Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 2022

Message for June 2022

Losing a close family member can act as something of a prompt, reminding us that the great big clock of life ticks on. It shows us the importance of making the most of each and every moment in order to live our best lives. We all so often put life on hold, waiting for a better moment or hoping for more clarity, but that better moment isn’t guaranteed or set in stone, as no one can know what lies around the next corner. Losing someone close evokes a tsunami of emotion, but it can also galvanise us towards shifting from thinking to doing, or from waiting for a better moment to living more consciously.

A close friend recently said to me that it’s so important to live life as fully as possible as we cannot know when the clock may stop. We need to grab those last moments with loved one’s nearing the end of their journey’s, to make more memories and to have the courage to dive deeply when it comes to acknowledging the truth of our feelings. So many of us live life hovering on the periphery, having dreams, but lacking the self-belief to embrace them. So many of us long to be free, creative, and compassionate, but find ourselves on the treadmill of keeping on, keeping on.

Life isn’t about accumulating stuff, although many may disagree. Surely life is about accumulating memories and evolving spiritually and creatively? Life isn’t about standing still, waiting for a better moment, it’s about grabbing hold of life with both hands and taking a chance by stepping into unchartered terrain. Of course, this all sounds quite clichéd, and life is rarely as straightforward as this, but unless we open up our hearts and souls towards the possibility of living a full and enriching life, then how can we create it?

When someone close passes away, it often acts as a reminder of our own mortality and brings us a sense of urgency to live our best lives in the here and now. Life is precious; how we choose to live ultimately shapes and defines our paths ahead. Although we may not be able to guarantee a smooth path ahead, nor can we know what lies around each corner, but we do have now, and it’s the choices we make (or choose not to make) today that matter most.

Each of us are unique beings, bringing our gifts and talents into the universal cacophony of life.  When we have the courage and confidence to be true to ourselves, all the colours of the world weave and twist, forging new pathways and new opportunities. Each of us form a vital and integral part of the kaleidoscope of life, and, as a result, we all matter. When we feel low, lacking self-worth and feeling disconnected and alone, it’s important to acknowledge that we matter; we may feel as though the world wouldn’t notice if we weren’t around, but it would. Each of us shine a light that’s unique, but collectively it merges into something much bigger than we can ever fully comprehend.

When we take a moment to connect to our inner light, we can see beyond the negativity that has been creeping insidiously like ivy over a building and see beyond this towards a point of shift that’s bringing clarity and wisdom in response to the changing currents. There is a need for each of us to find our own light and to have the courage to let it shine brightly as we each become lighthouses, not just to show us the path ahead, but to act as beacons for others lost and alone.

The seas may be stormy and the skies dark and grey, but when we look within and find the light shining brightly, it can lead us home. Home in this sense is not just the place we live, but the place where we feel safe and free. Home is a state of being that we carry with us wherever we go…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful. 

With love, Sarah-Jane


The currents of your life have been ebbing and flowing recently, and you may feel as though you are taking one step forward, but two steps back. However, at the same time, you are also taking two steps forward and one step back. So, although there might be a sense of frustration that you are not moving forwards with your life as quickly as you would like, if you step back to look at the bigger picture, you will realise that, despite the changing currents of life, you are managing to maintain your position fairly well. This is to be congratulated as you have seen more than your fair share of challenges over recent weeks and months. You are a determined soul, and it is understandable that you want to leap ahead as you have so much energy and determination to turn your dreams into reality. However, don’t put yourself under pressure for not moving quickly enough or not doing enough; it’s time to realise that you are already enough, in fact, you are more than enough, you are wonderful.

It’s easy to focus on all of the things you haven’t done, haven’t achieved, or haven’t become, but this focuses on a sense of lack and it’s important now to focus your energies in new ways, and to give thanks for all that you are and all that you do. June looks set to offer a powerful seed change where you start to think about your life from a very different perspective and open up to self-compassion far more. Although you may feel as though you are being carried along with the ebb and flow of life, do you remind yourself that you are not a powerless pawn in the game of life, you are a wise, creative, and innovative individual, and these gifts have the capacity to re-shape and re-define your life in new and exciting ways…


There is no denying that you have been through quite a powerful transformation over recent months. The person you used to be almost feels like a distant memory as you have changed beyond recognition. However, intuitively you know that you are still the same person, it’s just that you have evolved on many different levels. The person you used to be is still a fundamental part of your whole, but the person you are now is an accumulation of all of the different experiences and pathways you have walked in life. Of course, as with many endings, there might be a sense of sadness that you are walking a different path, but there is also a sense of excitement and anticipation that you are now exploring new terrain. You would be forgiven for feeling as though you are in a constant state of flux, being pulled in different directions and trying to be everything to everyone. As you continue to let go of the pressure you place on yourself to do more, be more and achieve more, you are beginning to focus on some new priorities in life that feel more life affirming and life enriching.

