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Message for March 2017

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but 2017 has started on quite a surreal and almost dreamlike note, as though I’m here but not really here at the same time. I feel like a witness, looking in on my own life, seeing the waves of change come crashing in on the rocks of the shoreline of my soul, but not feeling connected enough to feel the spray of the waves on my skin or to feel the invigorating power of the waves as they meet the rocks. Yet, at the same time, I feel more present than ever before, more aware of every sound, thought and breath, so I feel stuck in a kind of paradoxical confusion.

Life is rarely straightforward or ‘black and white’, in fact, most of us prefer the rich kaleidoscope of the full spectrum of ‘what is’ rather than trying to conform and fit in to the concept of ‘normal’. Yet, there are times when straightforward feels like the welcoming hug of a warm jumper on a cold day, as we long for a rest from the confusing and conflicting experience we call life. We want simplicity but live in a world of complexity, and so, yet another paradox surfaces.

In many ways, there is a sense we are each beginning to step beyond the concepts and beliefs that have shaped and defined our lives for so long as we seek out new ways of living and being which coalesce the paradoxes into something more comprehensible and understandable, and it is this process that’s causing the real/unreal state, as we are, in fact, here and not here at the same time! This isn’t suggesting a need to explore the concept of Schrödinger’s Cat or quantum physics, but it is asking each of us to open up our hearts and souls even more to the bigger picture. Of course, this can be a painful process, as we can sometimes feel as though we are being ripped in two and torn apart by the myriad of thoughts, ideas and beliefs; and the growing sense of awareness and rising consciousness can lead to a bewildering array of profound and intense emotions. However, although this is challenging, intuitively we know we need to carry on, as the only way to the other side is through.

This process is not helped by the fact that none of us can truly be sure where ‘the other side’ is in this journey, we sense it’s a deeper awareness of peace, a stronger sense of equilibrium and a capacity to live more consciously, but when we are continually tested and pushed beyond our limits, it can be hard to have trust. Of course, it’s only when we look back, we can see that even when we feel we are being pushed beyond our limits, our limits do expand and we discover we are so much stronger and more pliable than we ever considered, but the benefit of hindsight is usually only beneficial with hindsight!

There is no doubt that being human is complicated and complex, and what’s right for one person usually isn’t for another. When we feel most alone, we want someone to reach out, hold our hands and walk with us, but this is, very often, the time we most need to walk alone in order to find our own true sense of self.

March looks set to be a month of more paradoxes but there is a growing sense of strength emerging: a sense of a willingness, combined with resolve, to keep walking forward with courage and trust. In many ways, the more willing we are to trust the process, the more we will see the complexity stripped away, and the simplicity we all long for, to emerge. This is a time for new life, for allowing the conditions and caveats we’ve placed on our own existences to fall away in order to re-connect more consciously and more vibrantly to life than ever before.

Although we may, at times, need to walk alone, it’s important to know that we are never truly alone. If you feel isolated, disconnected, broken and alone, don’t be afraid to acknowledge this; there is true courage in being open: don’t be afraid to reach out or to ask for help. Although it may sound twee, also know that the sun will come out again; it’s just a matter of time…

 With love,




March looks set to be a month of inspired thought and creative vision as a new pathway or avenue begins to take shape and form. Although your free-spirited, fiery spirit has been looking to explore some unchartered terrain, your more sensible, practical side has resisted, preferring to keep on keeping on and to ‘park’ those fiery yearnings just in case they up-end the apple cart of your life. Yet, despite your best intentions, the ram-headed, hot-blooded, determined side of your nature still wants to up-end the apple cart as you want to shake up the fabric of your life, throw it up in the air and see where it lands. Of course, there is a part of you that shudders at the thought of this but you’ve been longing for a new challenge for quite some time and you seem ready now to take a chance on something new.

However, your more practical side still resists, holding back, trying to go with the flow of your everyday existence but the pedestrian nature of your ‘everyday’ has grown rather stale and this has caused a kind of inner log jam of creative ideas and innovative ponderings as they have nowhere to go. As a result, you feel fit to burst as you contemplate and anticipate a new adventure but you keep it locked within as you’re just not sure what to do with it. So, it seems clear that you need to find a way to let your free-spirited nature flow more freely as holding it in leads to frustration and a dulling of your fire. This is your moment to breathe life into the flames of your imagination as you find a new way of living and being that allows you to fly more freely than ever before…



As you continue to grow more aware of yourself, your life and your choices, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how out of balance you have been over recent months. Although you have still achieved a great deal despite being out of kilter, now you can see this more clearly, it’s easier to see how you could have made different choices and walked a different path. However, whilst learning and understanding is important, you cannot change the past as what’s done is done. Try not to berate yourself for making a ‘wrong choice’, instead see your life as a continual learning curve, and choices, even the ‘wrong’ one’s (if there really is such a thing), help you to grow, evolve and ultimately thrive. It’s been hard for you to see the wood for the trees as you have been so focused on being everything to everyone and you have lost sight of yourself in the process. You are a naturally giving and supportive soul but try not to forget to give and support yourself!

