Monthly Astro-Forecasts September 2011

Message for September 2011

Welcome back. The intensity of inner shifts continues to wreak a great deal of havoc within over the coming weeks, but there is a sense of an increasing amount of light flooding in to help each of us to regain our perspectives and to find a true sense of balance. It seems that through the chaos, we are beginning to connect to our true priorities as we become more and more at one with ourselves.

Pluto, Vesta and Pallas Athene all move direct this month, and as the wheel of the year turns with the Sun moving into Libra on the 23rd (The Autumn Equinox), there is a sense that all of these inner shifts are about to be galvanised and unified in order to assist each of us in making some important decisions about our paths ahead...

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You begin September fully charged and chomping at the bit to take some forwards steps in your life. There is a sense of anticipation and an excitement in the air as you stand on the starting line waiting for that pistol to fire. You seem so focused on this that you have failed to notice that you are the only one standing on the starting line; no one else is standing there patiently, waiting to be set free like a coiled up spring. It is not that this is a one-horse race, but it seems that you have been waiting for something to happen before you move your life forwards. The time has come to realise that this event may not be so important after all...

Life is for living, and instead of using up all your energy jumping up and down at the starting line waiting for a crystal clear signal to begin, it is time now to read the more subtle signs and to start making your own inroads towards your goals. Life is never as clear cut as black and white, for this is a world full of shades of grey; but it is up to you now to seek out your own path ahead, to forge your own way forwards. You may get that starting pistol to set you moving, but are you prepared to stand and wait to see if it does? This is not about running or pushing your way ahead, but it is about taking more control of your own destiny. Read the signs, listen to your intuition, you have all you need to help you now...


You continue to take the lead in your life in September; doubts and worries start to fade away as you begin to realise and accept that many of the obstacles you have faced recently have stemmed from within. It’s not that you have self-sabotaged your progress, but you do seem to have undermined yourself by doubting that you ‘have what it takes’ to succeed.  You are an indomitable and resolute individual, and little usually thwarts or hinders your progress. It therefore seems something of a mystery that you have allowed yourself to trip yourself up. However, this is but a stumble, and you have plenty of time now to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. In addition, you have learned an important lesson in the process: that you have no need to doubt yourself any longer...

There is one thing that can be said for Taureans, and that is: your strength, passion and determination rarely flounder. Little hiccups here and there seem to motivate you even more; they fire you up, making you even more determined to succeed. So, try to see recent events as a hiccup and don’t berate yourself for ‘losing time’ or thwarting your progress. Instead, re-take the steering wheel of your life so that you can move ahead with confidence, clarity and self-assertion. This is your time to believe, and to have faith, that you are the creator of your own destiny, you have a fresh page to write in your life story and the world is now your oyster...


Being responsible for your decisions and choices has been a powerful force in your life over recent weeks and months. As you move into September, it seems clear that this theme will continue, but with a slight twist! Being responsible for your choices is one thing, but owning them, acting on them and truly connecting to them is something else! You are a born thinker and philosopher, and you have no trouble thinking about what it is like to be responsible. You fully understand the concept, but how engaged with it are you? Now is the time to feel this, to connect with it and to realise that until you truly do deeply connect to taking responsibility for your choices, that you are likely to struggle to see a clear path ahead.

Responsibility is not about blame (although sometimes it can be!). Responsibility is about being fully engaged in the decision making process in your life and being fully connected to the choices that you make. When you move beyond thinking to feeling (albeit slightly unfamiliar terrain for you), you are likely to see things very differently. Feeling is a place where you cannot rationalise, analyse or apply logic. Feeling is a place where you have to deal with emotions of all kinds. Once you feel them, then you move through them to a place of clarity and vision. It is this place that you are seeking now. Try not to over-think this, feel it; you know it to be true...


You have recently adopted a special strategy, one to help you to keep your head above water during stressful times, and one that has helped you to avoid dealing with any particularly major decisions. This strategy is also known as the ‘ostrich technique’. Burying your head under the sand might seem like a sensible strategy, but think back to childhood games of hide and seek, and remember seeing those children standing in the centre of the room with their eyes covered thinking that as they couldn’t see themselves, then no one else could either...!

There is no judgement here though, for you have simply adopted the technique that has helped you through a pretty rocky period of your life. Everyone does it, in their own way. However, the time has now come for you to move your head to give you a more panoramic view. The cosmic climate has shifted, and you are now in a position to stride forwards with your head held high, full of confidence and certainty.

