Monthly Astro-Forecasts November 2016

Message for November 2016

November looks set to be a month of insight and vision as the light of wisdom is turned within to reveal the true depths of the soul. So many of us are facing challenges at the current time and so many of us are feeling beleaguered and weary of pushing ahead as the storm batters against us and yet, despite the weariness, we carry on; we haven’t given up or given in, we’ve surrendered to the moment and acknowledged the flickering flame of our soul that’s leading us forward. Intuitively there is a sense of inner knowing that we are heading in the right direction and even the challenges are part of our destiny. Of course, it can be hard to feel a sense of joy when life’s so tough but equally when we listen within, we can hear our souls gently whispering for us to keep on. Although we may not know where we’re heading and why, there is a sense that this doesn’t, in the bigger scheme of things, really matter as it’s our willingness to listen and surrender that’s important at the present time.

Surrender isn’t giving up or giving in, it’s standing in the moment and being with it fully. We have a tendency to try to fight or fix anything we perceive to be wrong or broken in life but sometimes it’s the drive to fix that’s leading us astray as it takes us away from the preciousness of the moment. It’s easy to forget the courage it takes to surrender and let go, it’s easy to self-berate for not ‘fighting harder’ or ‘doing better’ but it takes a compassionate and enlightened soul to acknowledge the moment and to step into it, consciously and wholeheartedly. From that surrender comes true beauty and love.

Even when the sky looks dark and full of storm clouds, and life feels heavy and overwhelming, when we look within (a place we so often fear) we can find nourishment and tenderness. It’s a human tendency to seek out these from others but it’s only when we realise the need to do this from within that we begin to realise the storm clouds are not foreboding, they are simply a sign letting us know that things are out of kilter. We have the capacity to both nourish ourselves and offer ourselves the most beautiful and profound tenderness possible, if only we allow it. We are so often driven by fear: wanting to fit in, wanting to be fixed, wanting to be ‘normal’, we forget that fear is only one side of the human penny of life. Fear feeds pain and suffering, and whilst surrender doesn’t eradicate either, it helps us to experience them with more love and less angst.

Times are unquestionably tough for a great many souls at the current time and this is feeding so much fear. There is a tendency to ‘up the drawbridge’ when times get so challenging as we can feel safer isolated and alone, yet this disconnection only feeds more fear and the cycle intensifies. Perhaps the single most important quality we can nurture and harness now is that of compassion for ourselves, for each other and for the world. Compassion washes away fear and it instils a sense of hope; we all need hope, particularly when life has delivered more than its fair share of knocks, but hope allows us to grab hold of that courage and inspires us to surrender to the moment in order to live more conscious and awakened lives.

This isn’t to belittle suffering or diminish pain, far from it. Both are very real. This is about shifting perception and realising just how strong, passionate, compassionate and vibrant we truly are. This isn’t a time to feel small and overwhelmed, it’s a time to feel interconnected and a part of the whole, knowing we are all in this together. The howling winds of the storm may still be raging all around yet when we pause and re-centre, we can feel the stillness at the centre of the storm rising up from our hearts and souls. It’s time to take a big deep breath of life and to feel the life force rising up from within as we find new ways to flourish and blossom…

With love,




As the warm light of your soul continues to burn brightly and twinkle with the effervescence of the anticipation of new beginnings and freedom, there is a growing sense you are feeling the heat rising up from within to inspire and empower you to take some big steps ahead when it comes to living the life you were born to live. Although you have always had a sense of the life you were born to live, you have often navigated your way ahead by being aware of the life you don’t want to live and using this as a guide to seek alternative pathways. So, rather than focusing on living the life you were born to live, your focus has been on knowing when you have gone ‘off piste’. Whilst this has helped keep you on track, it has consumed a vast amount of energy as you have spent a lot of your time testing the water to see if something is right rather than trusting your formidable intuition to know if something feels right.

