Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2015

Message for May 2015

May looks set to be a month of breakthrough as we begin to find a way through the darkness in order to break free into the brilliant sunlight once again. Just as a bulb naturally bursts through the soil and thrives in the light, we are now beginning to see the blossoms within bearing fruit after a long period of inner cultivation. Many of us have undergone a fairly radical inner spring clean where we have let go of beliefs, thoughts and ideas that have crumbled and turned to dust as a natural part of our own evolution. Although we may still feel a fondness and a connection to the paths we once walked and the beliefs that once served us well, it seems important not to dwell on this for too long as we are now in a time to rest quietly in the space they have left behind.

It may feel natural to want to fill the spaces with new beliefs and ideas as that’s what humans tend to do, however, by turning to face the spaces and stepping more consciously into them, we are beginning to realise that it is the spaces that truly matter as they are not vacuous and empty, but they are full of presence and majesty. Whilst there are no words that can accurately describe the essence of these spaces, it seems important to gently embrace them and become one with them as it feels right. It’s hard to justify this when there are no words to explain the process but being in a space beyond conscious awareness is rarely easy to explain!

We have reached a form of energetic crescendo that feels both inspirational and magical at the same time. Although we can sense it, we cannot as yet, touch it, taste it or truly make sense of it. Yet, it’s coming all the same, and it feels right. Feeling is therefore at the centre of things throughout May as we let go of the clutter and distractions all around us, focus on what’s important and learn the art of truly listening once again.

We so often go through life without really noticing the life we are in: we become anaesthetised or desensitised to the beauty all around us as we get lost in the process of keeping on keeping on; it’s easy to forget to lift up our heads to actually notice life when we are too busy trying to get from a to b. Yet, the more consciously we choose to let go and step into those unknowable spaces, the more centred and in-balance we are likely to feel. There is no ‘do’ here, just a willingness to pause, notice and let go; the more we breathe into the here and now, the more we find a truer and richer sense of living and being. 

So, as more of those beliefs and thoughts fall away, savour the space and feel the freedom rising up from deep within. May is a month to yield to the true power of connection and to breathe...

With love,




As you continue to look beyond the boundaries of your life, May looks set to be a month for reflection and review as you contemplate your true priorities and work out what truly makes your heart sing. Although you are a creative and visionary soul, there is a sense that, by the time you have taken on board all of those responsibilities and duties that you are so good at carrying, there is not much time left for you to go within and discover what makes your heart sing. Whilst making your heart sing may seem a little whimsical, you intuitively know that the true marker for measuring happiness in your life is based on how you feel, not on what you do or achieve.

Of course, being you, what you do and achieve does matter, but unless your heart is vibrant and joyful, everything else feels rather hollow. Some may look at this as something of an impossible conundrum as being happy and trying to keep on keeping on can feel at tangents to one another; therefore, how can you be happy and follow your own path if you continue to do all of those things that you do, trying to keep everyone happy all of the time? Yet, you know that this is not an impossible conundrum and your belief enables you to look beyond the perceived challenges towards a more courageous belief that everything is exactly as it should be. Believe in yourself and let your heart sing vibrantly and passionately...



May looks set to be a month of inventiveness and inspiration as you begin to contemplate new avenues and pathways to explore in life; there is a sense that you have been hovering on the periphery of something new for quite some time, and the winds of change are finally gathering momentum as you feel the tingles of shift within every one of the millions of cells of your being. Although your path ahead is not, as yet, crystal clear, you cannot help but feel excited at these changing tides all the same as you have struggled to find peace with your ‘what is’; you have intuitively felt the gap between where you are and where you sense you need to be.

In a way, part of this process is in letting go of the expectations of being anywhere other than where you are now: in other words, being conscious in the present moment. At the same time though, you cannot help but look beyond your current situation as you are deeply aware of the ever-shifting nature of life, so you can feel a little torn between resting in the moment and peeking above the parapet as both intuitively feel right! May looks set to be a time for you to re-evaluate your tendency to give yourself a hard time and to expect nothing short of perfection at all times. Whilst both help you to succeed in life, there are times when more self-compassion, gentleness and tenderness would go a long way.  It’s time to enjoy the ride...



As you continue to find new ways to thrive and flourish in the ebb and flow of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to let go of perceptions and beliefs that have shaped and defined your life for many, many years. It is hard to clearly define these perceptions as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as it seems  your whole outlook is undergoing a powerful shift suggesting that your concept of what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’ is also shifting exponentially. It’s as though you are re-building a new foundation in life and these foundations are stronger and more robust than ever before, however, when it comes to defining them, it seems clear that they are more nebulous and translucent than you could possibly have imagined!

