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Message for November 2013

Welcome back! November looks set to intensify Keats’ ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ as a rich and vibrant energy twists and turns like the fallen leaves as they spin and dance in the wind. Although we can continue to expect upheaval and unrest as we ride the somewhat fractious and unpredictable twists and turns, there is an emerging sense of breakthrough as we each take a giant sigh and start to breathe more easily once again.

Although we continue to seek out balance and a sense of understanding, we are also beginning to make friends with the ultimately unknowable path ahead; when we live consciously in the moment, we step beyond linear time and living conditionally to instead live vibrantly and awakened exactly as we are. This is not about giving up, it is about being fully and wholeheartedly aware, letting go of preconceptions and having the courage to stand up and be authentic on every level of our being.

This all sounds wonderful but what does it really mean? Well, in essence it means stepping beyond the fear, the doubts and the uncertainty and realising that life, by its very nature, will always be uncertain. We can then either choose to become fearful of that fact, living life conditionally, watching and waiting, or we can become empowered and inspired by it, living more ‘deliberately’ in the moment. The latter takes courage, but it’s time now to let go and to make an inspired and empowered choice.

Living in the moment is not about giving up on goals or dreams; it is about grabbing the moment with both hands and being free now instead of waiting for some point in time before embracing life. Of course, with bills to pay, challenges to face and responsibilities to meet, it can be hard to be in the moment without worrying and feeling an insurmountable pressure to ‘fix’ life in order to be happy, but, this suggests a belief or storyline that we are incomplete and imperfect which takes us out of the present moment to some future focus or point in time where we think we can be happy, fulfilled and ‘whole’. This misses the point as it keeps us away from where we need to be and away from accepting and loving ourselves at this moment in time.

It therefore seems important that we each take some time this month to connect to the energy or vibration of this season of mellow fruitfulness as we begin to reap the harvest within. Feel the energy rise up from within and feel the joy in this very moment. This moment is the most precious gift of all as, in reality, it is the only moment we ever have...

The New Moon is in Scorpio on the 3rd (with an annular solar total eclipse) at 12.49 GMT and the Full Moon is in Taurus on the 17th at 15.15 GMT. The annular solar total eclipse on the is best seen from equatorial parts of Africa, although a partial eclipse will be visible in parts of North and South America, the Middle East and Southern Europe.

With love,



November looks set to be a month of crackles, pops, squeals and whoops, and that’s not just on bonfire (fireworks) night! Excitement and anticipation are twisting and turning through the air as you finally step free of a situation that has been defining your life for a long time now; you can feel the butterflies in your solar plexus whipping up a frenzy as you taste the air of freedom and feel poised to embark on the next stage of your journey in life. Although, on the surface, this situation may not appear to be life-altering, life-changing or particularly significant, deeper within you are beginning to realise just how much it has been depleting and draining you. You are usually clear-sighted and able to see the true dynamics in situations but, for some reason, you decided just to keep on giving and giving despite the lack of balance and the disequilibrium it created for you. Now are you stepping towards the other side of this dynamic you can see the truth and take a big deep breath. Yet, there is a part of you wondering what on earth this situation actually is because although you can sense a ‘disturbance in the force’ of balance in your life, you have not been particularly aware of its source.

Star Wars references aside, regardless of whether or not you know exactly what’s shifting in your life, you can still sense something shifting and it feels positive, exciting and life-affirming. Although you are not one that usually procrastinates or dithers, you cannot help but pause as you try to work out whether or not you should just crackle, pop, whoop and squeal, enjoying the moment and going with the flow or whether you should wait until things become more clearly defined. Only you can answer this question, but in this moment, it is hard not to feel the somewhat incorrigible excitement and sense of joy rising up from within you as the path of your life begins to change. There is a lot to be said for living in the moment and becoming One with the true flow of your life; you are a vibrant, passionate, creative and intuitive soul, so feel this amazing vibration of shift and change as the true blessing that it is to transform your life from the inside, out...


