Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2012

Message for January 2012

As one year ends, so another begins! This cycle continues like the changing seasons, like night moving into day into night. Cycles are a part of life, and it seems that they define us in so many ways.

January looks set to be an inspirational month; a month to reclaim our sense of direction and our power as we take some bold new steps forward in life. Facing our fears, guilt and other challenges seems likely, but this is not something to dread, for it is a necessary and vital part of our evolution. The time has come to travel more lightly in life in order to become more at One with both ourselves, one another and the cosmos...

Ceres enters Aries on the 19th which comes as a timely reminder for each of us to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves on every level of our Being. From the food we eat to the thoughts we think; everything we do is so important now.

On the 23rd, there is an Aquarian New Moon which marks the Chinese New Year (and many other eastern cultures as well). We can look forward to the year of the Water Dragon which looks set to be a year of insight and intrigue.

Mars goes retrograde on the 24th, and this gives us the momentum to take those bold steps forward with courage, self-belief and confidence. Letting go of doubt will set us free and inspire each of us to be the best that we can be...

The Full Moon is in Cancer on the 9th at 07.30 GMT and the New Moon is in Aquarius on the 23rd at 18.40 GMT.

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2012 looks set to begin on a high note as your life takes on a new energy and focus. This energy inspires and encourages you to believe in your Self and your gifts, and those all important ‘big decisions’ somehow seem much easier to make. As your life shifts into a clearer perspective in January, you begin to realise what truly makes your heart sing, and you may be a little surprised at the result! Try not to feel disappointed if dreams and goals change direction now, but you are an ever-growing, ever-evolving soul, so flux and shift is inevitable. Whilst goals may change, you are on a journey of re-defining and re-clarifying your life path, so the clearer you become within, the clearer your path ahead should be. Your head and your heart may have slightly different agendas when it comes to how to move your life forward, as your head may want to ‘play it safe’ and your heart just wants to be free, but there is a middle way...

It seems clear that your pioneering spirit is seeking out new meaning, depth and purpose now; you want to expand your horizons and push your boundaries, for this is when you feel invigorated and truly alive! There is much to be said for the adrenalin rush, but be sure to keep at least one foot firmly on the floor to avoid spinning off without direction and potentially losing your Self in the process. The message for January seems clear: be positive, be confident, expand your horizons, but stay focused! There can be no denying that this is a pivotal time of your life; decisions made now will filter through your life for years to come. Yet, this is not a time to fear, it is a time to tap into your full power and strength, and to realise that you are amazing!


January looks set to be a significant month for you. Whilst the theme of change continues, it seems that you are becoming increasingly empowered and inspired as you realise that you are the one in the driving seat! You are the change, and you are transforming your life from the inside, out. Realising that you, yourself are actually rather pivotal when it comes to moving your life forward may sound like a rather strange and obvious revelation to most, but for you, it is a wonderful ‘light bulb’ moment! The reason for this is that, despite your strength, you doubt yourself on so many levels. You doubt your ability to create positive change, and you can often feel directionless or at the ‘mercy’ of stronger forces or people in your life. Yet, you are a rock, sure-footed and strong, and the time has come to truly embrace this now.

The more you can embrace your full potential and realise your own power and strength, the more energy and magic you can inject into your life. As you continue to clarify your true goals as doubt dissolves, you are finally beginning to accept that you do have a right to follow your dreams and to live the life of your choosing. At the same time, you look set to realise just how special you actually are! Whilst you will always help others, for that is your way, it is important that you do not surrender your whole Self in the process. 2012 looks set to be a year when you allow your heart to sing freely, vibrantly and joyfully; this is your year to fully utilise all of your gifts and talents in order to live the best life possible...