In other words, it seems you have been doubting yourself and this has led you down some very interesting pathways in life but it has also seen you meandering through the valleys and meadows when your true pathway has been clearly signposted all along; you’ve just been too busy exploring what you’re not to see what you are. Of course, you have learnt a great deal through this experience but you seem ready now to stop meandering and to start focusing on being the version of you that you know yourself to be. So, listen to your intuition, let the light of your soul guide you and know that when your twinkly effervescence creates bubbles in your solar plexus then you are most likely coming close to finally living the life you were born to live…



November looks set to be a month of re-focusing and re-prioritising as you begin to realise just how much of yourself you have been giving to others recently. You are a naturally giving person but your tendency to ‘over-give’ can see you self-sacrificing and depleting your own reserves in the process. Of course, you will never stop giving and the concept that the phrase ‘over-giving’ even exists astounds you as it isn’t in your vocabulary. However, despite feeling somewhat aghast at the idea of giving less, intuitively you know that you are out of balance and something has to change. There is often a reason for ‘over-giving’ as it can become a huge distraction, hiding layers of frustration and avoiding the need to have to soul search for what truly makes you happy. Giving makes you happy, but there’s a need to go much deeper in order to connect to a soul level awareness of happiness and you will quickly realise the definition changes significantly.

Happiness isn’t just about making others happy, it’s also about living well, being well and honouring yourself. It’s also about being truly and genuinely happy yourself: feeling a sense of joy dancing within your heart and soul. It’s time to ask yourself when you last felt that joy dancing within? It’s important to answer this question honestly as it’s the key to your happiness: if you can’t acknowledge what makes you happy then how can you embrace it, live it and become it? Sometimes life doesn’t allow for dreams to come true but unless you try how will you ever know? Instead of losing yourself in the distractions of others, give yourself some time now in order to re-establish a true sense of equilibrium. Once you are in balance then giving to others becomes a joy once again and giving to yourself becomes just as important… 



As you continue to shift your focus towards where you are instead of towards where you want to be or think you need to be, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how precious the present moment actually is. Of course, you have always been aware of the value of mindful awareness but your ever-digging and ever-probing mind can find it hard to stop exploring the many nooks and crannies of life instead of finding joy in the stillness of now. Although your mind rarely stops questioning and exploring, and the inner chatter rarely, if ever, quietens, it is important to find a way to achieve some stillness as it’s within the stillness where clarity, peace and tranquility reside. You are a deeply intuitive and creative soul so it’s important for you to have some space in your life in order to re-centre and re-balance as too much digging, questioning and busy-ness can lead to a profound sense of disequilibrium within you leaving you feeling overwhelmed, overawed and completely out of sync with your true nature.

Yes, thinking is an important part of your true nature but so is creative vision. Whilst you can live your life through your mind, you know only too well that happiness comes from balance between mind, body and soul. Your mind is powerful and often overrules your body and soul, but both have a voice and they are waving frantically at you to be heard! November looks set to be a month of making some important choices about your true nature as you can see the path leading to the present moment (under your feet) as well as the many paths leading outwards. The latter excites your mind but your body and soul long for some stillness in order to bring you some much needed clarity when it comes to how to live your life from this moment forth…



The gift of your imagination is a powerful one as it is the force that inspires you and encourages you to think outside the box of life. At the same time, your imagination feeds your dreams and it gives shape and form to the vision of your ‘perfect life’. Of course, you know that perfection in life isn’t a wise goal to have as it can lead to a lot of chasing and a lot of disappointment, however, there is a part of you that still longs to get life ‘right’ and to live the best life possible. Perhaps this is where the problem resides as living the best life possible isn’t about getting things right or achieving perfection, it’s about being happy, being joyful and feeling wholeheartedly alive. It’s easy to confuse the two, after all, everyone has a vision of perfection which sits on a pedestal of hope and aspiration.