Yet, none of this is really new information as you have been struggling with ‘over giving’ for a very long time and your tendency to ‘over question’ your choices has often left you hesitating about where to go next as you are so keen to make the right choice and do the right thing. It’s time to stop looking backwards as a reference point and instead turn your focus to the here and now in order to be more conscious in the present moment. Staying in this moment takes courage and it also means a need to let go of giving yourself a hard time. You seem ready now to breathe more deeply into life and to let life breathe into you…



There are periods in your life which are unquestionably chipper, bright and full of optimism, where the world feels like your oyster and you feel motivated, inspired and driven, but there are other times which feel much more uphill where you feel slightly (if not completely) overwhelmed with trying to make sense of the human-ness of life and you feel lost, without map, compass or GPS. Of course, this isn’t helped by being such a profoundly deep thinker, as you often get disoriented in existential thought and philosophical meanderings, but your tendency to get lost is not solely about over-thinking as there is also a layer of escapism in your nature which finds solace and relief in the deep exploration of why things are the way they are. This, in many ways, takes you further away from the reality of the moment rather than closer to it, which perhaps makes life a little easier to bear.

Whilst it’s good to explore, ask questions and contemplate the meaning of life, when this takes you away from actually living your life, there is a need to re-orientate yourself once again; the challenge for you is in knowing when you are lost though as you can switch from optimistic and driven to confused in the blink of an eye. The dualistic nature of Gemini can make for a confusing existence but it can also make for an enriched and happy one as well if you start accepting the idea that not all questions in life have answers and, as a result, you begin to let go of the need to push so hard to find them. Sometimes, letting go and being in the moment is the biggest gift of all as it allows you to be fully awake and conscious, and it’s this state of being that is your biggest ally…



Have you ever watched a moth as it’s been allured by a light bulb, only to draw close, realise it’s heat and back off again, before drawing close and seemingly repeating the somewhat self-destructive cycle again? Yet, scientists don’t truly know why moths do this – is it disorientation, slow evolution, self-destruction, mating? It’s easy to make a judgement that the moth should learn and stop, but when is life ever so easy! There are aspects of your own character that has echoes of moth behaviour as you often find yourself repeating patterns and cycles, and even though you know they are not healthy or life affirming, you continue anyway. Is this because you are not evolved or is it because you are self-destructive? It would be easy to make such assumptions (as you are your harshest judge), but the most likely reason is because you are a human being and, like moths and every other living being on the planet, sometimes behaviours and choices just don’t make sense.

You could try to pick apart your character as you scurry about working out exactly what triggers your behaviour and choices, or you could simply accept the perfection of your imperfection and stop beating yourself up in the process. There is a chance that you have no sense of this behaviour in yourself, so you may not feel any sense of affinity for the moth, yet, step back a little, ask those close and you are likely to be made more aware of such patterns. There is no judgement or criticism here, just a compassionate plea for you to shift your awareness in order to live a more balanced, joyful and accepting life. Sometimes being human is complex, perplexing and bewildering, but try not to let this stop you from allowing your beauty, majesty and strength to shine brightly…



March looks set to be a month for some honest self-evaluation as you gaze more deeply into the depths of your soul in a quest to re-connect to the purest threads of your true essence. This certainly feels like a heady mission, and one for the most courageous of souls; you may doubt your own capacity for such a quest, but intuitively you know you are more than ready to go within as you have reached a crossroads in your life, and need to gain a stronger sense of purpose in order to decide where to head next. Of course, there is a strong argument to say you should just trust the process and go wherever the currents take you, but you are not really one for drifting. Whilst you cannot control the tides, you fare much better when taking a more conscious and active role in your own destiny as being a part of your own evolution feels infinitely more satisfying than watching from the side lines.