Focusing on your own needs isn’t self-indulgent, it’s necessary in order for you to re-establish some equilibrium in your life. It’s time now to be gentler with yourself and to find peace with the constant change as you choose to grow with life’s experiences rather than resisting them. You are a wise soul and the more time you give yourself to pause and reflect, the more you will realise that life isn’t about people to see, places to go or things to do, it’s about finding balance, contentment and joy in your heart and soul. It’s time now to create a new dynamic in all areas of your life and for your soul to start dancing once again…


June looks set to see a more resolved, resilient, and inspired you emerging as you look beyond the four walls of your everyday life and reconnect to the magic and mystery of living more creatively and spiritually. Although you are a powerful thinker, you are also very intuitive and a profoundly emotional soul; you may not readily see this of yourself, but you feel things deeply and this can have a big influence on your daily life. You have long pondered the true meaning of life, and contemplated why things are the way they are, and this has helped bring you insight when life has felt confusing or overwhelming. At the same time, your willingness to look so deeply within has enabled you to shed many layers of old beliefs leaving you feeling lighter and brighter as a result. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there’s a time for contemplation and a time for action; sometimes you need to take steps forward in order to move forward. This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts and lose sight of where you are in space and time.

You seem ready now to turn towards letting go and letting love as you find new ways to breathe more deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe more deeply into you. There is a sense that you have had your breath held slightly in for some time now, not feeling free to fully inhale or exhale as life has simply been too busy. This isn’t a conscious breath hold, more a response to try to manage the ebb and flow; a natural response to retreat slightly when life feels tense or stressful. Yet, it's easy to forget to start breathing more wholeheartedly once again, but it’s time now to take a big, deep breath and to reclaim your vibrant and beautiful space in the world…


You have spent a great deal of your life keeping on keeping on, trying to get from a to b, and trying to work through your ‘to do’ list of life. More recently you have been taking a long, hard look at yourself and your life, trying to understand why you work so hard to be the person you feel you ought to be. In fact, you have shaped your life around ‘ought’s’ for so long, it might be hard to even see just how much this impacts you as it’s become automatic and second nature. Yet intuitively you can sense an imbalance and know you need to move beyond ‘ought’s’ and towards being true to yourself. It’s time to listen to your heart and soul, acknowledging your true priorities and re-connecting to your intuition to guide you forwards. You seem ready now to contemplate the changes you need to make in order to live a more fulfilling and enriching life that takes you beyond keeping on keeping on; you long for a simpler, and more streamlined, existence and it seems it’s now within your power to start creating this on all levels of your life.

Honouring yourself and your own needs no longer seems self-indulgent or a luxury, but an opportunity to create more harmony and balance; this will undoubtedly feel strange as you have spent so long trying to be the person you felt you ought to be and this has seen you follow a different path in life, yet you seem ready now to pause, reflect and re-focus in order to set yourself free to explore pastures new. It’s important to acknowledge just how much you’ve learned along the way though, as this isn’t a time for regrets, it’s simply an opportunity to set a new intention to explore pastures new as you open up to embracing your true essence wholeheartedly and with every ounce of your being…


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your sense of self, there is a sense that you are finding new ways to align the colourful world of your creativity with your everyday life. There are times when your inner landscape feels grey or monotone, and this is often a reflection of where you find yourself in life. When you are feeling disconnected from your purpose or sense of self, you can feel rudderless, and your hopes and dreams become scattered and abandoned, dashing your hopes and dreams, and where the cold light of day feels harsh and cold leading you towards retreating from the world. Although this is a reflection of your inner state of being, this can extend into your everyday life, and you can feel overwhelmed and discombobulated as a result. Intuitively you know that your inner vibrancy and effervescence do ebb and flow with the currents of life, but it can be hard to feel optimistic when the landscape within looks so grey and lacklustre.