This vision becomes something to strive for and anything less can feel like a disappointment, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a disappointment, it’s more a sign that perhaps your expectations are set high above the bar. Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t reach for the heights but there is a sense you need to stop giving yourself a hard time for being what you're not and instead start to love yourself exactly as you are. Life's short so why spend so much of it chasing dreams when you could be living your dreams in the here and now? The grass over yonder does look green but the grass under your feet is fresh, lush and green. Admittedly, it may not be the exact blades of grass you hoped for, but it's mighty fine all the same. Try to look at the bigger picture of your life with more love and less criticism: be you and love yourself for it...



November looks set to be a month for re-shaping and re-forming your hopes and dreams as you begin to contemplate the truth of the life you have been living in contrast to the life you feel you should be living or want to be living. It's easy to lose sight of the truth of your reality, everyone does it; it's not dishonesty but a tendency to get lost in the distractions and meanderings of everyday life. It's easy to become entwined in the pedestrian humdrum of things to do, people to see and places to go without really thinking about those things to do, people to see or places to go as you shift into autopilot and move through each day focusing on getting things done rather than making much time to contemplate the concept of thriving and blossoming in life. Of course, life doesn't always afford us the opportunity to blossom and thrive as responsibilities and challenges can obstruct the path but such situations, often with the value of hindsight, can bring us courage, strength and a determination to succeed.

Life is, by its very nature, complex, the human brain even more so. Understanding your quirks and nuances would be fascinating but it would also quickly become another distraction rather than a tool to help you to re-shape and re-form your life from the inside out. Perhaps it’s time now to stop asking 'why?' so much and instead to start being more conscious in the moment in order to realise that the here and now matters far more than where you may want to be or feel you should be. The here and now is the single most important point in time for you, so learn to be wholeheartedly in this moment and realise that the key to blossoming and thriving comes from a willingness to breathe deeply in each and every moment...



The concepts of self-love and self-compassion are ones you are very familiar with as they have woven their way deeply into your heart and soul. You are well-versed in both, after all, your visionary and creative thinking has given them shape and form, and helped make them viable possibilities. You are a believer, not in any old thing, but in the inherent goodness in humanity; you can see the potential of human-ness and the possibilities that this could bring if only everyone was as open-minded and willing as you. Your visionary tendencies have been a source of tremendous inspiration for you over the years as you have been driven to make the world a better place, not just by having you in it, but also by making a difference. You want to ensure you leave a positive legacy and this, combined with your compassion has enabled you to be quite innovative when it comes to how you live your life.

Yet, this is only part of the picture as this is your vision for the world but it omits a very important factor: you. Your vision lights up the world and gives you a sense of purpose but what about in your heart and soul, do you feel truly fulfilled or is there a sense of a little empty space which feels like the dreams you have placed on the shelf for a rainy day? In many ways you could be perfectly content striving ahead with your world vision and with making a difference to the lives of others, but it seems important for you to explore the reasons why this doesn't fully correlate with your heart and soul as, unless your passion lights up your soul, there will likely always be a feeling of a little inner emptiness so it's important for you to reconcile this in order to feel as inspired with your inner vision as you are with your outer vision. Listen to your heart and soul and let them guide you... 



Sometimes life is like a perfectly set out instruction manual, other times it's more like the guide to some flat pack furniture. In other words, it can be frustrating, illogical and exhausting! There are many people who wouldn't even look at the instructions on flat pack furniture, they would simply look at the parts and piece it together logically in their minds before going ahead and constructing it. There are others who simply won't deviate off the instruction sheet and there are others who just pay for someone else to do it. Yet, none of these really describe you as whilst you can logically piece it together, there is a part of you that needs to follow the rules and another part of you that would be happy for the furniture to just be up rather than worrying about the process of putting it together.

