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Message for August 2013

Welcome back! August looks set to be a month to reclaim the balance within as we continue to let go of the clutter and distractions in our lives. We all find balance in our own unique ways and what is right for one person may not be right for another, but when it comes to our inner worlds, we so often defer to the wisdom of others to lead us or guide us home.

In a way, this is another layer of distraction as it keeps us from stepping into the light and opening up our hearts, minds and soul to Truth as we know and understand it. Following our own lead takes courage, strength and faith, and although we may feel unable to stand alone in our Truth, is there really any other way to be?

It is our willingness to find balance and our ability to embrace Truth that seems so important now as we continue to yield to the feeling of our divine connection and of our interconnectedness to the Whole. It seems time now to let go of the clutter and of the need to ‘follow the pack’ in order to live more consciously and somehow more authentically at the same time.

Liberty and freedom is sadly not something that everyone experiences in life, but we all have the capacity for inner liberty and freedom if we choose. We are vibrant, passionate and magnificent beings but we so often forget this in the noise of life, so by making time to pause and re-connect, we can begin to step beyond the chatter in order to live more vibrantly and exuberantly. 

So, we need to take the time now to breathe deeply into the fullness of our beings and to feel ourselves expanding and merging with the natural flow of life. The more we become conscious of the integral nature of our existence, the more we can embrace the present moment and live life fully and whole-heartedly. Life may not be perfect, but when we embrace the beauty of imperfection and the magnificence of All that we Are, we no longer feel inferior or disconnected, but we know that we are not only Whole but we are home as well... 

With love, 



August looks set to be a month of continued insight and vision as you consciously choose to ride the waves of life with passion, vim and vigour. Although you haven’t been travelling unconsciously up until this point, there is a sense that you have been drifting and going with the flow which has been, on the whole, directed by others. Of course, those around you always have some influence on you and your life as you are a fluid and interactive being, but when they direct the currents and the waves, then you know that you are out of kilter as no one puts Aries in the corner. Whilst you have been aware that you haven’t been on top form, it has been hard for you to work out quite why as life has been full of things to do, places to go and people to see. Such distractions are a part of everyday life, but they have felt somehow more intrusive and consuming recently making it hard for you to find even a brief spell of quiet to re-centre and re-align.

As you begin to fully re-awaken and open up to the present moment, life looks set to come into clearer focus for you as the clutter and the distractions begin to fall away leaving you with some space as well as allowing those few, true, goals, to stand proud for you to grab hold of once again. Change seems likely, but then you know that change happens all of the time anyway, as that is a part of life. As a result, events over the days and weeks ahead look set to galvanise and energise you as you begin to reclaim your sense of Self and sense of purpose once again. Riding the waves is an art form, and you are something of a natural born surfer. Strange for a fiery soul like you, but intuitively you know that you were born to surf the currents of life consciously and with passion in your soul; although you have no idea what lies around the next corner or beyond the next wave crest, your inner smile is beginning to shine brightly and this is leading you home...


As you continue to shift your focus towards living the life you love and loving the life you live, it seems that your whole perception on life is changing as you are stepping away from the diminishing array of ‘ought’s’, ‘should’s’ and ‘musts’ and instead embracing a new consciousness that looks set to inspire you to reclaim the power and the momentum in order to give your Self some much needed room to manoeuvre. Although you are not one to walk away from responsibility, how you see those duties is changing as you no longer feel overwhelmed and overcome by the sheer weight of your ‘to do’ list. This feels all the more bothersome as many of the items on the list are not of your own making, however as soon as you allow your Self a little breathing space, everything changes as you no longer feel suffocated or trapped but start to feel re-centred and re-aligned, making conscious choices and decisions rather than being dragged along by the tides of life. This may sound like just a shift in attitude, and in many ways it is, but, at the same time, there is a strong sense that the more room you allow yourself this month, the more you will expand into living a more inspired and enriched life.