September is also a month to connect to your inner peace and tranquillity, for it is from here that you will draw all that confidence and knowing. Your inner landscape is a well protected fortress, but it is time to allow yourself to enter, in order to see the strength and passion that resides at your core. Your centre might be soft and vulnerable, but it is as delectable as a soft caramel, strawberry crème or fudge (or whatever takes your fancy). See your centre as something to enjoy and savour, not something to fear...


September looks set to be a very busy month for Leo; a month where you can achieve lots with minimal effort if you focus your energy in the right way. It is a month to listen to your intuition, and to focus your energy into areas and projects that truly have value for you and your life (in any sense of the word). You seem more driven and motivated now, and before you charge forwards, full steam ahead, it is important to keep at least one foot on the ground...otherwise, you could end up losing your way. Dream big, think big, plan big by all means, but don’t lose yourself in fantasy...

Your levels of energy, vitality and confidence are on the rise this month, you are aware of the little synchronicities happening around you in your life on an almost daily basis. The more you take the time to notice these, the more you will see and become aware of. It is as though, the more synchronicities you notice, the more you attract into your life. There is a special and magical energy around you at this time, and it is an energy to embrace as fully as possible. Try to explore any new opportunities that come knocking, and do try to think outside of the box when it comes to your path ahead. This is an empowering and life enhancing time for you: you were never born to be ordinary; you were born to shine...


The process of naturally progressing with your plans and dreams continues in September. It seems that you are on a roll in your life, and with each passing day, you attract more and more into your life that is life enhancing and enriching. In many ways, you are in the driving seat, you are steering yourself towards a more joyful and fulfilling life. Yet, at the same time, you can’t help but feel that some magical, mysterious force is creating opportunities for you and looking after your truest needs. Well, both are true!

The more empowered you become as your life starts to take shape, the more you attract positivity into your life. And, the cosmos undoubtedly seems to have a soft spot for you at the moment, creating opportunities for you to have bliss, joy and abundance in your life. Try not to over-think or analyse this though, enjoy the magic. Your tendency to analyse often serves you well in life, but it can also stop you from simply enjoying something as it is.

Not everything in life needs to be broken down into its smallest part in order to make sense of it. Like attracts like, so the more you embrace the magic now, the more you look set to achieve. Try not to fear the unknown, for you being you, it Is unlikely that you will ever spin off uncontrollably into the cosmos ungrounded, for you are too earthy for that. So, try to enjoy the moment, embrace the opportunities and create the life of your dreams...


As you move into September, you continue to make some deep and profound realisations about your Self, your life and your path ahead. Your understanding of your own role in this process has been steadily gaining momentum. You have started re-shaping your thoughts, ‘feeling’ the power of your intent and focusing on your true priorities; and all of these have placed you in a position of clarity and vision when it comes to your path ahead. Okay, you may feel like things are still as clear as mud, but step back out from pressing your nose up against the glass in anticipation, and you will gain a much clearer perspective. Sometimes, you need to step back a little in order to see further forwards.

It seems clear that you still have some big decisions to make and there is a sense that you still often find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with the options and choices you face. You run the risk of becoming paralysed in indecision as you try to weigh up the best possible options. This is not to say that you should throw caution to the wind, but sometimes you have to live in the present moment and not think in terms of the future and the many ‘what if’s’. In many ways you now need to take each day as it comes and de-clutter your head in order to deal with your true priorities. Your ability to collect thoughts, worries and ideas is astounding, but how much good does it do you in the long run? So, focus on the now, embrace your potential and use your intent...


As change continues to nudge you in the ribs, it seems that you begin to realise just how much you have been sitting on the sidelines of your life. You are aware of the comings and goings, but somehow seemed to have disengaged yourself from the process! Up until now, this has not been a problem, but you are likely to find yourself feeling frustrated over the coming weeks as your need to take control re-asserts itself. September really stokes up the fires within, and places you back firmly in the driving seat of your life. You look set to feel inspired to explore new horizons and to embrace change wholeheartedly. There is a real sense of excitement and anticipation as you begin to stir up new passions in your life...

This is also a month to break free from the chains of routine, and instead to seek out more spontaneity and freedom. This is not an open-invitation to turn your back on your responsibilities or to walk away from your current life (although no one could stop you!), but it is an opportunity to bring back some much needed variety and to abolish those outdated routines in your life. It is time to create more personal space now, and feeling suffocated by the emotional demands of those close will become harder and harder to handle unless you shift the boundaries and establish a new regime! It is time to honour yourself and your space, and to find a new way of being...