There really is nothing straight forward about you, and whilst you don't invite this complexity into your life, you often curse it as inconvenient rather than seeing it as a gift to enable you to look at the bigger picture. It can unquestionably be confusing being you as it can be hard to know if you should listen to the voice who wants to deviate off plan or the one who wants to just go for it, yet maybe it's time to listen to both? Life isn't black or white, it's not about being one or the other, it's about bringing together the many different facets of you into one, great big, beautiful whole. You don't need to understand all of the parts to function, nor do you need to be gung-ho and always go 'off plan', you just need to be wiling to go with the flow of your own life and to ride the waves consciously and with a sense of awakened awareness. Love your quirks, celebrate them and they will lead you into uncharted terrain...



Living life, loving life and feeling wholeheartedly alive continue to remain at the forefront of your consciousness throughout November. Your sparkling and effervescent energy, along with your vision and creativity inspire you to grab life with both hands. Well, mostly! Living life isn’t always the same as loving life, and feeling wholeheartedly alive isn’t about getting through each day as unscathed as possible, it’s about feeling connected, interconnected and vibrant. There is a sense that your expectations have been lowered over recent months as you have felt a rising saturation with the more challenging aspects of life and your usual sparkle has diminished and faded a little. Whilst you have tried to rise above the humdrum, you have struggled to break free as there has simply been to much to do and see.

Admittedly you are not one to wallow, but it has been hard for you to recapture the vibrancy and freedom in your heart and soul as you’ve simply been too weighed down by ‘stuff’. Living life and loving life are very different things, particularly if living life is just about keeping on keeping on. Of course, ‘keeping on’ isn’t your style but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when life feels so uphill. You’ve reached an important threshold: a time to make a big decision about your path ahead. Are you ready to love the life you live or are you content to carry on as you are? Do you truly feel wholeheartedly alive and interconnected? If so, then job done! Even if you do feel that this doesn’t apply to you, dig a little deeper and take a good honest look at yourself and your life as it’s easy to skim the surface when you’re busy or distracted. It now seems time for you to ask some heartfelt questions of yourself to establish just why you are not making some tweaks and changes in order to live the best life possible and to truly love the life you live… 



November looks set to be a month of continued reconnection to your heart and soul as your focus begins to hone in on everything that’s truly important in your life. You love to have your fingers in many pies as your energy thrives with variety, however, there is a sense that this can sometimes leave you depleted as you begin to juggle too many batons at any one time. Whilst there may not be anyone quite as talented a juggler as you, life isn’t just about keeping as many batons as possible in the air! There have been times when your face has been a picture of bewilderment as you have channelled every last ounce of your being into keeping the batons going even though you have no idea what most of them represent anymore. As a result, you are left determined to keep them afloat but really not knowing why. Your stubbornness is often overlooked but sometimes it can really dig you into a hole!

There’s absolutely no reason why a good juggle with just one or two batons means you can’t take the art to a higher level and actually begin to enjoy the process as you focus on the batons that actually mean something to you. Anyway, enough of the juggling and batons! It’s time for you to stop spreading yourself so thinly across so many different areas of life. Whilst you may not want to let anything go, you need to ask yourself why each one is so important to you. Are they a part of your life as habit, are they there because they are a distraction or do they set your soul on fire with a buzz and sparkle? The more honest you can be with yourself, the more likely you are to realise the value of the phrase ‘less is more’. Life’s not about how many interests, goals or skills you have, life’s about what you do with them…



Finding your true centre looks set to be a powerful theme for you throughout November as you begin to ask yourself some deep and probing questions in connection to what makes you truly happy. You are a determined soul and you push ahead in life, doing the best you can, trying to keep everyone happy and working hard to tick all the boxes off of your ‘to do’ list of life. You are undoubtedly making good progress with your list, the trouble is, every time you tick an item off, another one appears. So, your list becomes perpetual and never-ending, a fact you have reluctantly accepted even though you find it intensely irritating! Yet, is life really just about ticking off a list? What about exploring unchartered terrain or easing up on the pressure of keeping a list? Where has your spontaneity, vibrancy and intuition gone? There is a sense you have become so focused on ‘the list’ that you have lost sight of the bigger picture of your life and started to see ‘the list’ as the measuring stick that determines if life is good (lots of ticks or a shorter list) or not so good (less ticks and more challenges).

