Shame and Ascension

Most religions and spiritual teachings are based on polarity, good and bad. The basic Christian premise is that if you are good, based on their specifications, then you get to go to Heaven. And of course, if you are bad, then you go to Hell. Most other religions have similar rules.

These rules are shame based and are enforced by using shame. If you haven't already read Shame, the Hidden Emotion, I suggest that you do. I wrote about the meaning of the word? Another word for shame is disgrace, to be removed from the grace or love, of God. If you get caught doing something "bad' you feel shame.

Even New Age Spirituality has rules and regulations to get the desired result of enlightenment or ascension. We are supposed to do things that raise our vibrations and should stay away from the baser energies like anger and fear. We are guided to stay in the positive emotions and think positive thoughts. Our focus should be on the upper chakras and the refined realms of spirit. There are rules for eating too. Many people would feel embarrassed (code word for shame) if one of their spiritual friends caught them eating at McDonalds!

Have you ever known someone (or been the person) who said, "I just can't be around "Jack" because his/her vibrations are too low (or he just has too much anger)." It's like there is competition to raise our vibrations and often we judge others that aren't "as far along on the path" as we are. This is Spiritual Competition. We've all done this on one level or another. We think it is being spiritual, but it's really just another game of polarity.

In the New Energy we are stepping out of polarity. What if there was nothing that was bad and everything was just experience?

Years ago I was approached by a Being whom I had never channeled, yet he felt very familiar. He told me he was the Being known as Osiris, God of Egypt, but that his more energetically accurate name is Ahrazu. Ahrazu started telling me stories and showing me pictures of his life. Before coming to Earth, Ahrazu lived on a planet in the Sirius Star System.

"I am Osirus. I have come to you now to help you expand, to connect to your Goddess/God power. It is time for you to begin your Work. It is time for people to know the truth about how big and powerful they are, not as a mental concept, but as a heartfelt reality. It is time for humans to experience the larger reality.

Our home planet, located in the Sirius system, is beautiful and serene. You could say that we are an aquatic species, but the water is much less dense than the water on earth. The land is pale yellow and softly rolling. Imagine a landscape composed of different colored mists, molded into coherent form by softly glowing life forces. All life-forms are connected to each other and attuned to the same basic impulse. We are generally at peace and content. There is nothing to fear, so we are adventurous and creative."

Then Ahrazu started telling me about the nature of Creation.

There is a basic, underlying force that allows for creation. This force originates from Creator and is very much like magnetism. It has two aspects to it. Part of the force is attraction, like when a magnet pulls toward another magnet. The other aspect repels, or pushes away. The magnet itself is neutral. Creator, like a magnet, creates both positive and negative forces, but is itself neutral. Creation is cyclical. Within the greater cycles are smaller cycles of expansion/contraction, separation/unification, lower vibration/higher vibration.


By the will of Creator the repelling force was actively expressed while attracting force was dormant. This was so there would be fragmentation, separation and creation. Osiris/Ahrazu called this the Outbreath of Creator. During the Outbreath it is the desire of Creator to separate into smaller and smaller parts and forget the whole.

With each split, the individual pieces lowered in frequency. Each fragment set off to gain experience and to create The Universe was formed, with all its diversity. The repelling force pushed the matter apart and the attracting force, now expressed as gravity, collected matter into stars and planets. This creation could not have happened without the repelling force being dominant. It is through this magnetic force that Creator communicated with its creation. Creator's desire to separate became what was "good" and "right", since it was the will of Creator.

Life continued to divide down to the level of an individual Being (like Ahrazu) that has been call the Higher Self or Oversoul. There are many places in the Universe that are inhabited by beings like this. They cannot die and so know themselves to be infinite.

On Earth the Oversoul is fragmented into individual souls, each with its own view on experience, or lens through which it will experience life. A part of the Oversoul stays whole and part is fragmented.

 From Ahrazu:

"It is important to understand that during the Outbreath, the energies sought to lower their vibration and forget their true nature. This was the will of Creator and so it was desirable and appropriate at the time. At the present time Creator's will is to unite so we currently seek to raise our vibration and remember our true nature. When you are tempted to look down on someone who is of a lower frequency than you are, remember that at another time it would be the other way around. During the Outbreath there was Spiritual Competition to achieve density, forgetfulness and to experience the drama and trauma on this planet. No level of experience is better than another. It is all part of the game."


And so the Inbreath began. The will of Creator was to re-unite. The parts began to become aware of each other. First you discovered that you were not just a body, you had a mind. Then the concept of a soul entered the consciousness and this was the beginning of religion. This was when the concept of God began as a powerful life force outside of the self.