You are the first to accept you make mistakes (sometimes!), and you also acknowledge that your fiery, tempestuous tendencies can sometimes seem irrational or slightly crazy to others, but you know better! There are wisps of anticipation tickling your soul as you instinctively know you are ready to seek out a purer and richer way of living and being. Your curiosity wants to go within as you no longer want to run on the pedestrian treadmill of ‘keeping on keeping on’. Your soul is calling out for something fresh and new; an opportunity to let your essence thrive and to give your soul the space to dance freely. You long to feel the warmth rising up from within once again as you feel a re-connection and sense you are finally living the life you were born to live…



Life is often a complex and complicated business of choices, decisions, evaluations and beliefs. There are times when everything seems clear, bright and tickety-boo, but there are also times when the way forward is as about as clear as mud. Sometimes you fight and resist the mud, sometimes you reluctantly accept it, seeking out clarity, and other times you turn to face it and have a mud bath! Mud happens, life happens and there are undoubtedly times when it all feels too uphill for you. However, you are a bright, intuitive and wise soul, and you know the wisdom to be found in mud, as it’s often the more challenging or cloudy times of life where true evolution occurs. It takes wisdom to know when to resist the mud and when to bathe in it, but learning the art of true surrender, and knowing it’s not the same as giving up, takes time and practice.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when there are choices and decisions to make, particularly when you have no clear sense of where you are now, let alone where you are heading, but the more you can re-centre and re-balance your equilibrium, the less you will struggle. You may wonder how on earth to re-centre or re-balance during such moments, but intuitively you already know there is no ‘do’ here as this is about your state of being. Perception matters as it shapes and defines your existence in the world. Sometimes, splashing in the mud can be nurturing as it brings you into the present moment and takes you away from the ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s’. Over-thinking during challenging times is understandable as you have a potent mind, but there are times when this over-complicates matters. Sometimes, you simply need to breathe deeply and be conscious of the moment…




March looks set to be a month for you to find a suitable stage, to take some deep breaths and to perform your own version of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’. Well, perhaps not a stage, and maybe not singing, but you get the gist! Perhaps conversely to the song though, this isn’t about ‘the final curtain’ as you are on the verge of something new as you get ready to throw open the curtains to a brand new way of living and being, and this song is an affirmation for you to declare to the world (but more importantly, to yourself) that you are living your life your way. You spend a great deal of your time trying to placate and appease others, bending yourself and your dreams out of shape in the process. Yet, deep within your heart and soul, you want to ‘do it your way’ and re-embrace your dreams once again.

It’s time for you to re-ignite the passion within and to acknowledge your gifts and talents; this isn’t a time for hiding in the shadows, feeling voiceless or wondering where you fit in the world. You fit, exactly as you are! You may not be a sheep and you are certainly not box shaped, you are unique, but this is why you are perfect as you are. Living life your way is an inspiration, and the more confidence you have in yourself, the more you will realise that your current path of least resistance isn’t helping anyone, particularly yourself. Being you and letting your light shine brightly is important as it’s your way of living the best life possible. This isn’t about following others or seeking out the most obvious path ahead, it’s about being a trailblazer and pioneer, and loving the fact that you are finally ‘doing it your way’…



‘Letting go’ continues to take centre stage throughout March as you begin to contemplate the true meaning of the concept. For a long time now, your stoical, determined side has felt ‘letting go’ is giving up. At the same time, your more logical side has wondered what it actually means, after all, letting go of what? Yet, your intuitive side has considered it to be the desired state of being as it’s a willingness to be free and to soar like a bird on the thermals. No one ever said it was easy being you! Mostly, your stoical and logical sides win out, and you keep on keeping on, doing the best you can, and trying hard to live the best life possible. However, your intuitive side knows the best life possible can only come from ‘letting go’ of all of the conditions and caveats you have, over time, placed on your existence. It also knows the need for you to ‘let go’ of living your life by ought’s, must’s or should’s.

Of course, there will always be responsibilities, but you are a free spirit and you need some space to shimmy and shine on the great big dance floor of life. Over the years, you have slowly accumulated a very long ‘rule book’ of ways to act, think and be, and whilst many of these are useful, many are not. It’s time for you to let go of the rule book that has shaped and defined your existence for so long in order to re-shape and re-define your way of being you. Whilst you may meet some inner resistance, intuitively you know you are more than ready to reach more deeply into your heart and soul in order to live a more enriched and fulfilling life...




March looks set to be a month for re-evaluating and re-defining your true priorities in life. It’s time to ask yourself some big questions: what do you truly want? What makes you happy? What excites you? What do you truly want? The latter is perhaps the most important question (so much so, you’ve already been asked twice!) as knowing what you truly want in life is surely the only question that really matters as everything else follows after that. Knowing what you truly want shapes your goals and defines your dreams, knowing what you truly want helps you sort the wheat from the chaff with friends, projects or decisions. Knowing what you truly want gives you a purpose and a sense of definition. If only life was that easy! It’s so hard for you to know what you truly want as life is just so full of possibilities!

