Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2012

Message for May 2012

Welcome back! May looks set to be a month of inner shift and movement; it seems how we think and feel, combined with the choices we make (or don’t) set the tone and pace of the weeks to come. With such a strong focus on the inner realms, there is a need to become increasingly aware of change, surrender, wisdom and thought. Creating and accepting change does take courage, yet we are going through a deep awakening now, we are beginning to ‘see’ more and more and we realise that in order to grow and evolve, we have to pay attention and we have to take responsibility for our choices and actions.

As we walk through life, through the chaos and uncertainty, clarity and strength are rising up like the sap in the trees, and knowing and faith are flowering like the blossom. What happens next comes down to choice, for we can remain locked in the fear and chaos, or we can be like the trees, and let our inner realms guide us. Life is confusing, there is no doubting that, but the more we tap into the bounty within, the more we realise that we are not pieces of driftwood floating alongside the flotsam and jetsam of life. This is a time of awakening and a time of empowerment, and if we can embrace these with an open heart, we can begin to create our very own Heaven on Earth...

Mercury enters Taurus on the 9th, Venus turns retrograde in Gemini on the 15th (until the 27th), Retrograde Juno enters Scorpio on the 17th, Pallas Athene enters Aries on the 18th. The Sun enters Gemini on the New Moon on the 20th (Annular Solar Eclipse), and Mercury enters Gemini on the 24th.

The Full Moon is in Scorpio 6th 03.35 GMT (04.35 BST) and The New Moon is in Gemini on the 20th at 23.47 (00.47 BST on the 21st).

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As you continue to stand at a crossroads in life, you seem to be feeling some pressure to make a decision and choose a path to follow. Whilst much of this pressure comes from you and your own high demands of yourself, you are feeling restless and slightly agitated that your life feels in limbo. You want to make a choice and ‘get on’ with life, but life is rarely as straightforward as this, for nothing is black and white in your world, and this makes choosing a path challenging, confusing and a little overwhelming, for you can see the positives and the negatives in each option before you. You also feel frustrated that only one option is possible, for you have never been one to narrow your vision or contain your energy. So, why are you thinking in terms of either path a or path b? Why not use your creative ingenuity and come up with a solution that gives you both?

How you think seems to be at the heart of matters in May, for it ultimately comes down to the shape and power of your thoughts that determines what happens next. It is time to think in terms of what you truly want and focus on making this a reality; you are one of life’s pioneers, and you have the opportunity to use this amazing energy to transform your life. It seems that the only thing stopping you is your perspective; sounds simple, and in many ways it is, it is just a human tendency to over-complicate life, so make the most of this amazing opportunity to cut out the complications and to bring together the many different facets of you into one cohesive Whole...


As a strong, focused and determined bull, you can carry a great deal in life, from duties and responsibilities, to worry and angst. You carry what others cannot, and you do so with relative ease. Whilst you can carry so much, this does not mean that you have to, for you are not a pack horse! May looks set to be a month when you begin to shift your perspective and start to let go of much of the extra burden you have been carrying lately. It is admirable that you take on so much for those close to you, but what is the cost? It seems that the costs are your own dreams, your own energy and your own sense of Self; whilst it is not impossible to still have sight of these and be that pack horse, why would you want to carry so much if you don’t have to?

In some ways, you have grown so used to carrying all this extra weight that it feels like second nature, but sometimes you have to ‘give back’ the burden from whence it came in order to allow others to grow, evolve and take responsibility for their choices. In other words, you cannot ‘save’ everyone nor can you be responsible for them, for they are individuals and they need to find their own ways of dealing with life. This is hard for you, but intuitively you know that you have now reached a time of your life where you need to prioritise your Self and honour your own needs more. This is not about ignoring others, but it is about carrying less in order to have the room to welcome the new into your life. It is time to lighten the load and to embrace a brand new dawn...