Steve Jobs once said ‘Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become’. This quote seems particularly apt for you in November as you step back from the treadmill of life to take a break from keeping on keeping on. You spend so much of your life giving, doing, bending, flexing and giving that you often forget about your Self and your own needs; you get lost in the cycle of being everything to everyone, forgetting to be anything much to your Self. As a result, you often feel a sense of disconnection to your heart and soul, not because you are not aware of them but because you bury them under layer upon layer of places to go, people to see and things to do; you invite clutter, noise and distraction into your life as it feels like the ‘right’ thing to do. However, inwardly you can sense the imbalance as you know that you need to be fully connected to your heart and soul in order to live a richer and more fulfilling life. You may worry that this is somehow selfish or self-centred, but intuitively you know that it isn’t and you also know that the time has come for you to think about what you truly want from your life.

Mr Jobs was, of course, right, your heart and intuition do already know what you truly want to become, how you want to live and the depth of your aspirations, so why not listen to them and let the vibration of your life change from being busy to just being? Be you, love you and have the courage to live the life you were born to lead. Open up your heart and soul to your Truth, to your bliss and to what you truly want to become; you already know, it’s just that, more often than not, you are too busy to notice. This is your time now to shine. None of this means that you have to turn your back on others, but it does mean a shift in the equilibrium of your life as you stop depleting your Self and instead start to replenish your Self by honouring All that you Are and living the best life possible. This is your time of re-connection, so embrace the moment and ‘have the courage...’


Some say that the glass of life is half-full, others say it is half-empty, others still say it is broken, but you seem to have stepped completely beyond the whole concept of the glass and sent it off for recycling. As your awareness and your consciousness continues to grow and expand, you have grown weary of analogies and belief systems; you have broken free of the need to ‘fit’ into any particular perspective as your way of seeing life, the world and your Self has evolved and grown. Yet, you do not seem joyful of this evolution; you seem even more perplexed and confused as to the true meaning of life than ever before! When you take a deep breath and re-centre, you expand into the infinite possibilities of life as you sense every heart beat, every breath, every sound and every thought in a single moment; this feels incredible and life-affirming, but it also feels confusing, as it is, by its very nature, infinite and beyond comprehension. Although you have stepped beyond the need for analogies and parables, you still find yourself wanting both in order to make sense of this new way of living and being that you have now embraced.

Of course, the more you seek out answers, the more confused you become as you slowly move away from the infinite and back towards the analogies that you worked so hard to escape from. This is something of a paradoxical situation but the solution seems as clear as it does daunting: let go. Why try to make sense of something that is beyond comprehension? Why not just try to be in the moment, feel the wonder and awe of being at One with the infinity both within and without in your life? Although your head wants answers, intuitively your heart and soul know that sometimes there is no answer, sometimes you have to lean into the discomfort of realising that there is no answer in order to break free. Although, on one level, this frustrates you, intuitively you know that the time has come to let go, evolve and become One with your expanding and evolving Self. Knowing all the answers before you move forward could make for a long wait, so feel the joy of your evolution and enjoy the ride instead...


November looks set to be a month of illumination for you as your inner smile starts to radiate warmth and joy once again. There can be no denying the feelings of discombobulation that you have been experiencing lately as you have tried to find your centre and re-establish balance in your life; you sensed that something was amiss although you struggled to put your finger on exactly what was wrong. Even though you may still not be sure what was at the root of all of this, there is a powerful sense of shift now as you emerge from the mists of confusion back into the sunlight once again. Your inner smile feels bright, radiant and full of energy, and the more you connect to this vibrant inner force, the more everything in your life feels balanced and as it should be. Although your inner smile cannot change your reality, it does help you to put things back into perspective and to stop trying to push and pull when you should in fact be going with the flow and trusting more. It is only natural to want to control the currents of your life but there are times when your best approach is to learn how to surf and ride the waves with an inspiring sense of joy.

In other words, you cannot always control what life throws at you but you can decide how to deal with it when it happens. Your inner smile is like an inner thermometer that can warn you when it’s getting chilly as this is a time to stop, pause and re-centre. Equally, if it gets too hot then perhaps it’s time to step back, cool down and review the situation. Yet it’s hard for you to feel the pulse of your inner smile as life so frequently gets in the way and consumes your time and attention. Know that this is a choice though; it only consumes you because you allow it to. The more you can stay in the moment and feel the warmth and joy of your inner smile, the more clearly you will see your life and the choices before you. You don’t have to spend your days struggling and pushing against the currents, you can instead let your inner warmth guide you as you perfect the art of surfing and learn how to be fully present in the moment...


