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Message for June 2013

Welcome back! June looks set to be a month of ebb and flow as we continue to strip back layer upon layer, and, at the same time, open up our hearts, minds and souls to new waves of consciousness and insight. Although this process feels quite natural, there is a great deal of intensity as the momentum builds and amplifies. Stripping back the layers can be challenging as it can leave us feeling isolated, disconnected and on unfamiliar ground as we see relationships, dreams, and our lives, changing with each passing day. As we see the familiar fall away, we can sense our connection to Truth grow stronger, and ultimately we know that this is leading us towards living richer, fuller and more connected lives, yet it can be hard not to feel the depth of emotion connected to everything we are leaving behind.

Of course, intuitively we know that we need to go into these emotions and feelings in order to find our strength and in order to set ourselves free from the storylines and patterns that have thus far shaped and defined our lives. At the same time we sense that by opening up to the full experience of this ebb and flow, after the fear of disconnection and isolation passes, we realise that we are now feeling more connected and unified than ever before. Yet it takes courage to walk such a pathway, for the isolation can be profound and intense; we can feel stretched and pulled beyond our capacity as the heaving rise and fall of change continually presses our buttons and touches any sore spots of the soul.

We know that this is a time of re-birth and those of us who are ready to lean into the discomfort in order to embrace authenticity, mindfulness and acceptance can expect to find a new state of being emerging from these shifts. This new state of being brings a powerful sense of knowing and stillness as we find ourselves closer to God (the Divine), to ourselves and to the Universal Whole; we realise that these are all One and the same as we truly accept that we are no longer isolated bundles of cells and atoms but a vibrant and integral part of the Whole. Once we can wholeheartedly feel and be at One with this Wholeness, everything changes for we can feel the majesty and strength rising up within bringing each of us a sense of awareness and new life.

We can begin to feel our vibrations shift and amplify as we feel more ‘alive’ than ever before; invariably this means feeling the endings and the shifts even more intensely, but when we feel Whole, we realise that there is nothing to fear anymore. Like the beautiful phoenix that rises up from the ashes, we start to trust the process of life and know that from endings come new beginnings. Whilst we can never truly be sure of what lies around the next corner, the less we fear and the more we connect and unify, we can set ourselves free from feelings of isolation and disconnection as we realise that, in Truth, there is no such thing as isolation as we are always connected and a part of the Whole; always have been, always will be.

So many of us are now facing crossroads, phoenix moments, uncertainty and confusion, and there are times when we feel as though we are in mid-air hovering over the empty space that has suddenly appeared beneath our feet; it is as though the ground has fallen away and our foundations have vanished. Understandably this can invoke fear and panic, but for many of us, it can also invoke feelings of surrender as we let go of the side rails and fully trust in the flow of the Universe to carry us forward now.

We may feel pushed beyond our limits and we may feel that we have no choice but to surrender as there is little left to hold on to now. How we choose to experience this phoenix time brings shape and form to our lives, for our perception defines our reality; once we step beyond fear and into a conscious awareness of the present moment, we do not lose the fear but re-absorb it as we step back into equilibrium. Pushing fear away doesn’t serve a purpose anymore as we open up to living life as consciously and as openly as possible. Of course, this does not mean that we wallow in the fear; it simply means that we recognise it and no longer try to deny it. It is from our willingness to recognise Truth that we can ultimately find peace and achieve a deeper sense of knowing.

It is part of being human to want to build new foundations as soon as we become aware of the empty space beneath our feet, but how can we build foundations in a space beyond foundation? In essence, it seems that we need to let go a little; to stop chasing quite so much and to trust the ebb and flow as we re-align ourselves with it.

Everything is changing, and whilst this has always been the case, it somehow feels rawer now as we can touch, taste, hear and smell it. Yet, it also feels more life-affirming as we allow ourselves to fully experience life as we step into the ebb and flow to become One...

The New Moon is in Gemini at 15.56 GMT (16.56 BST). The Full Moon is in Capricorn on the 23rd at 11.32 GMT (12.32 BST). The Solstice is on the 21st June marking the moment when the Sun enters Cancer.