That twinkle in your eye grows into a beautiful star over the coming weeks as September marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in your life. It seems that your hard work, focus and perseverance are now producing delicious fruits and a wonderful harvest as you finally begin to match your ideal lifestyle with your actual one! You are a dreamer, there can be no denying that, but it is your dreams, hopes and aspirations that make you the creative, enthusiastic and intelligent being that you are. Your belief that you can absolutely create the life of your dreams is the fire within that keeps you pushing forwards, forging ahead with the unbending intent that you can create abundance and joy on all levels of your life.

This powerful intent is the source of this massive shift, and so it is important to remain focused and be very clear about exactly what you want in life; lose focus now and you could end up confusing things! These are exciting and life enhancing times for you, so don’t you owe it to yourself to become that beautiful star that you have always dreamt of? It does not have to be something always just out of reach anymore; play your cards right, and you could be shaking that twinkle to create some true magic and sparkle in your life. The key for you is in not allowing yourself to become distracted. You are so near now, so do try to muster up the focus and intention to take those last few life-changing steps into the unknown...


2011 has so far proven to be a year of change and transformation for Capricorn; a year of personal revelations, deep insights and increased self-confidence. You may frown at these words, wondering where you were when all this happened, but take a moment to step back and see just how far you have come in the last year. Okay, so you may not, as yet, have the lifestyle of your dreams, but you have taken some massive steps forwards and can pat yourself on the back for believing in yourself enough to embrace change and opportunity.

Life is good for you on so many levels, but it still seems hard for you to truly relax. You cannot help but be aware of that thin thread of doubt that weaves its way around every area of your life. You have never been one to rest on your laurels or to take anything for granted, but at the same time, too much doubt or caution can be just as bad, or indeed even worse, than too little. It is therefore vital that you begin to address this doubt, in order to prevent it from eroding your progress.

This is not about you throwing caution to the wind and having blind faith, but it is about believing in yourself enough to realise that you can enjoy your success and happiness much more. Even if something does ‘go wrong’, you are more than strong enough to find a solution. So, stop using up so much energy expecting the worst, and instead try to enjoy your success.


You would be forgiven for not knowing if you are coming or going lately. You seem lost in a fog that thwarts your view; something that has left you feeling a little isolated and disconnected. The fog is actually that haze that you so often find yourself in, partly made by your own vast over-thinking mind and partly made by the chaos that is all around you, on every level. This fog has made it hard for you to see the wood for the trees. It seems that you have always believed that your mission was to clear the fog in order to see your path clearly ahead, and you have felt that once the fog was cleared, then you could get on with your plans and dreams. However, it seems that this may have been a misinterpretation of your true mission...   

September sees you moving steadily towards a place of inner knowing and stillness; a place where your whole life moves into a clearer perspective and your true priorities stand out like beacons in the fog. It seems that clearing the fog was not only ambitious, but unnecessary, for once you feel truly connected to your core, the fog becomes irrelevant as only the important things shine out for you to deal with or explore. This is not to say that you have ‘wasted time’ trying to clear the fog, for you have got to know yourself extremely well in the process, but now is the time to use everything you have learned towards connecting with those ‘beacons’ and creating the lifestyle that you not only dream of, but deserve as well.


September brings you a brand new dawn; a fresh start; a change of perspective. A blast of fresh and invigorating air looks set to flow into your life over the coming weeks bringing you some much needed energy! You have been treading water in so many ways for so many months, that initially you may not be sure quite how to deal with the liberation, but you will soon get into the swing of things.

Your hopes and dreams now seem firmly back on the agenda as you seem far less swamped in the layers and layers of other people’s ‘stuff’ that you carry. You look set to shed a great deal of this ‘stuff’, but it is important to acknowledge that you were open and willing to take it on board in the first place. This is therefore not about blame, but about learning from your previous choices, and setting yourself free to make the most of the present!

In many ways the sky is the limit in September, for the only cap on your creativity and energy is the one that you put there. This is not to say that you are becoming invincible, but it seems clear that you are finally realising just how you can create the life of your dreams right here, right now! It is all too easy to say that things have to happen first before you can do what you want to do, but why spend your life on hold? Embrace the now, steal the moment and live every second as fully as you can. Life is for living now!



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