Monthly Astro-Forecasts August 2015

Message for August 2015

It's so often the case that we remember the grand acts and big gestures in life as these are often etched deeply into our memories. Yet, what about the bits in between? What about the plethora of little things that shape and define the course of each and every day? It's the little things we do: the smiles, the acknowledgements, the thank you's. It's easy to overlook such things as they become a part of the everyday fabric of our lives; they may seem pedestrian, as we take them for granted, dismiss them or fail to notice them. When this happens there is a risk that we lose our connection to the magic of life and the compassion within our hearts and souls.

Yet, it's this plethora of moments that can bring dark to light, hope to despair and a smile to pain. When we remain open to these little things, we not only notice them in our own lives but we begin to see how such small gestures can impact the lives of others. We live in a connected world but so many of us cut ourselves off from life to protect ourselves from pain, stress or suffering. However, when we reach out, make eye contact and breathe into the world, we find the world breathes into us. We live in a two way flow and it's so important to remember this. When we feel isolated and alone, that little smile from a stranger matters. When we are on the bus, the train or in the shop, that smile we offer with an open heart matters. We shouldn't dismiss the small things as they can transform and inspire.

We all reach moments in life where the direction or flow suddenly changes. For some this can be exhilarating and exciting, but for others it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Although we know and accept that change is a constant in life, it can take us by surprise all the same. August looks set to be a month of changing direction, but it's also a time to breathe deeply into the world as we lift up our heads and reconnect wholeheartedly to life. Of course, there are aspects of life which are challenging, painful and often unfair, but the more we breathe into life, the more in balance we become and the less discombobulated we feel. Whilst this doesn't fix or change anything, it helps restore our perspective, enabling us to turn and face our 'what is' with grace.

As we notice those little things more, we begin to see that joy resides in the simplicity of life and this is so important now as complexity ties us up in knots and isolates us from life. No one ever said life was easy but we need to step into it fully and live it in order to become one with our true essence and sense of self. It's important not to try to be what we are not; it's time to be true to ourselves and to breathe deeply into life, and, at the same time, open up and allow life to breathe into us. Both sides of this equation matter as to have one without the other, we shift out of balance. By noticing all the little things, we can begin to reset the equation with a sense of love and grace.

So, take the time to notice the little things: cherish that warm smile offered to you and feel a sense of gratitude when you offer your inner smile in return. Let life flow freely through you, breathe deeply into it and let it breathe deeply into you...

With love,




August looks set to be a month of adventure, excitement, fun and laughter as you begin to explore a brand new way of living and being you. Whilst you know life has its ups and downs, you also realise the importance of living in the moment and making the most of now. The free spirit within you wants to dance and sing from the rooftops, and, even though your mind prefers to apply a slightly more logical approach, you are beginning to accept the idea of allowing both of these facets of your being to flourish and blossom together in perfect harmony. As a result, your perspective on life and on your path ahead is changing as you see new ways of creating the life you dream of.

Of course, there are always responsibilities and duties to bear in mind, and sometimes these may feel overwhelming as they appear to block your path ahead. However, the more you allow your free spirit and phenomenal mind to flow unhindered, the more you will realise that these blocks only remain blocks if you believe them to be so. This won't necessarily eradicate them from your life, but it will help you to look at the bigger picture once again. In essence, it appears that your perception is now one of the most important things to consider as you reshape and redefine your experiences in life. Even though you may feel this is oversimplifying matters, intuitively you know that the more you tap in to your inner sense of freedom, the more inspired and empowered you will become...



As you continue to explore and navigate the twists, turns, ups and downs in life with awareness, poise and curiosity, there is a sense that August looks set to bring you some quality time which will allow you to go deeply within in order to establish a truer sense of balance. As always, it will be a month of moments, with some time to pause, some time to do and some time to contemplate the bigger picture of your life. It is as though by willingly becoming more conscious in life, you are beginning to experience life in a more vibrant way: every breath and every moment somehow feels more real. Perhaps this is a time of new awakening for you, but you already seem wide awake! It therefore seems more likely that this is a time of deepening and enriching the connection between your inner and outer worlds.