With love,



June looks set to be a journey to the centre of your Self as you step deeply within in order to re-centre, re-align and re-configure your thoughts, ideas, ideals and beliefs. Such a major adjustment from the inside, out is likely to create a few ripples in the pond of your life, but you seem ready now to splash about in the water enjoying the moment and feeling blessed at being given such a wonderful opportunity. Now you may feel a little limited knowing that your life could be described as a pond, for this seems small and perhaps insignificant, and yet when you take a closer look you can seem that it is teeming with life and has its own perfectly formed ecosystem; there is a sense of infinity with the pond, a sense of creativity, expansion and a knowing that this is home. Although there are times when the balance of this ecosystem grows out of kilter, this is usually a sign that you are not listening to your Self or trying to push against the currents. So, when you become conscious of the world within, you can keep this beautiful pond energised, vibrant and full of life as it feeds your drive and motivation to live the best life possible.

Analogies aside, it seems clear that this current period of adjustment is likely to lead to a growing sense of realisation about your Self and your true power. At the same time, you are likely to realise that even ponds are not isolated, for everything is interconnected into the Universal Whole. Feeling the true power of interconnectivity will help inspire you to step beyond the perceived boundaries of your life into new territory enabling you to open up your mind, body and soul towards your dreams. This may involve a change of direction and it may mean embracing some endings in your life, but you know that from endings come new beginnings, and, like your perfectly formed ecosystem, endings and beginnings are a part of the natural cycle of life. Therefore, embrace the true flow of your life and feel blessed at this amazing opportunity to live consciously and vibrantly in every single moment...


As the wheels and the cogs of your life continue to grind, clank and turn, there is a strong sense that whilst they are moving you in the right direction, there is a huge amount of effort involved in the process. The lightness and ease that you intuitively know should be guiding things along seems conspicuous by its absence and this has created a few layers of doubt within you in connection to whether you are still heading in the right direction. In a way it seems that you have become so focused on the destination and on keeping on keeping on, you have forgotten that all cogs need maintenance and regular attention in order to run efficiently. June therefore looks set to be a month of you oiling the wheels and giving your Self a thoroughly good service: a little bit of body work, new filters, new oil, new get the drift. Whilst you may feel a tad frustrated that you have to ‘waste time’ pausing for a while, try to accept that this will ultimately serve you better in the long run.

At the same time, try not to whizz through this pause time as though it is a pitstop for a Formula 1 racing car; try to savour it instead and see it as an opportunity to dig a little deeper into the doubt within you in order to re-align your thoughts to establish whether you are still heading in the right direction or whether you need to make some adjustments. If the latter proves likely, let go of any frustration that surfaces if you feel like you have been wasting even more time going in the ‘wrong’ direction, for every experience in life accumulates into the Whole. When looking at the bigger picture of your life intuitively you know that there is no such thing as a wrong direction. Therefore try to see this time as a wonderful opportunity to re-centre your Self in order to re-connect to what’s truly important in your life. As the newly oiled wheels and cogs start to turn once again, be prepared to embark on a new adventure in life; expect the unexpected and enjoy being you...


Acceptance has been a powerful theme for you over recent weeks and months, and it continues to take centre stage throughout the month of June. Acceptance invokes many thoughts and feelings, and can sometimes feel defeatist, yet intuitively you know that acceptance involves courage, strength and tenacity for it shows a willingness to stop trying to rationalise your life before you allow your Self to live your life and instead open up to living your life and stepping fully consciously into every single moment. Such a shift is epic, for it takes you away from the need to understand and find context before you act, move or live, to instead finding wisdom as you act, move and live. In other words, the focus shifts from future-focused thinking (when you do this, then you can do that etc.) to present-moment thinking where you allow your Self to fully embrace life and your many gifts in this wonderful, creative and beautiful moment.