Perception matters as it gives shape and definition to your beliefs, expectations and ideals; it is therefore so important that you face your Truth and give yourself the room to be you, as the more you do this, the more you will allow yourself the space to flow freely and positively. Living the life you love and loving the life you live are not flowery daydreams, they are very real and very palpable concepts for embracing a brand new way of living and being. Of course, shifting your perception and your awareness are not guaranteed to make your dreams come true and catapult you towards the stars with ease and without complication, but opening up your mind, body and soul towards loving your Self, loving your life and living your life whole-heartedly and consciously is a powerful way of affirming to yourself, others and the Universe that you have awoken and are now ready to fly...


August looks set to be a month of realisation, inspiration and vision as you begin to consciously merge with the true flow of shift in your life. You are a great thinker and spend a great deal of time contemplating the live you have lived and the life you are about to live, yet this comes at the cost of not allowing your Self just to live. Looking forwards and backwards can give your life shape and definition, but you run the risk of losing the context when you overlook the all-important present moment. Although you know that living in the present is a huge gift, you cannot help but feel that being in the moment takes you away from understanding the present moment unless you can reference it to other periods or experiences in your life. Of course, such an action is innately human, but it also keeps you away from the very thing that you seek the most: an inspired sense of knowing.

As your consciousness constantly switches back and forth, trying to make sense of life, you lose the value that the gift of the present moment gives you as you become anchored between the past and the future by default rather than by choice. In other words, you are locked in the present as you are caught up in linear thought between where you once where and where you might be in the future. The time has now come for you to make an informed decision to step beyond linear time to instead embrace the present with an open-mind and an open-heart. You will always seek wisdom and understanding, as that is a part of being you, but there is a sense that the more you allow yourself to be present, the less you will struggle to reference it and give it context. As a result, you will be free to savour the present and to live it consciously and vibrantly. Such a shift is important as it is a sign that you are no longer stuck by default but you are instead allowing your inspired sense of knowing to lead the way...


As you continue to peel back the layers of your life and step beyond the chatter, the distractions and the ‘stuff’, there is a growing sense of revelation rising up from within you as you realise just how important space is for you. It is so easy to get lost in the chatter or noise of life, keeping on keeping on without ever really thinking about why you continue to do what you do. Why, in this context, is a powerful word for you in August, as it seems to be at the crux of a new wave of thought processes and insights that flood into your consciousness as the weeks progress. Why are you doing what you do? Why are you living the life you are living? These are big questions that are likely to take a lot of your attention as you ponder the answers. There is a chance that you may choose to stay lost in the chatter and distraction in order to avoid answering, or even noticing, these questions and that is a valid choice, but you should at least ask yourself why facing Truth is so uncomfortable to you. It seems that maintaining the status quo has become habit, and, after all, surely the concept ‘the better the devil you know’ holds true?

Yet, intuitively you know that by seeing your choice as the least, worse option is not terribly inspiring or empowering. At the same time, by avoiding even exploring these questions, surely you are denying yourself an opportunity to re-centre and re-align your Self with your dreams? Just because you take a deeper look within does not necessarily mean that you will throw all the apples in the air and throw caution to the wind in order to start afresh. Of course, this is possible, but how will you know if you won’t even look? You may decide, after exploration, that your life is exactly as you would want it, and if that holds true, then you can stop avoiding Truth and just live it instead. If however, your inner exploration reveals a deeper need or want, then you can at least begin to explore it. The time has come to reclaim the power and to reclaim your destiny...


August looks set to be a month where you re-centre and re-align in order to contemplate your Self, your life and your destiny. You have been working hard recently, trying to stay focused on the present moment and trying to establish a stronger sense of Self. As a result, there have been moments of inner challenge where you have wanted to say No (or even Yes) in order to preserve your own integrity or needs. The challenge for you comes not from speaking your mind but from the ensuing guilt that surges up within you when you feel like you are not being everything to everyone; you can feel overwhelmed and consumed, and this can push you towards over-flexing and ‘giving in’ as the discomfort of the guilt is simply too much to bear. Whilst this is understandable, the cost of such choices is you and your own needs; you give up your own needs and wants, as this makes for a less challenging inner wrestling match (letting your Self down is easier to handle). Such inner conflict is hard to bear for it allows frustration to seep within as you want to stand firm but your desire to be everything to everyone is a huge part of your life.