As your dreams and goals continue to change shape and re-form, May looks set to be a month of inspiration and shifting perspectives as you begin to connect to a new level of Truth in your life. As old and previously fondly held dreams fall away, you may feel vulnerable without them, but at the same time, intuitively you can sense the need to let these go, for you know that you need to ‘clear the decks’ of your life in order to make room for what’s coming next. This may sound ominous and a little foreboding, for there is a sense of deep change, but at the same time, this moment has been a long time in the making.

It has been hard for you to move beyond the over-thinking, over-philosophising and mind excavation work that you always do in order to ‘understand’ and make sense of life, for in many ways this is your comfort blanket; by rationalising events, thoughts, feelings and experiences, you can keep a safe distance from them. Yet it is only by fully immersing yourself in them that you get nearer true understanding, for life is not just about thoughts! As you let go of so much now as the decks are cleared, you begin to see just how complicated you have been making your life and begin to move beyond the mind to the richer and more vibrant landscape beyond. You seem ready now to follow a new direction in life; one that allows you more freedom and space to embrace the full richness and diversity within and one that allows you to be you. This seems to be your moment to set yourself free and to shine...


The month of May looks set to be a pivotal one for you when it comes to getting from where you are now to where you want to be. In some ways you are quite content with the status quo of your life, but intuitively you know that change is needed as things have become a little stagnant. Whilst there may be nothing significantly ‘wrong’ with your life, the magic and sparkle seems to have dwindled and things have become rather pedestrian and ordinary. Yet, you are the driver in the automobile of life, so what’s stopping you from turning left instead of right? What’s preventing you from turning off the motorway and onto a country lane? You may worry that without a map or SatNav that you might get lost, well that is certainly possible, but you may not. But consider this, you may get lost and find the most amazing ‘gem’ that re-injects the spark back into your world.

In essence, whatever choices you make (or not!), it is important to realise that you are not a powerless voice in this, for you do have choice. Whilst you may not have complete freedom (for life rarely affords that luxury), you do have more freedom than you think, so why not think in terms of what you can do now rather than what you cannot? By thinking in terms of the positives, you will begin to see how you can go ‘off route’ and explore more depth and dimension in your life. You seem ready now for ‘something different’, and only you can take the steps towards this. So, you may get lost, you may find a new ‘gem’, but you may simply get the chance to enjoy a refreshing change of scenery...


As you continue to de-clutter all aspects of your life, you are beginning to connect to the brilliance and intensity of your inner light. You can now see this light as it is no longer hidden under layer upon layer of stuff: duties, ought’s, burdens and random bits of life clutter. By cutting back the complexity of your life you have found your magnificent inner sun, and have discovered it is still glowing in its full glory. Life can sometimes take you off course, and it can sometimes overwhelm and distract you, but when it comes down to it, your inner sun is always there, shining brightly. It is easy to lose sight of this when life gets busy or challenging, but it is in these moments where your sun becomes more important than ever!

As you venture through May, there is a need for you to embrace the true force of your solar powered inner world in order to illuminate the path ahead. This is a time for knowing your Self and believing in your Self as you take some fairly big steps forward in life. Try to stay connected to how you are feeling, and use this to guide you through the coming weeks, for there is a sense of shift and change on the near horizon which may prove unsettling if you lose sight of your Self. Don’t let the storms of life confuse you; ride them with your lion-like courage and strength, and trust that by knowing your Self, you will instinctively know what to do next. Keep that paintbrush in hand in order to paint not just a new canvas, but a new gallery as well; in other words, don’t think small...


As you continue to re-think strategies and directions in your life, it seems that something is stirring deep within. It seems that the more you seek out new solutions, the more tied up in knots you are becoming! You are a possibilities person, for you are a thinker and an excavator of life (you love to learn, to understand, to know), but sometimes, however hard you look, you cannot find a definitive answer to your question. Sometimes, the answer just isn’t there, and you have to trust your instincts to guide you instead. This is no bad thing, for intuitively you are finely tuned to the flow of life, but you often spend so long focused on the thinking and understanding, that you lose sight of this and get lost in confusion. It seems clear that May is a time to address this imbalance and to honour your intuitive gifts in order to give them a more significant role in your life.