‘Even a stopped clock is right twice a day’. This may seem like an odd way to begin your November forecast, but there is a sense that you have recently been trying so hard to see the positives in a situation that you have failed to step back to look at the bigger picture. A stopped clock might be right twice a day but what about the other 1438 minutes? In essence it seems that your determinedness to ‘get it right’, to live well and to live the life you feel you ought to be living has placed a pair of rose-tinted spectacles on you which is helping you to find the positives but preventing you from seeing the reality of the situation that you now find yourself in. It’s not that the situation is overly dire or stressful, but intuitively you know that things are not as they should be and your efforts to seek out the positives is a sign that you are trying to soothe over the cracks rather than take a long, hard look at the reality of the situation. Now just because things are not right does not mean that you should up-sticks and run for the hills, but you would be wise to take a closer look at why you are so determined to ‘make it work’.

What is it about the situation that’s driving you forward? Two things come to mind: guilt and duty. Perhaps these two are inextricably entwined in your life, perhaps not. Yet, there is a sense that until you explore what lies beneath your determined streak, you will never truly be able to see the bigger picture. There might be a way to fix the clock, there might even be a way to throw the clock out of the window (who wants to spend their life clock watching anyway?), but until you understand your motivations, then it will be hard for you to gain any clarity. Guilt and duty often go hand in glove as one feeds the other. You hate feeling like you have let anyone down, and this often pushes you towards self-sacrificing as you try to be the person you think everyone wants you to be. The cost of such a role is your Self, your path and your ability to see the bigger picture. Take a deep breath now, acknowledge the reality of your situation and let your intuition guide you forward...


Pushing, pulling, tugging, bending, flexing. Pushing, pulling... You seem to be in the middle of a cycle of doing at the moment, trying to push ahead and trying to keep on keeping on. You have been working hard at keeping those now infamous wheels on the bus of life spinning as you know that without your input, guidance and direction, not only would the wheels fall off but the bus would get lost down a dead-end street. Being the central hub that holds everything together is a valuable role to have, after all, you love to feel needed and to know that things would implode without you is a wonderful way to affirm that you are still giving so much to so many. Yet, such a role keeps you very firmly locked in a cycle of giving, doing, chasing, pushing and pulling etc rather than in a more balanced state of equilibrium. Working hard is an admirable trait, but all of the pushing, pulling, tugging and bending suggest moving against the flow of life rather than with it.

Your work ethic and your need to be needed have lead you down a path in life that seems hard to escape from, after all, if you step back won’t the wheels on the bus fall off and the bus get lost? Well, that is possible, but it is also possible that you have convinced yourself that this is the case as a way to justify your doing, pushing, pulling as you have grown so used to this state even though intuitively you know that it is not the most life affirming way to live. Maybe the wheels will fall off, but you know that you have the talents and ingenuity to fix that, but maybe it’s time that the wheels did fall off as there are other ways to travel and other ways to live that don’t involve such an intense focus on cycles, mechanics and keeping on keeping on? Although you are very good at pushing ahead, why would you want to? What’s so wrong with going with the flow? It is the flow after all? Why the resistance? Letting go of the push might leave you will some empty space in your life which feels life affirming and life enriching; enjoy the space, open those lungs and take a big breathe of life...


It may seem hard, if not impossible, to top the special appearance of the Flowerpot Men in your October forecast, after all, how many more surreal and left-of-centre insights can you take?! Yet, November takes you even deeper into the wonderful and slightly mad world of analogy and cartoon characters with a few wise words from Tigger: ‘Oh, boy! You mean I can have my bounce back? Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!’ Yes, it seems that after months of procrastination, consternation, contemplation, indecision and self-analysis, your tigger-esque bounce is about to return with vim, vigour and a great deal of enthusiasm! You have spent a long time trying to understand your Self, your life, your choices and your path, and you have actually ended up with more questions than answers. You have ended up at the centre of a kind of tangle of unanswered questions, and the harder you have looked to find the answers, the less clarity you have found. Although this has felt frustrating and decidedly de-motivating, it has also driven your quest even harder, as you are a determined soul.