January 2012 looks set to be a pivotal month in your year. Whilst it is only the beginning of the year, your actions, decisions and choices set the tone and the pace for the months ahead. You have undergone major shift and transformation over recent months (and years!), and whilst this inevitably continues, you seem to have reached a stage of inner knowing and clarity. This inner knowing looks set to bring you a feeling of peace within, as well as a stronger sense of direction, when it comes to your path ahead. Deep within you there is a powerful force stirring, and that force is contentment. This may not sound earth-shatteringly delightful, but for you it is the first step towards living a blissful life. Contentment for you suggests inner stillness, less over-thinking and much more being! This is wonderful news, and it has been a long time coming!

As one cycle comes to an end in your life, a new one begins. Embracing the present moment seems to be a strong theme for you now as you realise that living consciously is so important. As you let go of past wounds and surrender to the present, you look set to undergo a shift deep within that enables you to carry on philosophising in life (and about life), but to live fully at the same time. This may sound alien to any non Gemini folk, but thinking and philosophising is your natural state of existence! Shifting from thinking, to thinking and being, is a major step for you, and it looks set to awaken you on so many levels. Life is for living, for embracing for experiencing; and 2012 looks set to be a rich tapestry of colour, experience, contentment, and bliss...


January looks set to begin with a brightness in your heart and a clearer sense of direction when it comes to your path ahead. You have been treading water for some time now, pondering what to do next and how to do it! Whilst the winds of change have been slowly gathering momentum over the weeks and months, you have been containing them rather than expressing them, as you have felt unsure about what to do with them! On one level you want change and a new direction, but on another, you feel that maintaining the status quo is an easier option, for it avoids the need to make any major decisions! Yet, despite this, the feelings of change do not seem to be leaving you, and are becoming increasingly harder to ignore.

As January progresses, it seems that a wave of increased confidence and certainty will touch your life and inspire you to make a choice about what to do next. Containing the winds of change does not seem to be a viable option in the long term, so you have a choice to either embrace the change and go with the flow, or to set it free and stick with what you know. There is no right or wrong answer, and only you can decide what to do next. Your head may want to stick with what you know, but your heart wants something new. Perhaps there is a middle way, but perhaps not. Sometimes in life you need to make hard decisions, and this is one such time. Go within, believe in your Self and your gifts, and trust your powerful intuition to guide you forward now...


As you step into a New Year, there is a strong sense that you look set to step into a new life as well! Your whole outlook on life is shifting, and whether this new life is a physical one or simply a shift in perspective, it seems that you can look forward to a new way of living and a new way of being from now on. January 2012 sees you stronger and more focused than before, and you seem more self-aware and in the flow of life. In essence, this means that you have finally begun to embrace the full power and potential within, and transported your life to new heights as a result! Your confidence and inner knowing are beaming, and your creativity is in full flow as you settle into a more focused, centred and conscious way of living.

Obstacles look set to melt away as your perspective allows you to see past, through, or around them; and even those more persistent ‘challenges’ give you less trouble as you can see them as hurdles to overcome in order to learn more about yourself in the process. How you think is so important now; thinking in terms of positives helps you to carve out a prosperous, abundant and joyous life. Of course, if only life were as simple as this! Well, why can’t it be? At the end of the day, your thoughts do shape your life and they help you to make the best of every single moment. Go within, feel the power of these words and use your creative flair, your strength and your wisdom to re-hone your intent and create your very own ‘heaven on earth’...


Your past few months have been filled with highs, lows, peaks and troughs! Whilst on some level, you may feel quite exhausted, on other levels you seem inspired and empowered! As you step into January 2012, the magic within you fills your heart with expectation and anticipation for the coming year; your self-belief soars as you begin to see a clearer path ahead. It seems that the more you embrace your inner magic and power, the more enthusiastic and empowered you become! It is the bounty that lies within you that looks set to be your biggest ally over the coming weeks and months, as you tap into your full potential and begin to transport your Self, and your life, to a brand new dimension. This is an exciting and life affirming time for you, a time to re-claim your sense of Self and to step forward with confidence and pride. 