The time has come for you to realise that speaking your Truth and honouring your Self should not be optional extras in your life. Of course, such a realisation comes with a price, and that price is the discomfort of guilt. Yet it is important now to show a willingness to lean into the discomfort, to face it and to let it go. Much of the time, your perception of ‘letting others down’ is way off the mark as many around you are more than capable of standing on their own two feet; the more you realise this the more you will see that you have created the dynamic of being everything to everyone as a kind of avoidance technique to protect yourself from stepping into the unknown and following your destiny. When you lean into the discomfort you will see this fear and realise that it no longer has to shape or define your life as you can do that now...


August looks set to continue the theme of you taking a long, deep and life-affirming breath as you let go of doubt and anxiety in connection to your Self, your life and your path ahead. It has been hard for you to relax into the flow of life as there has been so much to do: places to go, people to see and things to do. As a result, you have become lost in the distraction and the chatter of life which has taken your focus and your attention. Therefore this time of deep breathing may feel a little alien to you as you may feel like you need to keep busy in order to keep moving forwards and that progress only comes from pushing ahead. This could be true, but if pushing ahead comes at the cost of you disconnecting from your Self and from your essence, then perhaps something is amiss? So, try to savour the opportunity for some deep breathing and see it as a chance to rest in the moment and pause in the stillness with an open heart and an open mind.

Pausing in the stillness is not the same as being idle or lazy though, so stop the guilty thoughts before they get a chance to take shape or form! Life is not just about the rush and the charge; it is about living consciously and vibrantly, embracing your Truth and living the best life that you can live. It may be that the rush is what makes you happy, and if that is the case then job done, but you may find more insight in the pauses which enables you to take a look at your life with fresh eyes as you realise that you are ready now to breath in a new vibration that transforms your world from the inside, out. You seem to have reached a crossroads of inner knowing which looks set to present you with a choice of keeping on keeping on or embracing a brand new way of living and being. Although the latter is a step into unknown territory, you seem ready now to allow those deep breaths to lead the way...


It seems that the ‘concept of you’ is still taking centre stage throughout August as you continue to allow your Self to be your Self, to live your life consciously and whole-heartedly, and to accept that there are parts of you that you simply cannot understand or conceptualise. Such a shift feels like a huge blast of fresh, clean air as you let go of a great deal of inner wrestling and over-thinking in order to embrace life, to live life and to be alive. The latter may sound odd to some, after all, by reading this, presumably you are already alive, but you know that there is being alive and being alive. In essence it seems that by embracing All that you Are and living more consciously in the moment, you have stepped beyond the confines of your mind and instead expanded into a more universal sense of knowing and being. As a result, you have allowed the concept of you to take on a life and an energy of its own. Quite what this means in terms of what happens next remains to be seen, but, in a way, this is the point, for your focus is not now on what happens next but it is very firmly on what is happening now.

Although you will never stop thinking, analysing and exploring, there is a sense that you have now reached beyond your mind and set your Self free from the storylines, beliefs and cycles that often take hold and shape and define your life. The more you allow yourself to rest and to be in this expansive space of awareness and wisdom, the less you will struggle to define your Self and the more you will embrace the magnificent, wonderful and joyful unknowable aspects of being you. Your life is an adventure and a path of discovery, and what lies ahead should fill you with excitement and wonder, for there is much to be excited about! It seems that there is a direct correlation between your willingness to ‘let go’ and become One with the flow of life and your levels of happiness and joy, so embrace the unknowable concept of being you and set your Self free...


