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Message for September 2013

Welcome back! September looks set to be a month of revelation and insight as we each strive to re-establish equilibrium both within and without in our lives. We have all once again found ourselves in something of a cosmic washing machine cycle: spinning one moment, struggling to keep our heads above water the next.

Yet, after the spin comes the clean fresh laundry, and, as we hang it out to dry gently in the breeze the rush, bang, whir and whiz of the spin is soon forgotten. August took us through a squeaky bum time of bottom clenching uncertainty with a bit of chaos thrown in for good measure, but September looks set to be that breakthrough time that we have all been praying for as we escape from the spin cycle and allow those creases to fall away in the breeze. Time for a deep breath... 

However, (and yes, there has to be a however) with the relative quiet it seems likely that we will grow increasingly aware of the gaps within; those spaces that have previously been full of distractions, stuff and general busy-ness. The gaps are the pathway to inner equilibrium but many will resist them as gaps and quiet make so many uncomfortable; how many cannot sit in silence and need the radio, the TV or some other noise on in the background? How many can sit in contented silence with another without feeling the pressure to speak? This is similar to the quiet of the gaps as it is likely to make many feel the need to immediately fill them back up again with stuff. 

Yet, it seems important to realise that the spin and whir of the spin cycle was part of the journey to Self allowing us to break free from storylines and clutter that has previously been holding us back, so why would anyone want to have all of that back again? There are no doubt many different reasons, but perhaps the most obvious is a desire to hide from truth as it has somehow become too painful or too challenging? There is no judgement here, just loving observation. 

At the end of the day, there is a choice to be made over the weeks ahead and we can choose to either gently dry out in the breeze as we face our new reality, lean into any discomfort and adjust to the new equilibrium or we can resist and press the repeat button on the washing machine...

The New Moon is in Virgo on the 5th at 11.36 GMT (12.36 BST) and the Full Moon is in Pisces on the 19th at 11.12 GMT (12.12 BST). The Autumn Equinox is on the 22nd and the Sun enters Libra at 20.44 GMT (21.44 BST). 

With love, 



As you continue to re-establish your sense of Self and re-align your mind, body and soul with your path in life, September looks set to be a month of clarity and insight. There is a strong sense that you are ready to step back from certain aspects of your life that have been weighing heavily on your shoulders for quite some time.

Whilst you are not one to shirk responsibility or give up on a challenge, there is a sense that you have been pushing hard against the currents resulting in a disproportionate amount of energy and effort expended to remain on the spot; the more you push, the less progress you make. Of course, life often has a habit of placing you in situations where your loyalties and sense of responsibility are divided, and this can result in you feeling drawn in many different directions at the same time. 

Although you are a steadfast and determined soul, there is a sense that even you can buckle under this pressure, leaving you doubting your Self, your path and your future. However, the time has come for you to pause for a short while in order to step back from the eye of the storm; whilst this is unlikely to change your reality, it should give you the breathing space required to shift your perspective away from feeling under pressure to that of feeling re-balanced and re-inspired once again.

You are a visionary, and the more you open up to this, the more you will realise that your perception shapes a great deal of your reality: feel under pressure and life feels heavy and under dark clouds, but take a deep breath and the sun comes out. Perception may not create change but it does shift the vibration of your life and this can inspire you to re-connect to the passion, Truth and spark at the core of your being. When you are ‘in balance’, life no longer feels heavy as you ride the waves of life with confidence and a sense of certainty; although you can never know what lies around the corner, somehow being re-aligned helps you to face each day as and when it comes and inspires you to live, love and breathe...


September looks set to be a month of release and expansion for you on a great many levels of your life as you continue to let go of so many of those interminable ‘ought’s’, ‘should’s’ and ‘musts’ that have shaped and defined your life for so long. Responsibility, accountability and duty are words that are deeply ingrained into your psyche as you carry a great deal for so many in life; you are the cog that holds everything together and stops the wheels from falling off or the conveyor belt from breaking down.

Having such a pivotal role can bring great rewards but it also carries great burden as it means that you can never truly step back without worrying that everything will collapse in a heap unless you are there to supervise; a holiday isn’t a true escape as you constantly check your phone, your email, etc.