In some ways, it is easier to switch off the intuition for it confuses things! Intuitively you see different pathways and options to explore that your mind has dismissed, ignored or plain simply missed. Whilst this should be an amazing asset, it is all too easy for you to resist, for it makes life complicated and unpredictable. It seems that your resistance to embracing your intuitive gift enables you to keep on keeping on in life, but the cost is losing sight of riches that this can bring you (both within and without). Perhaps this is the time to stop resisting and to open up to the full and amazing power within you, and to know that your intuition is your friend, not your foe...


As the winds of change continue to gather momentum in your life during May, you seem to be finding strength in the calm eye of the storm. You have moved through the chaos and uncertainty, and have found clarity beyond. Of course, being a Libran, you cannot help but know that being in the eye, means you have to venture back into the storm at some point, for it is all around you, but stop the thinking and start feeling instead! Sometimes, your mind is your biggest asset and ally, but sometimes it is your biggest challenge, for you cannot help getting stuck in the logical, when life wants you to move into the intuitive or philosophical. Of course, you are a philosopher and you know that the eye of the storm is a metaphor, and a good one to describe your progress in life, so why get tied up in knots trying to out-think it?

It seems that you need to stop trying to unravel the beautiful tapestry of your life just because you know that a tapestry is made up of cloth and threads, and instead start to marvel at its beauty. Of course, with you being you, you will always see the reality, but sometimes you need to let go of the monkey mind and instead revel in the amazing brilliance of the moment. Resting in the eye of the storm brings you a much needed opportunity to let go of the clutter of your life, to regain your perspective in the calmness and to reconnect to your true essence or sense of Self. This is an opportunity for you to stop unpicking the details of your life in order to create a brand new masterpiece. You are amazing, why question it?!


As you continue to see your life from a new perspective, it seems that you are beginning to rise above the nitty-gritty pedestrian-ness of life and re-connect to the intuitive flow instead. This ‘higher’ awareness looks set to stir up some restlessness within you during May as you begin to think about your true priorities and goals; life just doesn’t feel the same anymore and you seem ready for something new. Of course, feeling this and knowing what this ‘something new’ actually is are quite different things, but nonetheless, you seem ready for shift. This may be quite hard to live with, for undefined restlessness can feel tumultuous and hard to grasp, but try to stay connected with your intuitive flow to see you through this time, for it somehow seems important to go through this rather than to resist the process. This is a forward moving path, and whilst unknown and uncertain, deep down you know that it is right for you. So, have faith and belief, and trust the flow.

This is a powerful and significant time of your life; a time to re-shape your life from the inside, out. The more power and energy you feed into your intentions and dreams, the more power and energy you give them. At the same time, the less you can focus on the pot-holes of life, the more you will see the stunning scenery all around. In other words, think and feel positively in order to shift the focus away from the nitty-gritty and towards the intuitive and somewhat amazing flow. You are a gifted soul, and time has now come for you to rise up like the eagle rather than remaining cornered with tail raised ready to fight your way out like the scorpion...


The joy, clarity, focus and determination looks set to continue in earnest throughout May as you taste the sweet deliciousness of walking a positive, empowering and rewarding path in life. Whilst you may not be exactly where you want to be in life, you have touched bliss and you are ready for more! This focus may seem out of character to others (scattered Sagittarian!), but deep down you are a focused soul; it’s just that life is too interesting to remain rooted to one spot or one path. Anyone who thinks you are scattered doesn’t know you that well, for your depths and your intense presence mean that just one ounce of your focus outweighs a lifetime of focus for most! Of course, you know this, but at the same time, it can be so tempting to meander through life, for it is so much fun; there are just so many people to meet, places to visit and things to experience...