August looks set to be a month of inner revelation and discovery as you continue to open up to your true priorities in life by peeling back layer upon layer of things to do, people to see and places to go. Stuff and chatter has served a positive purpose for you in life as it has kept you occupied and focused, busy and distracted. When there is something to do or someone to see, this is surely valid reason to stay distracted and avoid taking a closer look within. You know the reasons why, for looking within would mean being honest with yourself when it comes to what you truly want from your life. Whilst you are not unhappy, there is a sense of a missing link or a gap deep within you; although the shape and form of this gap is unclear, it seems to be related to you feeling disconnected with your Truth or sense of Self. Being busy papers over the cracks and keeps you occupied so you don’t have to take too much notice of the Truth.

Now, it’s not that you don’t want the Truth, but intuitively you know that the Truth is likely to mean a realisation that there are some aspects of your life that are not the way you would want them to be. Of course, knowing this does not mean that you have to act and create change, but you know yourself well enough to know that as soon as you openly accept and acknowledge your Truth then you can no longer deny its existence in your life. So, it has been easier to deny it in order to maintain the apple cart even though the apples may not be quite to your taste. Yet, although you have been denying it, it is hard to say that you have been a complete success as you are still aware of the missing link! So, maybe the time has now come for you to step back from the chatter of life for a while in order to re-assess, re-align and re-centre? Only you can make such a choice, but you seem ready now to either make cider or to pick some new fruit...


As you continue to let go of the should’s, ought’s and must’s in your life you are beginning to realise just how much pressure you have been placing on your own shoulders. You have created your very own assault course of things to do, things to achieve, and things to be which has built up into a dizzy spin of even more should’s, ought’s and must’s. In your desire to set yourself free you have inadvertently created even more of the very thing you have been trying to avoid. Of course, wanting to be more, do more and achieve more is a part of being human, and you know more than most that it is the act of vision and inspired intent that shapes and defines your life. Yet, knowing this, why do you still have a plethora of ought’s, must’s and should’s hanging over you? Perhaps there is something about pressure that is quite addictive to you on some level? You love a challenge and you thrive when you are reaching towards something new, but maybe the pressure is your way of keeping you away from the realisation of your dreams?

This may sound odd, after all, why would you want to stop yourself from achieving your dreams, but you know that life is far more complex than this as the fulfilment of dreams involves the emergence of new dreams and goals. You know that you are not one to rest on your laurels and enjoy the moment as looking ahead to something new is far more exciting and enriching. Yet, what is it about the present that makes you feel so uncomfortable? August looks set to be a month for you to pause for a short while in order to take a deep breath of life and to take an inspired and empowered look at the present moment. It is time for you to step back from chasing the future to instead living consciously in the present which will help you to realise that what you have now is actually rather spectacular. Whilst you will always have dreams, perhaps the focus needs to shift from chasing the dream to living it, and being it, instead?


August looks set to mark the beginning of a new chapter of your life; one that sees you stepping beyond a life of the mundane and pedestrian to a life of inspiration and life-affirming dance. Before your head spins off thinking about taking to the polished floor of your local dance hall or discotheque, dance in this context is about your dance of life and the way you live your life. Do you dance or do you plod along with your head down trying to keep on keeping on as best as you can? You may feel that dancing through life is a luxury for a select few, but is it? Is it really? Dancing is a choice, and even though life may not be a bed of roses or a trail of petals leading you from one state of bliss to another, you can still dance if you choose to. Dancing is a state of being and it is a conscious choice of perception and perspective, that is, how you see the vibration of your life. This is akin to the optimist and the pessimist, the glass half full and the glass half empty, yet dancing allows you to look beyond both to seeing the glass and its contents exactly as it is with gratitude and thanks. You can choose to focus on what’s already gone or what’s still left, but you can also choose to savour what you have now, in this moment.