However, there is a limit to the amount of burden you can carry as even you have a saturation point; the more you carry for others, the less you can carry for your Self, and whilst your selfless nature often sees you self-sacrifice, this comes at a huge cost to both your Self and others. The reason for this is that the more you give of your Self, the less able you are to centre and align to your Truth or to your sense of Self; this is important as it is your mechanism to restore balance and equilibrium in your life. 

It seems that you have now reached the amber warning for saturation in your life and over the coming days and weeks there is a need for you to step back a little in order to re-establish a new level of balance and calm. This may involve saying ‘No!’, ‘Yes!’ or walking away, but remember that with every door that closes, a new one opens.

The wheels might fall off and the conveyor belt might break down, but you are not the only person in the room. Although there is not a strong sense of break-downs or endings at the current time, the need for you to re-establish balance is important, so be prepared to invite change and shift into your life in order to release and expand into your true sense of Self...


As you continue to open up your heart, mind and soul towards embracing present moment consciousness, it seems that you have reached a pivotal turning point in your life as you contemplate the truth of stepping beyond linear time (chasing horizons and digging deeply into your past) in order to take a deep breath and stand awakened and aware in the now.

September looks set to be a month of inspired insight as you let go of your natural tendency to constantly look backwards and forwards to instead gazing more intently at the present moment. Although context is important to you as you need to understand your Self and your life, there is also a need for you to live your life and to engage your Self more consciously in the art of living as opposed to the art of thinking, analysing and contextualising. Of course, with you being you, you cannot let go of any of these completely, but you seem ready now to let go of the hand rails and the conditions you place on life (once you have done this, then you can do that, etc.) in order to settle more contentedly in the present moment. 

Whilst such a shift cannot guarantee that the present moment will always be tip-top and tickety-boo, it seems that the more you let go, the more you will be able to ride the waves of life as and when (and if) they come. You have spent a long time sitting on the side lines waiting for the right moment of understanding to come in order for you to take the next step in life, but the understanding has been with you all along, it’s just that you have been so busy looking for it that you have failed to notice! Your need to find knowing in life is important, but sometimes this can only come from trust, faith and letting go; it isn’t always possible to have all the answers and to get all the guarantees you would ideally like. Although this isn’t to say that you should throw caution to the wind, there is a sense that you need to seek out a new equilibrium of understanding and knowing in your life now as you embrace the present moment with joy, knowing and self-belief...


September looks set to be a month of continued expansion as you reclaim space in several different areas of your life. Understanding your Self and the reasons why you do the things that you do remains important as this will help you to find context and direction as the days and weeks progress; knowing your Self helps you to step back from the chatter and distractions of life and inspires you to let go of those aspects of your life that drag behind you like chains. Although everyone has chains to some extent or another, it is the anchors attached to the chains that are your real challenge as they stop you from getting anywhere fast.

There have been times of your life where you have been happy to be rooted in a familiar spot, but your consciousness is expanding now and you are keen to explore new pastures and unchartered terrain. Stepping into the unknown is likely to take you way and beyond your comfort zone but intuitively you know that the time is right for you to do this as your reclamation of space and your deepening understanding of your Self are leading you towards a new beginning in your life. 

You might wonder the wisdom in trying to fix something if it isn’t broken and whilst your life isn’t ‘broken’, there is a restlessness within you that suggests all is not as rosy and bright as you would like it to be. Now this is not to say that you are unhappy, but maybe it’s time to drop some of those chains and release one or two of those anchors?

Of course, only you can answer this question, but it seems important to take some time out over the coming month in order to ponder your answer as you are on the crest of a wave in your life that can either carry you out to sea towards a new destination or it can keep you safely anchored up in harbour. In many ways, what happens next is in your hands although the heavens often have a way of nudging you in the right direction; so listen to your inner wisdom and know that even if you do enter unchartered seas, the lighthouse of your soul will always be there to guide you...


As you continue to re-establish your sense of balance in life by speaking your Truth and honouring your Self, it seems that you are beginning to relish the opportunity to step into unchartered terrain in order to re-connect to your dreams and your essence. Although you have never fully let go of either of these, the cost of your tendency to be everything to everyone has been your Self, and, over recent months, you have felt a distinct sense of distance from your life, your Self and your path.