Yet, if you can see this as a chance to pause and reflect, then these ‘grey’ chapters can feel lined with opportunity as they bring you time to re-shape and re-define your true priorities. At the same time, when your landscape feels colourless then pick up a paintbrush and add some colour! Your creativity is phenomenal and when you allow this to flow freely, your whole world shifts and even those grey times feel significant and life changing. There can be no denying that you are a pioneer as you thrive when you step beyond the boundaries of your everyday and you engage wholeheartedly exploring new terrain. Although it can be hard at times, try to see all of your experiences as an opportunity to grow and evolve; you are a wise soul and it’s time now for you to let your intuition and creativity lead the way…


As you continue to embrace the concept of ‘not doing’, there is a sense that you are beginning to engage more willingly with the infinite potential that resides within your heart and soul. It seems the more you connect with your true essence, the more able you are to shape and define your boundaries and your sense of self; as a result, you are feeling more resolved, inspired, and resilient when it comes to the constant shifting currents. You have spent a great deal of your life going with the flow but, at the same time, contemplating the meaning of life. As you are such a deep thinker, you often ponder why you are the way you are and why things are the way they are. Your mind is constantly probing and seeking out new terrain as you still have so many unanswered questions. Yet, although you intuitively know there will always be questions without answers, it has been hard for you to find peace with this as you love to explore different dimensions and gain a sense of knowing; gaining wisdom is an important part of your journey in life.

June looks set to be a month that inspires you to focus the concept of ‘not doing’ towards your inner world in order to realise that you can still grow and evolve even when you are still; you don’t have to have all of the answers to life’s questions in order to find peace as you can find balance in the here and now if you open up to the possibility. It all boils down to you feeling able to settle into the present moment and find a deeper level of acceptance as to the unknowable nature of life. Whilst you may be a ruminator and a thinker, these aren’t the sum total of what makes you unique, you are so much more as well…


As you continue to open up to change on every level of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to find peace with the kaleidoscope of energies that zig-zag their way through your everyday world. Whilst there are times when you can feel, or sense, every single one of these threads, you know these are a part of your creativity and they bring you ideas to ponder and explore. You have a fire in your soul that burns so brightly it illuminates the nooks and crannies of your inner world bringing you insight and wisdom, helping to guide you even when life feels overwhelming or confusing. Although you have always been aware of your uniqueness, it has often felt easier to follow the flock like everyone else, yet you’ve never been a natural at wearing wool and you don’t baa, so maybe it’s time to let your true essence shine and become your true self?

Of course, it’s important to follow the path that’s best for you, but there is a yearning deep within your soul to be the free spirit you know yourself to be. Your kaleidoscope of energies can be confusing at times, but they bring you courage, creativity, and wisdom. Few others can truly understand the magnitude of this kaleidoscope as so few could actually live with such an infinity of ideas, thoughts and experiences flowing and merging at the same time. You see both the macrocosm and the microcosm; it’s hard to explain the complexity of being you even though it’s your ‘normal’. Yet, your perspective on the world is vast and indefinable, and the more you try to explain it, the more you realise that your essence is simply beyond definition as there are no words that can define you. This is what makes you unique and amazing, so embrace your true spirit and find joy in being you…


As the winds of change continue to gather momentum deep within your heart and soul there is a sense that you are on the brink of a new chapter in your life. You have been hovering on the periphery of this change for quite some time and although you have a sense of where you’re heading, there is also a nebulousness about it as you’re still not quite sure where you’re going or why. Yet, although this brings an inevitable sense of caution, it also feels exciting and liberating as you’re allowing your intuition to lead the way. Of course, the unknown can leave you feeling uncomfortable and restless as it takes you out of your comfort zone, but you have crossed a threshold and seem ready to explore both your inner space and your path ahead.

June looks set to be a month for some honest self-reflection and soul-searching as you sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things/people that nourish you and the things/people that deplete you. You give a great deal of yourself to others, and there are some around you very happy to take everything you give (and more), and whilst you are aware of this, you find it hard to create healthy boundaries as your giving nature holds you back from saying ‘No!’ or drawing a line. It’s time to think about your own needs more and to realise that finding balance is the way forward for you now in order to give yourself more time to explore your gifts and fulfil your potential. What do you truly want from your life? What are your priorities? Are you ready to stand in your power and affirm the significance of your own needs? Whilst giving so much to others is rewarding, it’s time to create a new way of living and being that allows you to flourish and thrive…


Over recent weeks and months you have found yourself in what feels like the great big washing machine of life – you have been washed, spun, rinsed, and spun so many times, it’s hard to get your bearings as your energy has been shook in every direction, and on every dimension, at the same time. Although you are used to living life in the fast lane, rarely pausing, or taking time out to reflect, there is a sense that even you have found the pace of change nauseatingly fast. Each time you feel the rug settling beneath your feet, it gets pulled away as you move in a new direction; in many ways this is exciting as you have been seeking out change on many levels of your life, yet there is also a feeling of overwhelm as you’re not quite sure whether you are coming or going. Intuitively you know you are on the edge of a new chapter of your life, but there are still so many loose ends to tidy up and sort out.