As the parts reunite they don't blend together and loose their individuality. They are, instead, incorporated into your conception of your self. Imagine that you meet someone who you knew long ago, perhaps at a family or school reunion. They say to you, "Remember when we did ...?" For a second you don't remember, then suddenly it comes back to you, a part of you that you had forgotten has now been remembered. Your sense of self has expanded to hold a bit more of you.

During past life regression work, people begin to integrate an even larger part of themselves. Each life is remembered as a separate experience, yet they are all part of YOU. It is like remembering the different grades in school. Each year was a separate experience, with a different teacher, different classmates and lessons, but they are all part of your life.

In the metaphysical circles people are working to connect to their Higher Selves. I prefer to call this the Greater Self, because it's not higher than you, it's just more of you. At first the Greater Self or Oversoul is perceived as being separate from the self. It is usually an inspiring experience to connect to one's Greater Self. Since this part is aware of being infinite, you experience a sense of joy and peace when linking. Somehow it seems that everything is truly OK, all is as it should be. This linking with your Greater part is the beginning of freedom from the rules of this reality.

At some point in the re-uniting process, you start bumping into the shadow energies. This includes those lifetimes when you were the perpetrator, the bad one, the abuser, rapist and murderer. Oops...

More from Ahrazu:

"One of the major shifts that you have to make in order to move into the New Energy is to step out of polarity. That sounds good to most of you but you don't really want to get into the nitty-gritty reality of what that means. You have been focusing on the light for a long time, you've worked so hard to remove those nasty parts of yourselves, to be kind, fair and honest. You have tried to be clean with your energy and treat others well. Yet it hasn't always worked out as you desired. Somehow your life is not as you pictured. Where are the peace, the joy, the ease and abundance?

How can it be that you have been so diligent, so careful and still you haven't been acknowledged, much less rewarded for your efforts. Why is it that the people who are "less conscious" than you seem to have better lives, more fun and more money? This is not the way it is supposed to work. The deal was, that if you did "the work" things were supposed to get easier. IE. If you are good (polarity) you get the reward!

The old energy that you are clearing now isn't just from your childhood, or your past lives. This deep and dark energy is from long before your times on Earth. This is the residual energy of what happened that made you decide to have the Earth experience in the first place. You wanted to slow things down, to limit the speed at which your thoughts became reality, so that you could think again and change your minds. Your earlier creations were bigger, faster and more dramatic then you can imagine. And some of what happened was devastating! It was safer to accept the limitations of the third dimension, to try to get control over things again.

The time has come when you are ready to regain your powers. Before you will allow that to happen, you must address the old energies. You will not allow yourself to have this power again until you know that it will be safe.

Do not resist the shadow energies that are coming up now. When you feel afraid, ashamed, angry etc. go into the feeling. Amp it up and let it flow through you. Scream into a pillow, or pound the pillow. Let yourself cry. And breathe! Remember, if you resist the experience, it will manifest in the outside world. It can not be avoided, but it will not last forever."

What is required for Ascension is that ALL the parts are received without judgment; the good and the bad, the upper chakras and the lower chakras, the "positive" emotions and the "negative" emotions. Remember that at other times (during the Outbreath) the things that you call negative were considered positive.

Getting back to shame... You can't re-unite fragmented parts unless you are willing to feel shame. Many of those rejected aspects of yourself were rejected because you felt shame. Here's an example: In a past life you were the Shaman-Chief of a tribe of people. Your tribe was attacked and because you made a "wrong" decision, your people were killed or taken as slaves. You felt guilt and shame "I'm not good enough". You made a decision or vow to never be in a position of power again. Vows and decisions like that don't go away when you die! They stay in your energetic system because you were unable or unwilling to fully experience the emotions.

So in this life, you are working on re-claiming your power. In order to clear the limiting decision or vow, you must be willing to feel the guilt and shame and forgive yourself.

The good news is that from the point of view of Creator, there are no rules you have to follow to be good. The bottom line is the truth feels light and expansive. If a statement or belief feels heavy or contracted then it isn't true! If you remember this, your life will become lighter and much more joyful. This will attract more of your fragmented aspects back to you and that's what Ascension is all about.



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Sarah Biermann is the founder of ImagiCreation technique. Sarah is a clairvoyant and highly empathic intuitive counselor and healer. She is able to perceive your life lessons, dysfunctional belief systems and the past lives that are limiting your ability to express your divine plan and live your dreams.


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