Of course, you know that your inner and outer worlds coexist already, but by making this link more conscious, you can begin to naturally ride the currents of life enabling you to make the most of each and every moment, be willing to learn and evolve through your experiences, and open up to allow your true essence to flow freely. Remember though, this is a two-way flow, if you focus solely on your outer world, your inner world withers slightly, and if you focus solely on your inner world, life tends to go slightly awry! Balance is therefore the key throughout August as you open up to the flow, and allow the real you to surface in all aspects of your life…



As you continue to allow your imagination to soar freely in your life, there is a growing sense of change stirring deep within you. You have always had a vivid imagination, no doubt there have been moments in your life when others have felt your head is too firmly lost in the clouds, and whilst such moments may have tripped you up, at the end of the day, nothing has deterred you from allowing your inner world out. Your imagination is as much a part of you as your curious mind and your compassionate way of being. Yet, there is a sense that you often downgrade your imagination as you feel it's somehow not grown-up enough for the real world.

At the same time though, it's important to remember that it's your imagination that brings the world to life as it helps you to make sense of the 'real world' as you realise that life is made up of many different layers of meaning. Without your imagination, life can feel grey, hollow and rather empty. Embracing your imagination doesn't mean you're living in a fantasy, it simply means you are using all of the facets of you in order to live a rich and fulfilling life. What is preferable? Living a pedestrian and somewhat colourless existence or bringing it to life with your uniqueness, quirkiness and vibrancy? Your imagination is a gift, so why not see it as one? There's a lot of you still on the inside waiting to get out, and August looks set to be a time to let it fly free...



As you continue to establish a more robust strategy for achieving 'you time' in your life, August looks set to be a month of contemplation as you take a step back to see the bigger picture of your life. It's so easy to get lost in the flow of life, particularly when there are so many things to do, places to go and people to see. There are times when you feel an urgency to do more, achieve more and be more, as you are acutely aware that life is short and you have a very long to do list! Yet, does adding pressure really help? There is a risk that by focusing on everything you've yet to achieve, you are missing out on where you are now and on all that you are in this moment.

It's a bit like looking at a mountain summit and feeling frustrated that you are not yet at the top rather than enjoying the climb, the view and the fresh air. In other words, it seems important to stop feeling 'less than' because you haven't completed your to do list and try accepting the idea that, for as long as you are alive, your to do list will grow and expand as that's what life's about. Imagine waking up one morning and your to do list is complete: there's nothing left to do and nothing left to achieve. Okay, maybe this sounds quite idyllic, but you know you'd soon be bored, seeking out something new to achieve or somewhere new to explore. So, ease up on the self-applied pressure, embrace this moment and enjoy the view...



August looks set to be a month of continuing inspiration and adventure as you look beyond the periphery of your life towards a brand new horizon. Well, at first glimpse, the horizon may look brand new, but on closer inspection you realise the horizon is unchanged, it's just your perspective that's shifted. In other words, it seems your dreams still remain firmly in your sights (the horizon), but you are opening up to new pathways and opportunities as alternative routes towards the same ultimate goal. These are exciting times as it seems you have long wondered how to take a step closer towards your dreams and living the best life possible, and now a new perspective is enabling you to look beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary, and this is far more in your comfort zone.