Some may feel you are a scatterbrain, lacking focus and direction, but this really isn’t the case as you are quite the opposite and your ability to carry so many different foci at any one time is really quite staggering, but the cost is an inability to gain a sense of clarity to knowing what you truly want. You could argue that you do know what you want, as you want it all, but intuitively you know how exhausting this can be and you long for a simpler, more enriching way of living and being. Maybe this isn’t a time to over-think this question but a time to feel it instead? Maybe what you want isn’t about goals, it’s about achieving a state of being? Maybe what you want isn’t something to go and get, but it’s already with you now? Maybe what you truly want is more a warm, fuzzy tingling feeling inside…



As you continue to shape and cultivate your own, unique definition of happiness, there is a sense that you are beginning to take a broader perspective when it comes to knowing what makes you happy. Of course, life has its inevitable ups and downs, and you have had some big challenges to deal with over recent months and years, but this has strengthened your resolve and your resilience, and you now seem more determined than ever to claim the concept of happiness you know to be rightfully yours. Yet, there is a part of you reluctant to do so, not because you can’t but because you feel it’s tempting fate to declare a state of happiness. After all, nothing is permanent, so why rest on your laurels in a temporary state of happiness knowing it will, at some point come to an end? Well, whilst this is a logical approach, it kind of misses the point as, to take such an approach, means you will never truly allow yourself to experience happiness as you know it won’t last and you remain in the ‘realists’ camp of playing it safe.

Although there is much to be said for caution, to do so at the expense of ever really allowing yourself to experience the heart-pumping, life-affirming state of happiness, seems a shame as it slowly erodes your visionary approach to life. Now, none of this is to say that you’ve never been happy as that’s not the case, but you seem ready now to tap into that growing sense of abandon within you to unleash yourself from expectations and instead ride the waves of life more consciously than ever before. Happiness is not about what you do or what you have, it’s a state of being and it’s a way of living, breathing and thriving…



At heart, you are quite the perfectionist, always striving to get life ‘right’ and to do more, be more and achieve more. This is fed by your unending sense of possibility as well as your visionary capacity to see the bigger picture as well as the finer details of your life. You know what you are capable of and often push yourself quite hard to reach that pedestal you’ve sat your visions upon. Whilst there is no reason why you can’t reach the dizzying heights of your pedestal of perfection, there is a sense that keeping your focus on the horizon will lead to a deeper sense of disconnection within you as you end up constantly chasing the horizon and feeling disenchanted with your lot in life. With such a strong focus on where you are heading, it’s all too easy to lose sight of where you are now and it therefore seems important for you to pause for a short while during March in order to regain your perspective and to begin to see that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence as sometimes where you are now is the true gift.

Of course, being such a visionary and creative thinker, it’s hard for you to not explore possibilities and to avoid gazing longingly over the fence, but ‘over there’ isn’t here, and you need to bring yourself back fully into the present moment in order to get a clearer sense of your true priorities in life. Putting yourself under constant pressure to achieve more implies that you are not enough now and that couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s time for you to start realising that you already have all the ingredients you need to make the perfect cake, all you need to do now is to decide the flavour…



The vibrant, kaleidoscope of colours of the landscape of your life has taken on a more subdued tone recently as you have lost that intangible ‘je ne c’est quoi’, the joie de vivre that brings a sparkle and shimmer to your everyday world. Of course, if you knew what was missing, you could relocate it, but there is a strong sense that this dulling of the palette of your life has been a gradual process as you have slowly given away pieces of your essence through trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve needed to be. In many ways, you are a master of the mask as you can easily wear a smile even when you are troubled and overwhelmed, and yet, those who truly know you can see through this mask as your eyes really are the gateway to your soul and they lose their brightness when you’re struggling. Despite knowing this though, you still wear your masks as they have become second nature to you; you don’t want to open the doorway to your inner world as it’s a maelstrom of creativity, confusion and experiences.

Although it may be hard to accept, this maelstrom is also your biggest gift as it enables you to connect more consciously to life: to feel more, to experience more and to live more. Life isn’t always rose petals and marshmallows, sometimes it is hard, and sometimes it’s important for you to acknowledge when you’re struggling. Whilst your joie de vivre appears to have vanished, it isn’t missing, but has simply got lost amongst the kaleidoscope of being you. The colours of the landscape may appear subdued, but maybe this is a switch to watercolours rather than the vibrancy and punch of oils? It’s time for you to be you and to start enjoying the more subtle and beautiful tones and colours now emerging from your soul…



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