It can be hard for you to stay in the present though, for your mind naturally whizzes backwards and forwards trying to contextualise and rationalise. Although this is an important part of you, it can also keep you locked in a state of chasing as you will always be learning and evolving for that is what life is all about. In other words, this is a time of shifting away from contextualising and rationalising in order to live your life to instead intuitively knowing that true wisdom comes from the experience of life itself. As a result, June looks set to be a month of awakening and revelation as you step more consciously into the present moment and begin to explore some new ways of living and being. You may fear that such a shift will lead you into unknown terrain, but this is the point, there is only so much you can learn from that little bit of ground that you have been diligently maintaining for so long; you seem ready now to embrace acceptance and to live the life that you were born to live...


June looks set to be a month of inspiration, empowerment and renewed vision as you step from where you once were towards where you know you want to be. Of course, one could say that you have always been on such a journey, for that is what life is about, but there is a strong sense that you have felt stuck for quite a while, and this stuck-ness has left you wondering quite where you want to be in life. In part this is connected to embracing the knots and tangles mentioned last month, for each of these are marks of your strength and tenacity, yet your tendency to vilify your Self because of their presence in your life can leave you feeling frustrated rather than empowered. Of course, empowerment usually comes with hindsight, for when you are in the midst of the knots and tangles, life can feel anything but empowering, but when you look back you realise just how much stronger you have grown as a result.

In a way, this all boils down to perspective, for when you feel entrenched in life and weighed down by the knots, this is the vibration or energy that you create, yet when you embrace each knot and open up your heart, mind and soul towards expansion, rather than contraction, you begin to realise that the only reason you have felt stuck is because you have allowed your Self to become stuck. This may seem a bit simplistic, but it is simple, for your perception matters! Get tied up in complexities and things feel heavy and cumbersome, but embrace simplicity and life somehow feels lighter. Whilst this might not magically fix your life, it will help you to move through life more easily. Once you realise that life doesn’t have to be complicated then you can embrace the flow of inspiration and creativity within you to step away from the stuck-ness and towards becoming One with the journey once again. The journey ahead may still be a little unclear as you are still re-shaping and re-defining your Truth and dreams, but intuitively you can feel the warmth within as you boldly go where you have never gone before...


The concept of ‘Living the life you love or loving the life you live’ seems to be at the forefront of your consciousness throughout June. You seem to be torn between living the life you love or loving the life you live as you feel unable to bring the two together into a more cohesive Whole. Whilst the difference between the two may seem subtle to many, to you there is a world of difference as you know that in order to live the life you love you also need to love the life you live; they are not mutually exclusive. As a result, you seem divided at the current time for you know that you are not wholeheartedly loving the life you live as it is not the life that you love. The reason for this seems to be connected to your desire of trying to be everything to everyone; this theme keeps resurfacing for you, and it seems time now for you to dig a little deeper within to understand why this means so much to you. Of course, you love the notion of being everything to everyone, for it makes you feel good about your Self and helps you to feel validated and alive, and yet, when this comes at a cost of you not being everything to your Self then you disconnect from loving the life you live and from living the life you love, to instead being carried along by the flow of trying to be everything to everyone.

Is being everything to everyone really sustainable in the long term or will it continue to take you further away from you? Only you can answer this question, but it seems important now that you take some time to ponder your answer. Of course, it could be possible that you could be everything to everyone and still live your life and love your life, but intuitively you sense some discord here. Therefore try to let your intuitive Self bring you the answers now so that you can open up your mind, body and soul to loving, living and being you..


The wheels on the bus of your life have been turning round and round as you have worked so hard at keeping on keeping on. This theme has been a strong one for you (freedom versus duty and responsibility), but June looks set to be a month where you finally step free from the bus, the bus route and the road in order to start a brand new adventure in life (and you can breathe a huge sigh of relief that you no longer have to deal with bus analogies). In essence it seems that you have reached a stage of your life where you are no longer content to go with the flow of other people’s lives; you want to create your own flow and step beyond the mechanics of keeping on keeping on, bus timetables and other ‘ought’s’ on your ‘to do list’ in order to re-inject some much needed magic, sparkle and energy back into your life. In fact, it seems that the whole shape of your ‘to do list’ is changing, for you are beginning to step away from ‘doing’ and allowing your Self to ‘be’ much more.

