etc.
  9. Watch for Crisis Actors who get emotional, talking about God, the Lord, love and/or forgiveness - you will see the same actors over and over.
  10. Other later false flag events that allow them to bring up the earlier events

The event that alerted me to False Flags was a random filming of the Orlando "Shooting".  I thought it was weird that there were no ambulances but instead we saw men who were supposedly carrying "victims" TOWARD THE CLUB! With one man they put him down on the sidewalk at the corner where the victim stands up and appears to push away the Pulse employee who then glances at the camera and gives a "thumbs up" and then does a little hop. What??  Here's the scene I saw on TV analyzed by a YouTube channel

By the way, three months earlier they had staged a fake shooting at Pulse to train the emergency response teams and it happened at the same time. Hmmm...

Check out a company that simulates crisis events to train police etc. They act the part of injured, possibly hysterical victims.

More tomorrow...


Conni99 13th September 2016 1:17 pm

Now this site is political? Creepy Hillary emails? Why don't we talk about Trump? You didn't say one thing about him. I voted for Bernie in the primaries, but I WILL NOT vote for Trump. He is too scary to consider.

Ladybugs_leaf 13th September 2016 2:47 pm

Is this post for real? It seems like Spirit Library was hacked with this strange conspiracy theory article . . . hopefully it will be deleted soon. If anyone believes that the Orlando shooting wasn't real, please see

lalla6 13th September 2016 6:31 pm

Very disappointed in this posting SL. I expect more from your site than conspiracy theories, political posts etc.

kitegirlcoach 13th September 2016 7:11 pm

Patience everybody. If this breaking news is as big as we expect then you will not be able to say it's only about politics. Even Bashar said to expect in the USA season of Fall something that will affect everything. Just wait, watch, listen.

Tiff 15th September 2016 5:39 pm

Guess you can't please everybody all of the time. I liked this. Thought it very informative. Thank you, Sarah. :thumbs:


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