Some may feel embracing the extraordinary is a little big-headed or over ambitious as, on the surface, it appears to lack humility. However, you are intuitive enough and wise enough to know that being extraordinary is neither big-headed nor is it a leap too far, as you know that to feel truly alive, embracing the extraordinary is the only way, as it takes you beyond your comfort zone and into the world of inspiration, creativity, courage and dreams. It is the world of the extraordinary that brings you fully to life, inspiring you to stride forth towards your dreams and to live the best life you can live. Knowing this, why would you choose the ordinary? You are ready now to take a deep breath and shine…



As you continue to embrace the magic and joy of living consciously, there is a sense that you are beginning to shift your gaze away from where you want to be, or feel you need to be, and instead you are focusing on where you are now. This isn't a sign that you have suddenly dropped all of your goals, nor is it a sign that you have given up, it is a sign that you are beginning to find the magic and the joy in the here and now. You've realised that joy can be found now, in this moment; it does not have to be something to chase like the never reached horizon. This shift in perception is important, as it focuses your energy and your essence into this point in time, rather than scattering it in a plethora of different directions, dissipating it in the process.

You are a formidable soul, with a formidable mind, yet you tend to over-complicate life by measuring yourself by ought's and should's, and this ties you up in knots. It's time to use your brain power to simplify life in order to channel all of that focused energy of yours into the here and now in order to create a sense of inner balance, well-being and contentment. Although your dreams will always be important to you, the more conscious you are in this moment, the more enriched your life will become enabling you to see new ways to achieve your dreams and to live the best life possible. It's time to live fully and wholeheartedly now...



August looks set to be a month of revelation and relief, as some of those long-held nigglely little questions-without-answers that have been floating around your head for what may feel like eons start falling into place as clarity begins to surface. Although this may not mean direct answers to these questions, it seems likely that the clarity will bring you to the point of contentment where you no longer feel so driven to seek out the answers. Intuitively you know it's time to stop battering down those doors trying to find 'the answer' and instead start to contemplate the idea of either asking a different question or accepting a different answer.

Perhaps there is a need to explore this a little more deeply? Is it possible that you know the answer already, but as it's not quite the answer you thought you'd get, you carry on looking? This isn't meant to imply that you are trite, it's just a gentle suggestion that perhaps you have been looking so hard for 'the answer', building it up into a panacea, you have failed to notice the more obvious - but admittedly less glamorous - answer that's with you already. At the same time, there's a chance that as you have been pushing so hard to find 'the answer', you have either forgotten the original question or you have outgrown it, thus making it null, void and slightly irrelevant. It seems clear that you are ready now to embrace a life with less focus on tying yourself into knots with questions without answers and instead embracing life exactly as it is, now. This is a powerful moment in your personal evolution...



August looks set to continue the theme of knowing yourself. You have spent a long time trying to be the unique individual you know yourself to be, and, as a result, there have been times when you have stepped way and beyond your comfort zone as you have explored new terrain in terms of self expression. In the spirit of continuity, the need to know yourself, be yourself and love yourself remain centre stage as you continue to explore your true nature. In some ways, you have barely scratched the surface in terms of your potential, but in other ways, you seem quite jaded with the energy expended in trying to be you. Once again, don't try so hard! You are already you, there is no try, there is no do; you are already you!

You may recall the chocolate analogy from last month, and a tendency to seek out the bizarre and intriguing chocolates in a bid to show off your imagination and flair even though, at heart, you're happier with a simple bar of fruit and nut. Yet at your core, you are pure, rich, dark chocolate: unadulterated, smooth and divine. In other words, all of this need for fancy expression is window-dressing, none of it makes you, you. It seems you have become distracted by need to be the person you think you need to be rather than focusing on being the person you are. What's wrong with the person you are? Being pure chocolate sounds rather delicious, and it seems clear that the more you embrace your true essence and savour your chocolaty interior, the more enriching your life will become...



As the winds of change continue to gather momentum in your life, there is a sense you are beginning to contemplate your path ahead. You are well known for having a plethora of different ideas, goals, and things to do, at any one time, and whilst this is your natural state of being, there are times when a little more focus would serve you well. It's not that having lots to do is bad, it's more that when you have multiple foci, there's a chance that your energy becomes dissipated and scattered. Whilst you have an incredible inner wealth of energy, just think how potent this can be if channelled in just one or two directions, rather than many.

