A Matter of Perspective

Truth is a powerful word; it has a special energy and form that is whole and complete in itself; the energy of the word shapes its reality.

Standing in Truth, living Truth etc are all popular phrases now as we continue the journey of re-awakening. Truth has many meanings from ‘being true’, to ‘sincerity in action or character’, to ‘faithfulness and sincerity combined with reality’. Yet, when we think about standing in Truth, we immediately gain a sense of the essence of what is meant, for we connect to the power of the words; to their true meaning.

The true power of words is often overlooked, yet if we begin to consciously connect to the power of words, we can begin to see just how each word we speak or think creates our reality. We all know that our thoughts shape our lives, but why? The energy of the words we use creates two pathways: one of openness, growth and positivity, or one of closed-ness, restriction and negativity. Of course, we rarely consciously choose to embrace the latter, but how often do we find ourselves either thinking or speaking in a way that is not nourishing or nurturing for either ourselves or others?

If we think of words in terms of the Butterfly Effect, we can begin to gain a truer sense of the bigger picture. Words or thoughts spoken can carry their power far and wide leaving a lasting legacy. Therefore we need to be more aware of words in order to work with them in more positive ways in life. Think positive affirmations, law of attraction etc. but take this a step further to not only thinking or speaking the words, but connecting to their energy and power as well. Feel the words, be the energy.

When we embrace the full power of words we can begin to see how we can change our own thoughts and dialogues (both with ourselves and with others) in order to re-shape our lives in more positive and life affirming ways. Therefore, when we now think of Truth, we can know that we are doing all that we can to live Truth and to live a rich, blissful and wonderful life...



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Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace has a passion to inspire and empower others. She is a life-long intuitive and a modern-day mystic and wayshower; illuminating both the path to Self and the path ahead in order to instil confidence into the hearts and souls of others. Sarah-Jane works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance.


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