Whilst this could be seen as simply a shift in perspective, there really is nothing simple about it for the more you realise that you no longer have to keep chasing horizons or rushing around doing, the more you will realise that these have always been distractions more than goals. In other words, you have become preoccupied with being busy rather than stepping into the silence within and allowing the silence to lead the way. Being busy keeps you away from making some big decision, but decisions are a part of life, and however hard you might try, you cannot avoid them forever. Although your bus is your way of moving through life on a functional level, getting things done and being an all-round super-hero, but when this comes at the cost of you being you, you know that something is amiss. This is your time to throw the bus map out of the window in order to create a new ‘life plan’; to re-connect to your dreams, to let go of the ‘ought’s’ that you can and to re-shape your perspective in connection to those ‘ought’s’ that you really cannot set free. This is your moment, enjoy it...


June looks set to be a turning point for you; a month of revelation, insight, inspiration and more revelation as you open up to your true essence and to what exactly this means in your life. Although you can sense what your true essence is, when it has danced around you for most of your life, it can be hard for you to feel your essence as it is more of a concept than a way of being. It comes and it goes; life happens, stuff happens, shift happens (with and without the f) and your essence ebbs and flows like the ocean gently lapping the shores of your soul. Although this is quite a romantic image, it creates frustration for you as you are unable to grab hold of your essence in order to understand it or give it context in your life. You have a sense of the ‘concept of you’, but without context or understanding, how can you actually do anything with it? Well, therein lies the problem, for there really is no ‘do’ here, for when you open up and become your true essence, you simply become it because you already are it. As a few more knots appear in your subconscious as you try to work this out, it seems that the harder you try to make sense of this, the further away from understanding it you will become as your mind simply cannot fathom the wonders and magnificence of your essence.

Sometimes, you have to step beyond the boundaries of your amazing mind in order to feel, be or rest in something bigger (your essence). Your essence (your true sense of Self) may seem obtuse and hard to define, but that is the point, as you are not easily definable. You are the sum of all that you have been, all that you will be and all that you are, and you are also an integral part of the Universal Whole. Knowing this may not instantaneously catapult you to the achievement of your dreams, but being this can bring you a sense of completion and Wholeness that allows you to be you and to live the very best life possible...


As you continue to embrace the unknowable and intangible aspects of your Self, there is a sense of coalescence within as you accept your diffuse inner landscape and allow it to lead the way in your life. This may seem a bit worrying; after all, how can something diffuse lead anything? Yet, intuitively you know that it is the indefinable and diffuse nature of you that sets you apart and makes you unique. Being unique might not make for an easy life, but you know that you are simply not like anyone else; this doesn’t come from ego, but from an acceptance that you are different (in the best possible way!). So, although you cannot know where your diffuseness might take you in life, intuitively you know that as long as you remain true to you then you will be guided forward whatever life throws in your general direction. Now, this is not to say that challenges lie ahead, but realistically you know that life is not just a bed of roses, as every rose has thorns. Therefore, your realistic acceptance of this allows you to ride the waves of life consciously, knowing that you have the passion and strength to face any challenges if, and when, they arise.

June looks set to be a month where you continue to embrace the uncertainty of life and open up your consciousness to the present moment. Embracing uncertainty empowers you as you know that nothing is truly permanent; the sands shift whether you want them to or not. You also know that whilst your past gives your life shape and context, and your future brings your dreams to life, it is the present that is really important, for this represents All that you Are in this very moment. It seems it is your ability to blend all of this together that will bring you the awareness and vision to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. You are a vibrant being and a gifted soul, and the time has come now for you to be your Self and to love your Self for it; embrace your indefinable and magnificent essence and let it lead the way...


