The Mandela Effect

I find it quite interesting that the people who are aware of the Mandela Effect, instead of denying that it is happening, find the phenomenon threatening. I don’t feel the same way. I have been aware of quite a few parallel splits or parallel blends (two or more parallels merging together) that have happened in my life. One time my soul switched places with another parallel of me. I know that sounds odd so I’ll tell you how I experienced it.

When I woke up in the morning I didn’t recognize my bedroom. It was like when you travel and get confused about where you are for a moment, except that I was home and the confusion lasted for 5 – 10 minutes. Gradually, my memory of “this” life came back.

Another thing that I noticed was that the heavy, sad and hopeless feeling I had for so long wasn’t with me that morning. I was more able to handle the challenges in my life and I felt lighter emotionally. I’m not sure when it was that I realized what had happened. I do remember however, suddenly remembering a “conversation” with my Greater Self and the version of me that was in the other parallel and now was me. The other life stream was very close to the one I consider to be “mine”. It wasn’t like I had to switch lives with somebody who lived in South Africa or something. The value of this is that the originally other me was having an easier time and so could handle my challenges. The me that was now in the other parallel had an easier to handle life.

Even weirder than that, years before that parallel switch, when I was having very challenging circumstances in my life. I woke up feeling odd. When I looked at myself in the mirror it seemed like there was a translucent image of a different person superimposed over my image. The person I saw was a slightly round, elderly “grandma” type person. with close-cut curly grey hair. She was very sweet, loving and content. She handled my life and my body for three days and then I returned again. Curiously, during those three days I did a lot of baking. I also knew, intuitively that my soul was being taken care of on the other side. I even had a dream of being tucked into a soft, warm bed while being held by very loving person. While I was in “soul rehab” the grandmother soul (who I believe was another aspect of me from a different life/time) was my babysitter.

Once, while teaching a class which included a segment about parallels, I had the thought, “I wonder what it would be like if I could perceive my other parallels?” Suddenly, I could! I was so delighted that I started to laugh. The other Sarahs started to laugh too. It was so much fun I kept laughing. Then I realized that everyone was staring at me, confused about my ongoing laughter and I refocused and explained why I was laughing.

On many occasions I have used parallels as tool of Imagi-creation work with clients. This option doesn’t show up very frequently because not every situation has a parallel that would be helpful and not everyone is comfortable with the idea/experience, so it wouldn’t be useful. The way it works for me is that I will see a doorway or several doorways as a symbol to represent a parallel that will help my client with whatever challenge we’re working on. Then they have the option to grab some useful energy from the other side of the door and bring it back, to enter the other parallel, or to blend them together. My point is that the idea of and experience of parallels is comfortable for me.

The first thing that I thought when I learned of the Mandela Effect was, “Cool, finally we’re starting to see the parallel splits happening!” My sense is that the people who remember the reality in which Mandela no longer died in prison in the 80’s (as many people clearly remember) and not at his home in Johannesburg in 2013. I think this is an example of a more positive reality. I think we need to be open to miracles and magic to “go” to the New Earth.

Another possible reaction/outcome of considering the effect is to help us realize that our memories are, more often than not, completely inaccurate. Each time we remember an event we are only remembering the last time we remembered it. If you have ever played a game of what we called Telephone, when one person whispers a phrase into another person’s ear and then the phrase is passed around the group. Within even as few as three steps, the phrase is distorted. That is just a simple phrase.

Our memories are much more complex and distorted by emotions and beliefs. Another thing that effects us is that the positive and/or low-emotion events are not often revisited. The negative, emotionally high events are triggered (and remembered) over and over until the emotion is released and the lesson learned.

I’m not saying that I know 100% that the “bad guys” are not the ones doing this. But, what value would there be for them to change the lyrics spoken by a cartoon character slightly or change the spelling of a product name? The only thing that I can think of that would be something I should warn you about, is that this could possibly be some type of test to see how we respond. (I do not believe this, we are not “tested” by the Universe. The system is not set up to fail.)  If undeniable (apparently harmless) miracles trigger fear, then you might need to “expand your mind”. The Mandela Effect could be doing that, getting us used to miraculous events.


kitegirlcoach 23rd September 2016 6:39 pm

This is really interesting and something I've been thinking about too. During one of my many interview sessions with Francis Evans I was told of a parallel life where I chose "a different father to my children" and our relationship caused us to be many more time successful than the current path we are on now. (I know who he was too - damn it.)
For a long while I just sat in regret, yet, I was told I could choose to tune into that other Annabelle which would be beneficial. The successful Annabelle would have ways of doing some things which I could adopt and, at the same time, she had some problems I never needed to manage for which I could provide comfort and support.
From a higher perspective when we look at all the possible parallel lives along with all the lives we've lead as other characters - like your baking lady - experiencing all options in life might just be all that matters.


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