Stripping away layers is bringing you added value as it leaves you with less weight to carry and instead of replacing what you let go of with something new, you seem happy to be relatively weight-less for a while. Sometimes leaving yourself with time to rest in the spaces instead of grappling around trying to fill them back up again allows you to re-centre and re-focus, as well as allowing you to feel a truer sense of kinship with the ebb and flow of life. You seem ready to lift up the anchor and set sail towards a new dawn in your life, one that feels inspirational and revolutionary in each and every way. Although the details are not overly clear as yet, you seem happy to trust the process and enjoy the moment...



As you continue to focus on inner cohesion, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a stronger sense of self emerging as you let go of the belief that you still have to get from where you are to where you think you need to be before you achieve that all-important sense of balance in your life. Of course, you will always have dreams and aspirations, but this isn't about these, this is about feeling as though you are somehow not good enough or that your life isn't quite right until you get to that eagerly anticipated horizon. Although you intuitively know that horizons, by their very nature, remain out of reach, you cannot help but give yourself a hard time for not doing more, being more or achieving more. Yet why? Why do you feel as though you are not already enough?

May looks set to be a month to inspire you to shift your perspective back into the present moment allowing you to see yourself and your life with more clarity than ever before. Although gazing deeply into the mirror of the soul can be challenging, there is a sense that you are ready now to see beyond your perceptions and preconceived beliefs in order to realise that you are not only enough exactly as you are, you are more than enough. Some self-compassion, self-belief and self-love are called for now; this isn't some twee flight of fancy but a calling for you to be ‘the you’ you truly know yourself to be...



May looks set to be a month for re-igniting the spark of passion within as you contemplate the path you have walked, the path you are walking and the path you hope to walk. In some ways, looking back is easier, after all, the path has already been walked so there is little room for ambiguity, but is there? If we asked two people to recount the same event, there is no doubt they would recall it in slightly different ways. Anyway, this is beside the point, as you spend some time thinking about your life, your path and your sense of self it seems likely that you will re-connect to the fiery passion within inspiring you to look at things in new ways.

Even the path already walked looks sets to change in both shape and appearance as you gaze through fresh eyes and see the plethora of things you have learned, the things you have discovered and the deepening wisdom that has blossomed over time. It can be easy to dismiss or disregard so-called 'bad choices' but you are coming to realise that there really is no such thing as every choice and every moment has led you to where you are today and the sum of the parts is considerably greater than the whole. Letting go of perceptions is important now as you embrace that vibrant spark within and spend less time thinking about the path and more time walking it and enjoying the spectacular scenery...



May looks set to be a month of expanding more consciously into yourself and into your life. This may sound rather odd, after all, you are already in your life, and, you are already you, but, as you spend so much of your time trying to be ‘super you’ and trying to be the person everyone wants you to be or the person you think you ought to be, it seems that although you are you, this is squeezed into a tiny corner of your world as you really don’t have the time or the space to truly expand into your true essence. In fact, the idea of it actually irks you a little as it feels more like an inconvenience to rock the boat rather than something to treasure and celebrate!

It seems the reason for this is connected to the concept of ‘over giving’ which was mentioned last month: you give and give of yourself until there’s nothing left for you. Of course, this is an admirable trait, but there has to come a time when this cycle needs to change in both shape and form. It would be easy to suggest breaking the cycle completely to set yourself free however you are unlikely to ever want to stop giving and being ‘super you’. However, it is important to realise that every choice has a consequence, even if that choice is in changing nothing. You have an opportunity now to take a big deep breath of life in order to allow your true essence to rise up and thrive. What happens next is up to you...



As you continue to embrace the whirling ebb and flow of the maelstrom of your inner world, there is a sense that you are reaching a stage of acceptance when it comes to realising that your inner whirl is not the hindrance you once perceived it to be. In fact, your whirring mind and tendency to over-think is actually quite a blessing as they keep you vibrant, connected and awakened. Of course, there are moments when you want nothing more than peace and quiet, however, trying to push the busy-ness away rarely works, and despite your best efforts to quash the whirling into submission, it hasn’t worked.

You now seem ready to stop trying to re-shape your inner world and instead learn to truly love it, exactly as it is. In order words, rather than trying to achieve the long yearned for state of inner peace by quietening your mind, you have realised that inner peace can come to you through yielding to the power of your inner whirl and opening yourself up to go with the flow rather than trying to fix or eradicate it.  This may initially feel a little counter-intuitive but fighting your true nature rarely leads to contentment. It seems that by willingly yielding to your feisty and turbulent mind, you can learn to love it, ride with it and find new ways to thrive with it. Of course, your mind isn’t really an ‘it’; it’s a part of you! So, May looks set to be a month of inner-unity as you dance as one with your inner whirl...



May looks set to continue your ‘inspiration crescendo’ (mentioned last month) as you start to feel the tingles of anticipation as you contemplate your path ahead. Although you are very much a ‘present moment’ kind of person, living as consciously in the now as possible, it’s hard not to gaze at your path ahead as it seems so full of opportunity and adventure. As a result, it can be a little hard this month to feel fully grounded and in the moment as your focus is torn between here and ‘over there’ but this seems quite healthy as it is helping you to re-focus and re-define your true goals and aspirations in life.