The cost of such searching has been a kind of vibrational anchor that has weighed you down and stopped you from using the intricate and intuitive power of your mind from breaking free and bouncing back. Yet, to soul search is to evolve and this has been a source of confusion for you as you want to evolve and grow, but the harder you try, the more tangled up you become. Yet, evolution and growth is not something to push or force, it comes with letting go and having faith. Although you know this, living this is a little harder for you as your mind likes to over-think and pick. The good news is that November sees a lifting of the anchor as you reclaim your Tigger bounce and enthusiasm for life, as a result, new ideas and opportunities will come knocking and there will be some decisions to make in terms of what happens next. Before you dismiss these as ‘ridick-orous’, remember Tiggers don’t jump, they bounce’. Although there is a lot more to you than Tigger, you would be wise to embrace his enthusiasm for life now and embrace your bounce with joy, after all, you know that you create and shape the vibration of your life: so anchor or Tigger bounce? What happens next is up to you...


As you continue to explore your depths, your nuances, quirks, contradictions and uniqueness, it seems that you are beginning to open up your heart and soul towards embracing every single aspect of your Self into a more cohesive and wonderful Whole. For a long time now you have been on the periphery of loving your quirks and nuances, but resisting slightly as they do not always make for an easy life. Fitting in and blending has never really been your strong suit, but you have tried all the same as it has given you something to hold on to in life; being free and being you has always felt a little uncertain and unknowable. Yet, despite working hard to fit in, you never truly have and you are now opening up to loving your quirks and nuances because they make you unique and they make you, you. Of course, celebrating your quirks and uniqueness does mean stepping wholeheartedly into the unknown as it leads you away from the familiar in your life towards living the best life possible as you embrace a new dawn of being you.

Although you have always been you, being you in your unique, vibrant, passionate and creative way suggests stepping beyond the boundaries of your life and stepping into unchartered terrain as your perspective is shifting and nothing seems the same anymore. Whilst this could simply be the shift in perception, it also seems likely that change on other levels of your life will come knocking as the things that once seemed so important now seem far less so and the things that have spent eons on the backburner are now stirring back to life as you contemplate living the life you know you were born to live. Yet, this is not about running before you can walk, nor is it about dropping everything and running for the hills, whilst both are possible, it seems far more likely that this will be a gradual process over the next few months that sees you re-shaping and re-defining your life from the inside, out. You now have the chance to stretch, flex and bend all of those muscles and joints that have been unused and unutilised, take it slowly and feel the strength rising up from within...


November looks set to be a month of ingenuity, inspiration and initiative as you take a giant step forward in your life. You have spent a long time trying to find the ‘right’ way forward, a path that brings you all that you want, need and desire, but it has been hard for you to perfect this path in your vision as there are a great many things on your bucket list of life! It’s not that you are greedy, but you are such a complex soul, that there are so many different facets, options, and ideas that need to come together in order to bring you a sense a balance. You are not ‘run of the mill’; never have been, never will be and so settling for ‘second-best’ is unlikely to satisfy you for long, yet, such a strategy runs the risk of you continually searching, chasing and seeking as everything feels like second-best, particularly as your needs and dreams fluctuate and change with each passing day! In other words, how can you build the life of your dreams when your dream shifts, ebbs and flows?

Of course, this is a part of being human and an even bigger part of being you, but unless you are clear as to what you truly want in life, how can you bring it into shape and form? As a result, you have been left floundering a little as there always seems to be a gap between where you are, where you want to be and how to get there as the destination keeps changing. There are always a plethora of possibilities and opportunities before you, but as none seem to truly ‘fit the bill’, it somehow seems easier to sit back and wait. Yet, sitting and waiting are not natural states of being for you so you therefore find yourself in something of a living conundrum because, by your very nature, you cannot shape your dream into something concrete, but anything concrete or set in stone feels inherently wrong. Yet, there is a need for you to ask yourself if your constantly shifting dreams are truly just a part of being you or are they a kind of distraction technique which keeps you from grabbing the bull by the horns of life and getting stuck in? Dreams remain dreams until you manifest them into reality...


As you continue to wrestle with the heady heights of self-realisation and self-awareness, it seems that you are beginning to take ownership of the need to accept and love your Self for all that you are. You have always been you and always will be, but with your tendency to try to be the person that you think everyone else wants you to be, it can be hard to discern between the ‘real’ you and the you that you choose to be. Being everything to everyone brings you great reward but it also disconnects you from your Self as you lose sight of your Truth and shift off-centre. Although living such a way can bring you a great deal, the fact that you are pondering the equation of your life is a sign that being off-centre is not all it’s cracked up to be.