Of course, everyone finds their own strategies in life and ‘the list’ undoubtedly gives you goals and allows you to choose the path you walk but sticking to it with such loyalty can leave you heading down one-way streets without even realising it as your intuition has become a little numb from the pressure of ‘the list’. It seems time for you to look at your life from a different perspective and to think about what makes you truly happy. If working through your to do list is the answer, then carry on, but, as is suspected, what makes you happy is grabbing life with both hands, engaging your mind, body and soul, and riding the waves intuitively then perhaps it’s time to change tactics…



Being yourself and loving yourself for it continues to take a central role in your life throughout November as you begin to realign and re-centre after months of disequilibrium and challenge. You are a robust and resolute soul, and you have faced more than your fair share of obstacles recently and whilst you’re still standing strong, there is a slight sense of ‘wilt’ hidden deep in your eyes, visible only to those who know you truly well. It’s understandable to feel a little weary but you cannot help but feel slightly irritated with yourself for not pushing on, doing more and achieving more. The perfectionist in you wants perfection even though your body and soul are shouting out ‘enough!’. You are a head strong and determined soul; there can be no denying this fact, but sometimes this can undermine you as your head can take you away from listening to your body and soul, and both have lots to say.

You are made up of mind, body and soul, so surely it makes sense for all three to have a place in your life? At the moment, in order to keep on keeping on, you are using your mind to push ahead and ignoring your body and soul as you simply don’t have the time or the energy to listen. Even worse, not only do you not have the time to listen, you don’t want to take on board the advice as you already know what they want you to do: STOP! You feel too busy to allow even a brief period of pause as you need to keep the momentum going now you’ve built it up. It’s time to ask yourself why and to realise the only way to achieve balance is to stop denying your body and soul the room to breathe. There is a need for you to change the balance in your life: to start allowing your true essence to breathe freely and to start being your whole, beautiful and vibrant self…



There are moments in your life when you’re not quite sure if you’re coming, going or lost somewhere in between the two. There are also moments when you’re not sure if the latter is actually preferable to the other two options! Although you are a fluid soul, there is a part of you that longs to move through life in a more orderly manner as you’re convinced that this will somehow make your life easier or more straightforward. Of course, you intuitively know this not to be the case and you also intuitively know that it’s your fluidity that ultimately gives you the freedom to grow, thrive and flourish, however, you still feel you should somehow conform to the ‘norm’ and be like everyone else. Newsflash: everyone is different and most people spend at least a part of their lives looking at other people feeling they should be more like them! Therefore your challenge for November is to ‘be more you’.

Stop holding up a measuring stick, comparing yourself to others and stop believing that everyone else must have got life ‘right’, they haven’t! In fact, stop looking outside and start looking within and you will realise that being ‘more you’ is actually rather wonderful as being you is not only amazing but it’s incredible at the same time. Okay, you’re not one to blow your own trumpet but you’ve got to admit that you are a vibrant, passionate and compassionate soul. Your generous and giving nature reaches deeply into the heart and souls of others and they don’t see you as anything other than wonderful. It’s only you that feels you haven’t got life right and it’s only you that feels you should be less you and more like everyone else. So, stop giving yourself such a hard time and learn to love yourself exactly


Lorelei63 1st November 2016 12:32 pm

So inSANEly beautifully written!!!! Sarah-Jane - you ARE Grace! Thank you for sharing your magical forecasts and soothing, exquisite words of help and hope.

ShelleyT 3rd November 2016 12:57 pm

Bravo! Sooo accurate! I second Lorilei on her review! Lovely & helpful...


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