June looks set to be a month of continued re-alignment and re-focusing for you as you allow your Self to let go of the need to ‘do’ and instead allow your Self to ‘be’. An important distinction, for doing keeps you chasing, running and keeping on keeping on, but being shifts the focus towards happiness, Wholeness and joy. Intuitively you know that it is not what you do that brings you happiness, but it is why you do it. Yet, you have become so tied up in knots trying to do so much that you have lost sight of you in the process. As a result, when you step back you might wonder why on earth you are doing many of the things that you do because they seem to deplete or diminish you rather than enhance or replenish you. The benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing, so don’t beat your Self up for taking on too much and don’t allow a misplaced feeling of guilt to take over as both of these will only deplete you further.

It seems clear that what you need at the current time is a little bit of space which has your name on it, and this space can allow you to rest for a while as you re-connect to the concept of being more and doing less. Try to accept that there is nothing that you need to do in order to be, for that defeats the object of being. Of course, being doesn’t pay the bills nor does it make dreams a reality, but when you allow your Self to be, you know that your perspective changes and you step back from chasing horizons and instead use your formidable creative gift to create them instead. Whilst this vision might not immediately bring you all that you wish and hope for, intuitively you know that when you are in ‘creation mode’ everything changes, for you are no longer content to be distracted by stuff, chasing and busy-ness. So, embrace your true gift of creativity and use it now to re-shape your life, to step beyond chasing and to instead allow your Self to be Whole, for you already are...


As the rain falls and the sunlight shines out from behind the grey clouds, do you search the skies for a rainbow or does it even cross your mind that a rainbow might be glistening above you as all you can see is the rain? You may feel that such a question is irrelevant as it doesn’t actually mean anything in the scheme of things, but the distinction matters, for it flavours and defines your life. You may feel that focusing on the rain is realism in action, and of course, it is, but to continually see the possible challenges or the grey skies instead of opening up to the joy of the rainbow and to what life has to offer you seems short-sighted for you are denying your Self the opportunity to fully live; searching for the rainbow shows a willingness to step beyond ‘the box’ of life in order to seek out something more. You could argue that focusing on the rain is a sign that you are simply being mindful of the present moment, but this isn’t strictly true for it is more of a sign that whilst you are aware of the present moment, you are not actually fully conscious of it and within it otherwise you would sense the magic and be the rainbow.

Of course, rainbows do not always appear but this does not mean that your time is best spent focused on the rain, does it? Only you can answer this question and you may feel that you are definitely a glass half-full kind of soul. This could be true, but there is still a part of you that finds it hard to become One with the rainbow as even though you can gaze in awe at the rainbow, you do not fully allow your Self to get lost in the moment. This may show a practical, down-to-earth soul, but you intuitively know that you need at least a little bit of rainbow in your life as it not only takes you beyond ‘the box’ but injects a sense of expansiveness into your field of vision and opens you up to living the best life possible...


June looks set to be a month of continued expansion and realisation as you step beyond the boundaries of your life and open up your mind, body and soul towards embracing a brand new way of living and being. Such a shift feels huge in both shape and form, for it suggests stepping away from much of the ‘old’ in your life in order to embrace the ‘new’. Yet, quite what this means for you has yet to be decided, for you have not, as yet, worked out exactly what you want from life. You are a great thinker and you are full-to-bursting with ideas, dreams and goals, but when it comes down to giving these more shape or definition you can struggle as you intuitively know that this will inevitably mean letting some go in order to give more energy and focus to others. Your reluctance, whilst understandable, is a sign that you are really not quite sure what your true dreams actually are, for how can you let go of anything as you might still need it? As a result, you have been trying to juggle many different ideas, concepts and plans, and whilst this can kept them alive, it has also overwhelmed you at the same time.

It seems clear that you need to take some time now to re-centre in order to re-align your sense of Self with your sense of knowing. Such a shift will allow you to stop juggling and instead allow your true priorities to rise up to the surface. This does not mean that you need to forget about everything else, but it will allow you to park all the ‘stuff’ and clutter for a while in order to channel your energy and attention towards what you truly want in your life. Of course, there is a chance that even after this, you may still be unsure as to what you want in your life as you are changing and evolving with each passing day, so what seemed right today might not be right tomorrow. Stop! Whilst this is true, all such thinking does is tie you up in more knots, so step beyond the mind, step into this moment and feel your way forward now...