November looks set to be a month where you allow yourself the time and the space to re-centre and to re-establish a truer sense of Self. This may feel like a challenge in itself, after all, you have spent so long being the person that you think you should be that you have lost sight of the person that you could be, or indeed, should be. Yet, it seems important to let go of could’s and should’s as these are the root of what got you into this tangle in the first place. Instead, try to open up to the moment and feel your awareness letting go of conditional living and linear time; you were born a free spirit and you remain free. Feel your consciousness expanding and become One with your Self once again. The time has come to live authentically and to honour your Truth (your Self, your needs and your essence), you are a vibrant, passionate and beautiful soul, and the more you wholeheartedly accept and embrace this, the more you will realise that by being you, you are no longer trying so hard to be the person that you think others want you to be, but you are, in fact, becoming the person that you really are. Would you live a life that’s not really yours? Only you can answer this question, but finding an answer is important now as your response will shape and define your life from this moment on...


There can be no denying the wave upon wave upon wave of shift that has been lapping on the shores of your soul over recent weeks and months. Lapping actually sounds rather tame though, pounding might be a more accurate description! You are an evolved soul and intuitively know that change is an inevitable part of the process of living and of your evolution, but there have been times when you have wondered if there is a ‘time out’ card to give you five minutes breathing space. Sadly, such moments have been lacking, but you have persevered and persisted, and allowed yourself to be carried by the waves towards a bigger and brighter future. Although there were times when you felt like you were in little wooden boat in the eye of a storm at sea, energetically your presence and strength were more akin to an aircraft carrier. In other words, your perception of the storm was far rockier than it actually was simply because you are far stronger than you tend to believe.

So, here you find yourself, resting on the shore in the quiet moment after the storm has passed, that moment before the world takes a breath and comes back to life once again. In this moment, your awareness is fully open and you can sense every breath, every heart beat, every atom and every thought in one glorious and magnificent Whole. You feel evolved, changed and transformed, but when you gaze around, the world in which you live may appear unchanged and unaltered. It’s as though your experience has changed you and you now feel slightly out of focus with the world. Such a realisation could confuse or worry you, but try to remain centred and connected to that glorious moment of equilibrium where everything feels in balance and everything is much more itself once again. When your mind kicks into the situation, the reality of ‘life goes on’ somehow feels hard to swallow as you intuitively know that nothing is the same anymore. How can you go back to turning the wheel of life when you have stepped beyond the boundaries of yourself and realised the true and magnificent potential of what living the best life possible truly means? Use the momentum of equilibrium now to re-set the balance of your life and to savour the joy of the sunshine after the rain...


November looks set to be a month of insight and revelation as you continue to seek out equilibrium in all areas of your life. There are times when you may feel as though you cannot find a way to step back from the routine of your life as demands on your time remain constant, but there are also times when you find a moment to take a big deep breath and re-centre. In fact, there are more of these latter times than you give credit for as you are usually so busy rushing around that you don’t notice the opportunity to be still when it arises. Yet, why are you so busy? Is it because you are in such demand that you cannot possibly take some time out or is it more because you would rather be busy as the busy-ness hides the gaps and cracks in your life? These gaps and cracks are not going away and whilst most of them are small and quite insignificant on their own, collectively they pack quite a punch. You are a fluid, intuitive and creative soul, and yet you seem to prefer being caught up in the hamster wheel of life as it makes for an easier existence. Why? Only you can answer this question, but you need to want to ask the question in the first place before you can truly find the answer.

You are now entering a time of your life to loosen the shackles of the life that you live in order to re-connect to the life within and the life that you were born to live. Of course, you might decide that it is better or easier to maintain the status quo as ‘better the devil you know’, and all that, but if you do decide to lift your head up above the parapet, then take your time as you re-adjust and find your centre. This is a powerful and pivotal time for you to re-establish your sense of Self and to realise that you are not a powerless pawn in the game of life but an awakened soul, ready and able to lift up your head, to take a deep breath and to re-connect to your Truth and to your own, unique sense of Self. You are a vibrant, free spirit, so why not fly free?


kay 1st November 2013 11:51 am

"Wonderful fruitfulness" is a wonderful image for this time. Thank you for all your contributions, Sarah-Jane.

kay 1st November 2013 11:52 am

Keats just gave me a nudge to get his words right: mellow fruitfulness.


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