See! Off you wander again! Back to focusing. You are currently walking a path that feels so right on so many levels, and even though you haven’t reached your desired ‘destination’ just yet, your heart is singing and you instinctively know that you are creating and re-shaping a new life for yourself. It seems clear that the more you can focus and the less you can meander over the coming weeks, that the more progress you will make. This may sound obvious, but you need to declare a desire to focus, otherwise that tempting meandering will see you distracted. Whilst there is nothing wrong in going off-piste to explore, this is your chance to step from where you are now to where you want to be; so, what happens next is very much up to you...


It seems that you are soon to find yourself standing on the peak of the mountain of your life looking down at where you have been, where you are now and where you are heading. This perspective is vast and it feels expansive on so many levels, but you cannot help but feel uncomfortable in this space for you rarely get such an opportunity to survey your life in its full glory and magnificence. These are not words used lightly, for you are a pioneer (a mountaineer!), and your drive and determination moves that mountain with great effect when you set your mind to it. Of course, there are times when you feel rooted to the spot, but even then, like the drifts of the continents, the mountain still moves; it’s just that you don’t necessarily feel it. In this somewhat unique position, you have the chance to look at your life, to make changes, to re-connect to your true essence and to realise the full awesome-ness of your power!

So, let go of the discomfort and celebrate this amazing opportunity to regain your perspective and to know that standing on the mountainside is a natural state of being for you. You are not meant to be neck-deep in the mire, you are meant to have a birds-eye view (well goat’s eye view) of life which is a blessing and an amazing gift. Embracing this gift will enable you to de-clutter even more and to let your power rise up, for it seems that your mountain is actually volcanic, and the inner fires are burning brightly! Yet, this is not something to fear, it is a confirmation that your energy is intense, focused and determined, and the more you ‘own’ this power, the more you can work with it to transform your life...


Intuition versus logic continues to be a powerful theme in your life during May, for it seems that an inner battle is raging and both are seeking victory! Intuitively you have a clear sense of direction, for you know what makes your heart sing and what your true priorities are. Yet your head has other ideas, and takes a logical view, devoid of emotion, intuition or passion, and it may seem that there is little common ground in the middle. However, whilst it is all too easy to see this in black and white, life rarely happens that way, and you certainly don’t naturally look at life like this, for your mind is expansive, vast and open, so why has your head shut the door on this? It seems that it has been easier to keep on keeping on, sticking to the ‘familiar’ logical path for it has served you well in life, and the more you have accepted this, the bigger it has grown. Yet, intuitively and spiritually you know that this is damming up your energies and creating limitations in your life, for you are not one to naturally be contained.

May looks set to be a month of going within and re-programming your thoughts in order to break free from this cycle and to re-connect you to the full force of both your mind and intuition; for together they are formidable. This isn’t about waving a white flag of peace though; it is about tearing down the battlements and forging a new alliance that is life-affirming, amazing and expansive in every possible way. This is your chance to not only re-shape your life but to transform your world as well...


As you continue to experience shift after shift after shift, you would be forgiven for feeling a little life weary and bogged down. Yet, every shift and every change seems to be necessary on your path of transformation and personal evolution (revolution, even). It seems that the more you resist change, the heavier and more challenging it becomes; but the more you ride with it, the more empowered and lighter you feel. It may therefore seem obvious what to do, but you seem confused, for the change is happening so quickly that your head is spinning and your feet barely have time to touch the floor! You seem stuck in mesmerised fear and cannot see how to move forward. Yet, why fear the change if the change is destined and meant to be? It feels a part of you, it feels natural, and in many ways it feels right. The unknown may feel scary, but you are not trying to live there, all you want to do is to ride through to reach the other side.

It seems that on some level, your perception of change gives that proverbial monster in the wardrobe a sizeable growl, but intuitively you know that there is no monster for there is nothing to fear! So, why is the monster even registering on your radar? You may feel confused and confuddled, but this is at the root of the problem, for you are trying to think your way forward rather than feel your way forward. It is easy to get tied up in knots seeking meaning to life events, so why not use your amazing empathic and intuitive gifts to feel your way forward and to realise that this is a special and pivotal time of your life to ride the wave and celebrate your very own, and very personal, evolution...



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