As you continue to connect to your vision of how you truly want to live, it seems that your whole perspective is changing as you are opening up to new layers of your Self that have been hidden under layer upon layer of stuff (duties, ought’s, should’s etc) for quite some time. This is likely to leave you feeling rather discombobulated at times as it seems that the many different pathways that lead to you are merging and forging out a brand new map of your soul. These many pathways are a reflection of the many different facets of your nature; you haven’t walked a straight, linear path in life, but you have meandered and found your Self along the way. You are not easy to define or understand, but this is amazing as it means that you can discover new wonders about your Self with each passing day. So, rather than feel confused as to your true essence, try to step beyond this (for you cannot rationalise your essence) and instead accept that you are you. Okay, so whilst this might not give you any specific understanding or direction, it will help you to allow this new soul map to be created with an open heart and an open mind.

Quite what this new map means to you has yet to be determined, for until you open up to this consciously and wholeheartedly, you are unlikely to find out. There is a sense that you need to be willing to step into the unknown now in order to let your true essence flow freely; you have been bending your Self out of shape for a long time now, trying to be everything to everyone, and trying to keep everyone happy. Whilst this is admirable and shows your tenacity and strength, it also shows a tendency to deny your Self of your Self as you put so much and so many before your own needs. The time is now upon you to reclaim your Self and to embrace your meandering, shifting essence; you are ready to be you, and whilst you have no idea where this may take you in life, in a way it no longer matters, for you are home...


Eric D. Greene 3rd June 2013 7:06 am

I'm an Aries and this reading feels spot on for me. So much momentum has been building and I feel more alive lately than I have in years. Both the ups and the downs... but the downs don't seem as low a they used to! Looking forward to the month ahead - Eric :)

Sarah Varcas 3rd June 2013 10:31 am

Hello Sarah. I love reading your monthly overviews. I don't get much time to look in on what other astrologers are doing but I never miss yours :) Thank you x

betsy. 3rd June 2013 12:20 pm

Sarah, I began to copy & paste a part of this message, but realized so very much of it moved me, it would be silly to do such a thing. So many parts of this brought me to tears. Thank you, Sarah, for this wonderful message. Much love to you!!!

Sarah-Jane 3rd June 2013 12:56 pm

Hi Eric, I am thrilled that the Aries forecast has resonated so well with you. June certainly looks set to be an inspired and empowering month...


Sarah-Jane 3rd June 2013 12:57 pm

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for your lovely words. I am really enjoying reading your updates as well!


Sarah-Jane 3rd June 2013 12:59 pm

Hi Betsy,

I must say that I found writing the June insights and forecasts to be a deeply moving experience, so I am delighted to hear how much they have resonated with you. Love and many blessings to you too.


shapeshifter 3rd June 2013 4:12 pm

Hi Sarah Jane,
I feel that your energy forecasts are always in tune with where I'm at. How do you do that?

Sarah-Jane 3rd June 2013 10:47 pm

[by shapeshifter 3rd June 2013 10:12 pm Hi Sarah Jane,
I feel that your energy forecasts are always in tune with where I'm at. How do you do that?]

Hi Shapeshifter, I do get asked this a lot and I am not sure I can give you a clear answer as I do not fully understand the mechanics and dynamics of it, but it seems to work so I trust the process! I open up my heart and soul to the Cosmos for inspiration and guidance, and ask for the insights to flow for the benefit of all those who will read the words. As a result, the forecasts take on a resonance and energy of their own.

Blessings, Sarah-Jane

Emma852013 4th June 2013 2:33 am

Thank you Sarah for your deep and insightful predictions. "we feel as though we are in mid-air hovering over the empty space that has suddenly appeared beneath our feet" is exactly what I've been feeling lately and thank you for affirming my feelings of ebb and flow. The Leo prediction really spoke to my heart. Thank you so much. In the midst of all I sense that we have tremendous power over our own lives but sometimes we do not see it (or see ourselves for who we truly are) Im grateful for being able to pass the love forward to those who are ready to listen. May all be well for everyone <3

Love and light to you



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