You long to fly free, but life keeps your focus with so many things to do, people to see and places to go. It seems important to remember that, on the whole, you are in the driving seat when it comes to how much busy-ness you have in your life. You love to have lots of different things to do and you need variety and diverseness in order to blossom, so maybe instead of feeling overwhelmed with the washing machine, realise that you also have access to the settings or controls! In other words, if you want to change the pace of your life, then you have the power to create this change. Believe in yourself and know that it’s okay to slow down or even pause every so often. Take a breath and fly free… 


As you continue to make some important decisions about your path ahead, there is a sense that you are beginning to acknowledge your own needs far more as you give yourself some much needed breathing space to stretch, wriggle and expand. It’s as though you have been holding your energy in tightly as you have got on with the business of life, and whilst this has enabled you to achieve a great deal, you have also become disconnected from your essence at the same time. Although it may feel counter-intuitive, the more you breathe and stretch, the more you are realising the size of the void between your everyday life and the space where your potential, creativity and passion resides. You have been undeniably busy supporting those around you, but you have been wrestling with the notion that you just don’t have the time to do more for yourself. Intuitively you know you need to honour your own needs more, so your current strategy is not sitting comfortably with you any longer.

It’s time for you to realise that being busy and doing more for yourself are not mutually exclusive as you can find ways to have elements of both in your life. Whilst you crave some quiet time, you also know that you need variety in your life in order to feel engaged and connected, so this shift isn’t about walking away from others, it’s about including yourself in the equation of your life. You matter! You are a compassionate soul, but it’s time now to embrace the art of self-compassion; don’t let your inner light fade as you don’t feel like you deserve to shine. Turn to face your inner light with tenderness and love, find some time to seek out more balance, and know that it’s perfectly okay to have some breathing space. Honour yourself, love yourself and be yourself…


As you continue to re-shape your life from the inside, out, June looks set to be a month of riding the ebb and flow more consciously and wholeheartedly. You are beginning to connect to a deeper sense of inner peace when it comes to accepting the fact that you can’t always find the answers to the questions you seek in life; you are acknowledging something you’ve intuitively always known but have still tried to resist! Finding peace in the here and now is enabling you to stop seeking out a better moment to act or waiting for the answers to surface before you make a choice. In short, you are finding ways to thrive in the unknowable nature of life, realising that both your intuition and creativity thrive when you allow yourself to go more willingly with the flow. Of course, you will always seek out answers to questions as that’s how you evolve and grow, but your need to seek out answers has shifted towards a deeper contentment as you have found your balance at the core of your being.

This feels like a significant and fundamental shift for you as there is a rising sense of tranquillity and stillness bringing you new perspective and clarity. This feels both life affirming and exciting as you have discovered just how much joy you can find in not knowing rather than pushing for answers, vision, and clarity. It’s time to listen to your intuition, to trust your inner guide and to turn towards your life with an open heart and an open mind. Take the time to re-balance now as you find strength and wisdom in every moment; have the courage to take a deep breath and step beyond your everyday boundaries. Believe in yourself to take the helm, trust in your gifts, and steer the ship of your life towards pastures new…


Embracing your creativity looks set to take centre stage throughout June as you reach a new chapter of your life. There is a sense of ‘easing’ of the pressures you’ve felt lately, and you are beginning to feel lighter as a result. You are still a little bewildered as to the intensity of the twists and turns you’ve experienced, and although these have been challenging, you have also come to realise it’s the difficult times that have highlighted your true priorities. You have spent a great deal of your life being everything to everyone and not really giving your own needs much thought. Your dreams have faded over time, but they haven’t vanished, and they are still twinkling away at the core of your soul. It’s time now to acknowledge this twinkling and to find ways to feed the light in order to create the space in your life to embrace a new dynamic and energy.

There is a great deal of passion, compassion, expansion, and adventure waiting to burst forth from you and you seem ready to believe in yourself enough to channel your gifts towards living your best life and striding more wholeheartedly towards your dreams. It’s important to seek out a kind of inner union where you feel more balanced and in equilibrium; this inevitably involves honouring your own needs more, but it also involves letting go of your quest to be the constant champion of others at your own expense. You will always be a giving and loving soul, but shift the focus within and give yourself some loving kindness. This may leave you feeling uncomfortable as you are just not used to ‘you time’; however, try to face the discomfort head on as you need this, and you deserve this. Channel your gifts with grace and confidence as you find new ways to dance freely on every level of your being…



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Sarah-Jane Grace has a passion to inspire and empower others. She is a life-long intuitive and a modern-day mystic and wayshower; illuminating both the path to Self and the path ahead in order to instil confidence into the hearts and souls of others. Sarah-Jane works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance.


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