The power of your intent and the strength of your belief are both important ‘players’ in your life now for both of these shape your path ahead. How you see the world is shifting, and whilst you are still fundamentally you, you are different at the same time! Although subtle, your whole outlook on life is changing and you are beginning to feel your power. This is not an ego trip; it is a state of being, and it is your natural state of being. This is not something to fear either, for fear creates blocks and tension. Your power is something to embrace with an open heart and an open mind; it is something special, magical and exciting, and if you can open to the full flow of your power, then 2012 looks set to be a year where your dreams come true...


‘WYSIWYG’ or ‘what you see is what you get’! This seems to be your motto in January as many of your hidden depths begin to surface as you undergo a radical and major transformation. This may sound daunting, but it has been a long time coming! You are a complex soul and your depths are boundless and intricate; so intricate in fact, that you often get lost in them yourself! As things within begin to untangle, your whole life looks set to shift as you connect to your true priorities in life. For a Libran, certainty and clarity are almost intangible words to quantify for nothing is certain in your world! You are not indecisive though, for this is a common misconception, you simply have so many options before you that you can feel overwhelmed with the choice! So, connecting to your true priorities is a monumentally important achievement for you. Letting go of everything else is considerably harder though...!

It seems clear that letting go of all the excess clutter on all levels of your life is vital now if you are to make the most of the current climate. Allowing your true nature and your true priorities to surface in order to become fully visible to both yourself, and the world, is not easy. Whilst you will never lose your boundless depths, it seems that allowing all aspects of your Self to surface for all to see is part of the process of affirming to the Universe that you are ready to be set free to embrace the magnificence of your Being. This goes way beyond ego though, it is a place of being and a place of feeling; both a little alien to you, but this is the time now to move beyond thinking in order to ‘feel’ your way forward. This is your year to become whole and to manifest your dreams...


January looks set to be a month of reflection and contemplation for you as you begin to explore some of your reasons for being. What motivates you? What excites you? What inspires you? What makes your heart sing? All of these somewhat lofty questions are seeking answers now as you take some new steps along a more self-aware and inspired path. In many ways it seems as though you have set yourself free from the inertia that has been bugging you for so long and embraced a new freedom that is giving you a need to find much more meaning and purpose in life. On some level you seem aware of a growing sense of inner ‘divinity’ as you feel increasingly connected to, and at One with, the Universe (the Divine). This connection brings you some much needed peace of mind as you move from living purely in the physical to a more balanced life of inner and outer focus.

Your inner ‘divinity’ is almost too hard to describe, for it is beyond words, beyond language and beyond the human mind. Yet, the feeling of it is immense, special and quite amazing! You seem awoken and your sense of belonging is so strong. In some ways, belonging has been your one true goal in life; you have simply wanted to find your place to ‘fit’ in the world. Whilst you were born to stand out and be different, and you always will shine out from the crowd, you are now approaching a time when you can feel that sense of belonging that you have strived for, and it is wonderful! When you find this sense of belonging from within (and it has to come from within), it fills every aspect of your life without at the same time. Embrace it, live it, be it, and see your life blossom and flourish as a result...


January 2012 looks set to bring you a breath of fresh air as you take a look at your life from a completely new perspective. It seems that the gap between where you are now and where you want to be has shrunk considerably as you have realised that it is your perception of the gap that matters most. You are moving back into a ‘possibilities’ place in your life; that place where anything and everything feels possible once again. You seem full of knowing and excitement as you step into the New Year; for you are beginning to re-connect to your true nature and to your true sense of Self. Once connected, everything somehow becomes clearer as obstacles fall away and your confidence peaks, inspiring you to think creatively as to the achievement of your dreams.