Such a choice is not about giving up on your dreams or surrendering your sense of Self, but it is about choosing to dance through life with passion in your heart, fire in your soul with your strength, vision and belief leading the way. You might be a realist, but you are also a creative and inspired soul, and the time has now come for you to realise that keeping on keeping on just traps you in a holding pattern of keeping on keeping on. Yet as soon as you lift up your head and tentatively tap your toes, the energy changes as your consciousness expands and leads you into a dance of life that feels life-affirming, life-enriching and nourishing...


August looks set to be a month of continued expansion and exploration, particularly on your inner planes as you let go of the over-thinking and the need to make the unknowable, knowable before you embrace it and live it. This is a massive step forward on your path to Self as it is a sign that you are beginning to let go of the many conditions that you place on living your life (once you have achieved a, then you can do b etc.). Setting these conditions free is important as it allows you to start consciously living your life instead of thinking about it, analysing it and trying to understand it. Of course, there will always be an element of all of these in your life, but they will no longer dominate (unless you allow them to) leaving you free to live life fully and to the best of your ability. August therefore looks set to be a month of you becoming One with your expanding consciousness and trusting it to guide you forwards, onwards and upwards.

There is, of course, a strong element of the unknowable here, after all, with your consciousness expanding with each passing day, you cannot truly know where it might take you, but intuitively this feels right as you know that it is your ability to embrace your expanding essence and sense of Self that are leading you ‘home’ now. Home is not where you put your head at night, it is your sense of feeling centred, aligned and connected, and when you feel these you know that all is well in your world. This may not mean that all the boxes on your to do list of life have been ticked, and it may not mean that you are completely and utterly living your ‘dream’, but when you are home you know that you are in exactly the right place for you in this moment. Home is a state of being and a state of alignment between your body, mind and soul, and when these are aligned and unified, you know that you are living unconditionally and whole-heartedly. So, embrace the concept of being home now and take a deep breath of life...


As you continue to embrace your fluidity as one of your biggest strengths in life it seems that you are beginning to realise just how big a gift it is. Riding the wave crests with clarity, vision and inspiration is your true and natural state of being, and now you have accepted that you are not a piece of driftwood floating aimlessly along by the currents, the vibration of your life has shifted and changed. Being fluid is an art form and it takes dedication and belief to embrace it fully and whole-heartedly; being fluid takes strength, courage and confidence for it is an affirmation to your Self and to the Universe that you are in the driving seat of your life and you are the one making the decisions. It is often so easy to ‘blame’ life choices on a disempowered state of drift, but when you realise that even drifting is actually a conscious choice, everything changes as the buck stops with you!

Of course, consciously living life does not mean that you will effortlessly surf the waves without a care in the world for ever and a day, but it is a sign of you opening up your mind, body and soul towards living a life that is more in accordance to your true and natural state of being. Living consciously inspires you to make the most of every single moment, to give gratitude for all you have and to feel blessed for all you are. You still have the freedom to plan goals and dreams, but you also have the freedom to live the best life possible, now, in this moment. August looks set to be a month of positive change and inspired vision as you embrace your fluidity and channel it towards being your Self, loving your Self and honouring your Self. You are an inspirational, creative, wise and enlightened soul with a plethora of gifts and a myriad of talents, so why not claim them, own them and become them? The time has now come for you to love being you, to live the life you love and to love the life you live...


Tiff 5th August 2013 6:09 am

Thank you, Sarah-Jane

shapeshifter 5th August 2013 9:22 am

Thanks Sarah-Jane, your messages are always felt on a heart level.

kay 5th August 2013 5:44 pm

Dear Sarah-Jane. Thank you once again for a timely reminder, not so much reminder as observation, that it's time to let go of the clutter and distractions. It's time. I could add that it's not easy, but it is time, and that would be counterproductive. It's simply time for me to do that, release the clutter and distractions.

Where are you, Zorro, with your lovely anagrams?

Tiff 6th August 2013 10:08 pm

I look forward to your Astro forecasts. There're so perfectly accurate. Infinite thanks Again.


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