Of course, at the end of the day, how you live your life is your choice, but it seems important for you remain calm and centred as these winds of change start to build, rather than be carried by the thermals and be pushed and pulled in a multitude of different directions at the same time. You certainly seem ready to explore pastures new in your life, and whilst this doesn't necessarily mean being somewhere different, it does suggest a new way of living and being you. You have your potent intuition as your guide and you certainly have bucket loads of enthusiasm, so why not make the most of this opportunity to think about what's truly important in your life? Nothing has to be set in stone, as that is not your style, but do try to allow a deeper sense of clarity to emerge, and let this lead the way...



August looks set to be a month of consolidation and change as you continue to wholeheartedly grab hold of life with both hands as you begin to explore a new pathway or avenue of opportunity. Of course, there are always new pathways to discover and explore in life, but you seem to have reached a crossroads of inner understanding which is allowing you to let go of some of those old beliefs that no longer serve you, as well as letting go of a few layers of fear. Everyone carries fear as it's a part of being human and there have been times in your life when a fear of the unknown has held you back, but this seems to be lifting now as you feel much freer and clearer on all levels of your being.

Although you are not a 'glass half full' person, neither are you a 'glass half empty' person; you oscillate somewhere in the middle of these two states of being. Sometimes this brings you a deep sense of balance, but there are times when you feel frustrated with a lack of clarity. Whilst you have no desire to be a pessimist, you are a realist, so blind optimism is not your cup of tea. It seems time now to send both of these glasses off for recycling as you create your very own, and very unique, perspective on life. You don't have to fit neatly into a box in life, in other words, let go of the glass analogy, and allow yourself to be you. Trust you're formidable instincts, and let these lead the way as you stride forth with passion and courage…



August looks set to be a month of inner knowing as you continue to seek out balance in all areas of your life. You are an enthusiastic and passionate soul, but this can sometimes mean you get a little carried away leading to life shifting out of balance. Whilst your intentions are good, intuitively you know that imbalance in one area of your life will eventually infiltrate into every aspect of your being. If left unchecked, this can lead to a growing sense of discontentment, as well as increasing fatigue and a sense of powerlessness. Of course, there are times when you do not notice this imbalance, but when you pause and take a deep breath, intuitively you can sense that something is not quite right. It's important that you do not ignore these signs as they are only present because your inner self is trying to let you know before the imbalance gets too big.

Perhaps it's easier to ignore the signs because, on the surface, life doesn't seem too bad, however, this isn't the point, it isn't about the bigger picture, this is about your vitality and well-being. By addressing the imbalance, you can find new ways of embracing your life fully but without depleting yourself in the process. Therefore this imbalance isn't present to trip you up, nor is it there to make you give up or quit something you love; it's simply a reminder to take care of yourself, to live well, and to trust your intuition. When you are in balance, your enthusiasm and passion can move mountains...



As you continue to embrace the concept of creating some much-needed breathing space in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to notice some small changes. Of course, it's hard to create breathing space when life feels so busy and full, and there are moments when you understandably feel overwhelmed having so much to do, see and be. Yet, even though your life remains busy, you are beginning to realise that these breathing spaces are already present in your life, it's just that you need to acknowledge, embrace and utilise them. In a way, being busy has been a good distraction, taking you away from the need to have a good, long look at yourself and your life. There is a sense that you are not as balanced or as happy as you would like, but rather than explore this, it somehow seems easier to get lost in the distraction of busyness.

Whilst you are the only one who knows the reasons for this, it seems important that you try to understand it, as your current strategy does appear to lack self-compassion (stop giving yourself such a hard time!). You may feel that there is no point exploring this further, as you are powerless to bring about change. Yet, the more consciously you step into those breathing spaces in life, the more you will realise that happiness and joy are yours for the taking, well, embracing. Whilst they may not be default settings, you do deserve to have both in your life and August looks set to be a month that inspires you to breathe deeply into each and every moment in order to reconnect to your strength, courage and passion in order to live the best life possible…



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