It’s easy to get carried along by the tides of the dreams of those close to you, after all, you are a fluid and free soul, however, it’s important that you don’t lose sight of yourself in the process as a disorientated you is likely to lead to layers of frustration forming within as you struggle to re-connect to your true essence and sense of self. As you feel that surge of inspiration rising up from deep within your soul, take the time to acknowledge it, nurture it and love it. At the same time, give it the space to breathe and thrive, as it needs the freedom to emerge in its own time and in its own way. You are on the verge of a brand new chapter in your life so stay centred, stay aware of your own essence and thrive...     



May looks set to be a month of revitalisation and renewal when it comes to your perspective on life. Over recent weeks and months, many of your beliefs and ideas have been challenged as you have stepped beyond the comfort zone of the four walls of your life towards a more creative and spiritual way of living and being. There is a sense of a breakthrough as you seem somehow lighter: as though you have broken free from a layer of silken thread that has kept you cocooned like a fly in a spider’s web. It seems likely that this cocoon has been of your own making: forged by your self-doubt and tendency to self-flagellate. Expecting perfection is a natural process for you, but you seem to stop short before the finish line as you would rather not take a chance of staring imperfection in the face or risk meeting it. Better to not know. Although you can’t be sure of the outcome, you would rather stop short rather than taking a chance and doing it anyway.

There is a famous phrase ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ which seems quite apt for you at the current time as you are more than ready to unravel that silken thread in order to weave it into something far more beautiful and life affirming. You are the master of your own destiny: you have the thread, the needle and the canvas. What happens next is really up to you...



As you continue to clean out the closets of your life (both inner and outer), there is a sense that May will be a month for feeling a new-found sense of release and freedom. Everyone collects ‘stuff’ as that’s a part of life: shoes, cups, thoughts, ornaments, beliefs. Stuff is everywhere and it can be both physical and energetic (thoughts etc). Yet, is too much stuff a good thing? Is it even possible to have too much? Some may think not, but intuitively you know that too much stuff leads to a feeling of clutter which can stifle your creative flow and prevent you from breathing deeply and wholeheartedly in life. Although having enough is important, you know only too well, that the quest for more is a never-ending one.

As a result, you are wiser these days and have embraced the concept of ‘less is more’. Whilst this doesn’t mean you have thrown away your ambitions and goals, it does mean you have stopped putting yourself under so much pressure to keep on keeping on chasing after things that, at the end of the day, don’t really matter that much. It’s easy to get caught up on the hamster wheel of life, chasing stuff, but, when it comes down to it, most of it doesn’t really matter. May looks set to bring you an opportunity to re-set the balance in your life in order to create some much needed space, free from stuff, in order to breathe, thrive and let go...



May looks set to be a month of balance as you find a new way to step consciously into the ebb and flow of your life; you seem ready to become one with each and every moment in order to let go of the constant push to do more or achieve more. Such a shift is a big one as it takes you away from feelings of lack and towards a more rewarding space of feeling ‘in balance’ with both yourself and your life. Being in balance allows you to ride the waves of life with more grace and although you will never stop thinking, digging and trying to find the answers to the many questions you have about life, it seems that you are beginning to feel a deeper sense of acceptance; a knowing that there will always be questions without answers just as there will always be answers without questions.

However, rather than irritate you, you seem much happier these days to accept the constant oscillation of uncertainty in life. You will always seek out answers and wisdom, but not at the expense of living at the same time; you will instead accept the uncertainty and choose to thrive on this rather than feel frustrated or ‘less than’ because of it. Living your life consciously in this moment, even though this moment may not be the moment you aspire it to be, allows you to find a true sense of balance as it sets you free from linear time and from wanting to be ‘over there’ instead of savouring here...



Being you, only you and nothing but you looks set to be your mantra for the month of May as you begin to reclaim your sense of self once again. Although you have never truly lost your sense of self, it seems as though it has become buried underneath layer upon layer of detritus and stuff. You well know that most of this isn’t yours; it comes from trying to do everything for everyone. Yet, if you look a little harder, you will see that the only person shovelling the detritus is the one that looks back at you when you gaze into the mirror! In essence, you feel overwhelmed by being everything to everyone but you cannot stop yourself being everything to everyone and so the cycle continues. You want breathing space and you want to break free from those many layers but you are the one continually shovelling more onto the heap!

Of course, when it comes to responsibilities, you have many, and you are not one to shirk these in any way. However, there is a sense that you take on some of these as a kind of distraction technique to avoid dealing with some of the other issues you would rather not face. Understandable of course, but maybe a new strategy is called for now? Distraction can only work for so long as you will either collapse under the pressure of the heap or you will snap; neither of which sit well with you. So, maybe the time has come to stop shovelling, to take a deep breath and face a brand new day...



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