It is hard to deny the flow of anticipation and adventure that is around and within you now; and this looks set to grow in intensity as the month progresses. It can sometimes be hard for you to keep your focus clear and well-defined, for you often have so much happening in your life at any one time! Yet, if you go beneath the surface, there is clarity, precision and focus; for you know, deep down, what is truly important in your life. Letting go of burdens and clutter will help you to free yourself up to the extent that you can think clearly about what’s right for you, and what’s not. This is not a time to hold back purely to keep others happy, for you need to prioritise your own needs as well! Of course, getting this right may take practice and patience, but this is your time now to re-define and to re-shape your life, it is in your hands, after all...


2012 looks set to begin with lots of energy and enthusiasm as you grasp the nettle when it comes to taking control of your own power and your own destiny. Your life has drifted a little recently, mainly because you have let it, for you have lost your way and your focus. Whilst your overall direction may still be relatively clear, your motivations for wanting to achieve a particular goal or dream seems more obtuse, and you may now be wondering why it still remains so important in your life! Re-defining your goals is the first step here, and this comes from stepping fully into your power and your Truth, and connecting with your intuition.

Once you are in such a space, it is easier to ‘feel’ your way forward and to discern the right path from all of the others. This is your path though; it will not be the same as anyone else’s, so be prepared to walk the proverbial less travelled path now, in order to find what you seek. This takes courage, and it takes a strong presence of mind, for you need to be clear about what you want from your life. At the same time, you may need to let go of some elements of your life in order to embrace this new pathway, and such change is never easy, particularly when day to day life gets in the way! Yet, try to stay connected to your internal guide and you will begin to feel a stronger sense of knowing, clarity and certainty as to what to do next. Life never carries any guarantees, but deep down, you know that this is your time for change...


2011 ended with a defining moment in your life; it seems that you moved beyond doubt, beyond mind and beyond logic to a more intuitive and feeling space. This shift has transported your whole way of being onto a new dimension! As you step into January, it seems that your vision and awareness has expanded to take into account every possible direction available to you. Your earlier fears and doubts created a kind of tunnel vision that left you with only one or two choices connected to your path ahead, but now there is a sense that you can see limitless choices and directions, as you have realised that there is more than left or right in life! Up, down, backwards, forwards, and everything in between, is now possible, and this feels exciting and liberating, as you are free to move in the direction of your choice rather than one of Hobson’s choice!

Of course, for you, too many choices can be just as restricting as too few, for you can get lost in your mind exploring the intricacies of each and every option. Yet, this is a time for feeling your way forward, and as hard as this is for such a thinker, it seems that you need to trust the flow more and think a little less. Whilst you will never stop philosophising (for that is your way), you now have the opportunity to shift your life into a space where your dreams can manifest in reality. This opportunity comes from embracing the complete you: thoughts, feelings and intuition. You need to love every aspect of your Self and realise that you can live the life of your dreams. The power of your intent is key now, so use it, feel it, and see your life blossoming and blissful...


January 2012 looks set to be the start of something new and very different for you! There is a sense that you are reclaiming your sense of Self and walking a new path in life! Doing things that inspire and interest you seems to be your way of declaring to the Universe that you want some time to do things for your Self, by your Self! This is not selfish, it is life affirming and quite delightful. The challenge for you is in handling any ensuing guilt that may arise when you do follow your own path, and this needs to be faced now and set free. At the same time, the more you can connect to the feelings of joy that you experience when you are following your heart, the more you can build on this in other areas of your life.

Your inner world has always shaped your outer world, but it seems that for the coming weeks, by taking action in your outer world, you will trigger a series of inner changes that will be both liberating and inspirational. Your life is in your hands, and only you know if you can face and handle any feelings of guilt that may surface (or even expressions of fear from those close to you as a result of a stronger you). This is not to say that you should throw caution to the wind and abandon everyone close, for this is more about shifting your own perspective in order to allow you to live more freely and joyfully. It is important to realise that you are not trying to be wilful or difficult; you are simply reclaiming what’s rightfully already yours. This is your life, and the time has come to follow it confidently, happily and with an open heart...



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