The 10-10-10 Portal: Releasing Polarity

There are three major Polarity Programs that are being released now.

Left Brain / Right Brain Program

Higher / Lower Program

Emotional Roller Coaster Program: Drama and Energy Feeding

Left Brain / Right Brain Program:

The two hemispheres of the brain are re-uniting. Yea! This will radically increase our ability or create and manifest in this reality. And the pineal and pituitary glands are being transformed at the same time. The potentials that this shift opens are quite profound. With the left brain (logical mind, ego, time constrained, masculine) working in harmony with the right brain (unconscious, creative, always in the now, feminine), It can be a fuzzy, dizzy and confusing transformation though.

What can help

Spend some time feeling into your left brain and then your right brain. What do you notice there? Do they feel different from each other? How do you feel about each side? Do you have a preference? How does left feel about right and visa versa? Each side has its own personality. Are they communicating with each other? What do they need in order to trust each other and work together harmoniously?

Higher / Lower Program:

Throughout history we have been taught that the higher stuff is better. We’ve got the Higher Self, Higher Chakras, Higher Frequencies etc. Because we believe that cosmic wisdom comes from above, when we seek that wisdom there is a tendency to go up and out of our bodies. This is no longer appropriate in the New Energy. It’s all about being here now and bringing spirit fully into physical reality.

These two programs create a kind of cross shaped structure within our energetic fields. Up and down, side to side. This structure is dissolving, making way for a new type of energetic structure. This new energy is not polarized (up/down, left/right). Instead it is simultaneously expanding and contracting. The 10-10-10 Portal is bringing in a powerful transmission of this new energy.

What can help

Imagine that your Greater Self (not higher than you, just more of you) is all around you. As you breathe, draw that energy into your heart area. As you inhale the unique frequencies of your Infinite Self flow into your heart, and as you exhale that energy expands out to fill your body and beyond. This beautiful energy is contracting from outside into your heart and expanding from your heart back out again. Imagine and feel this process happening simultaneously, Contraction and expansion in a gentle flow.

The Emotional Roller Coaster Program:

The Emotional Roller Coaster Program has kept us in drama and trauma, emotional highs and lows. This is what keeps us from being sovereign and allows for energy stealing, manipulation and victimhood.

For those of us who are ready (that means you, since you are reading this) we have the opportunity now to release this program. This is bringing up a lot of core emotional issues for many people. Now is the time to really feel all that stuff and release it for good.

What can help

In my experience, the key to releasing limiting belief systems, patterns, programs etc. is the clearing core emotional content attached to them. The bottom line is that you can’t clear the limitation unless you are willing to feel the emotions.

I was recently working with Carolyn, a fun, creative woman who has been on her spiritual path for all of her 72 years on the planet. She was baffled though, that no matter what she did, she is still had this weird block. Since childhood, anytime she was asked to draw or paint she would go into a panic. It was frightening and painful and embarrassing. Though she was creative in other areas; cooking and dancing and having created three children, she was absolutely stuck when it came art.

The trick with emotions is that you have to feel them to release them. I say, “Feeling is healing.” I asked Carolyn to really go into the fear and the pain and the embarrassment (shame). “This is torture!” she said. It was not fun, but she stayed with it, “running the juice”. Once the level of intensity was lowered enough through the process of staying with the feelings, then we could find the point of creation of this block.

In a past life she was an artist, a man living in Europe during the time when the Catholic Church controlled all art. She — I should say he — was a rebel, short, slightly round fellow with a good amount of arrogance. And he didn’t like being told what he could or couldn’t do by the Church. He thought that he could get away with sneaking in anti-church messages into his paintings. He did not get away with it. He was imprisoned and tortured. Carolyn stayed with the feelings, remembering how it felt to have her/his fingernails pulled out and eventually wishing he could die to end the suffering.

I asked her, “If you made some decision at the end of that life, what would it be?” She answered, “I will never do that again!” And she was still limited by that decision in this life. From this place she was able to un-create that decision and clear the limitation.

I asked her to imagine again that she needed to do some art. It no longer brought up any panic. It seemed easy. “I think I’ll get some paper and charcoal and do some drawing” she said.

I invite you to enter the Spiritually Incorrect Room. This is an energically-sealed space in which you can express and release your emotions without any possible repercussions. No-one will be hurt and you will not create anything negative. You can take people into the room and say and do all those things that you never let yourself say or do. You can read more about this in my article, Splash Out and the Spiritually Incorrect Room.


COBALT 10th October 2010 11:05 am


vanessaj 11th October 2010 9:46 am

Of all the 10-10-10 articles posted today, this is the only one my guides said I needed to read. Now I know why! Like you suggested, I took a moment to "feel" my left and right brain, and wow, I really felt a difference in each side. Left side was there, didn't feel much of an affinity for it. But the right side, I felt more comfortable in the right brain, and realizing that I was able to do some integration. Now I feel a little dizzy and odd as I guess these changes are being made. Thank you so much!! I guess I needed that!!!

simon 11th October 2010 11:23 am

Hi Sarah, Any help for us that have ADD, trying to cope with this shift in L/R brain comming together it feels like trying to focus a kalidescope! Would sure like to hear from others having the same problem and how you're dealing with it, Love to ALL!


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