September looks set to be a month where you stop over-flexing and bending to accommodate everyone and instead start to embrace a new way of living and being that allows you to honour your Self and your needs far more. This is not to say that you will ignore the needs or others or become innately selfish and cold, but there is a sense that you will stand firmer and flex a little less. This might feel hard at first, particularly as guilt is likely to play on your conscience, but try to feel the burn of this and know that there is light on the other side of the fence. 

Sometimes, stepping back is the biggest gift you can give another as standing alone is the ultimate test of growth, evolution and faith. You cannot be everything to everyone all of the time as it doesn’t do you or the people involved a great deal of good in the long term; accountability, responsibility, choice and free will all play roles here and intuitively you know that by stepping back a little, those around you might stumble or even fall, but they are strong enough to pick themselves back up again.

Holding their hands all the time comes at the cost of you losing sight of your Self and whilst you might feel that this is an acceptable price to pay, your heart and soul beg to differ and are longing now for an opportunity to run free in the hills. This is a powerful theme in your life now and it seems that Truth will keep on knocking on the door to your soul until you let it in and be your Self...


September looks set to be a month of continued expansion and liberation as you embrace the moment and find time to rest in the stillness of life. You would be forgiven for feeling perplexed as to where the stillness actually resides in your life as things seem quite frenetic and chaotic, but when you pause for a moment and step beyond your ever-growing and ever-present ‘to do list’ in life, the stillness is always there, sitting patiently and tenderly, waiting for you to notice.

Being busy has become a habit of yours that has grown increasingly challenging to break; a life full of distractions makes for an interesting life but it seems to take you away from your Self and your true essence. Although there are times when you are more than relieved not to be immersed in your Self (as that can mean some intense introspective, self-honesty and reflection), there is a part of you that longs for the nourishment of stillness and space in your life. 

Although being busy can make you happy, you intuitively know stillness is the true test of happiness, as when you are still, you can sense the comfort or discomfort within, and this shows you how happy and content you really are. Yet, habits are, by their very nature, deeply ingrained, so how can you step away from the distractions in order to find space and stillness? Well, the answer seems clear, you simply have to stop for a moment, gaze within and breathe deeply into your Self.

It really doesn’t have to be any more challenging than that unless you want it to be. You are great at creating complex conundrums and paradoxes within as you tie yourself up in knots trying to find joy but getting lost in the details instead, this is a good distraction technique as you seem to equate a long ‘to do list’ with a life well-lived, and whilst this is true in part, when you strip back the clutter and the distraction, it is important to find contentment in the stillness and this is your goal now: don’t fight the quiet, embrace it and become it...


September looks set to be a month of acceptance, surrender and break-through for you on a great many levels of your life. Words like surrender and break-through can instil a deep sense of panic within as you take a sharp in-breath and wonder what on earth the weeks ahead have in store for you, but when you disengage your brain and feel the resonance of the shifts ahead, intuitively you know that you are approaching a significant and life-affirming chapter of your life.

One of your biggest gifts in life is also one of your biggest challenges; it seems that your tendency to philosophise, evaluate and ponder brings you much more than insight, knowing and wisdom as it also brings you a sense of paralysis and indecision at times when you become unable to step beyond the power of your mind. 

Of course, your mind is a valuable asset, but you are so much more than your mind and the more you accept this, the more you will be able to apply the gifts of acceptance and surrender to your life. Both of these are amazing opportunities as they are offering you a chance to let go of the storylines that have previously shaped and defined your life for so long, at the same time, by accepting your Self and surrendering to your true power and essence, you are affirming to both your Self and the Universe that you are finally happy being you.

This might sound like a strange observation, but it seems that you have spent a great deal of your life trying to be the person that you thought you should be rather than accepting and loving the person that you are. This doesn’t mean giving up on dreams or aspirations but it does mean breaking-through that powerful, and often impermeable, self-created barrier to Self that has seen you struggle, wriggle and wrestle with knowing just how to live your life. There is no need to fight your Self any longer, just love and accept your Self instead. It really is as simple as that! Surrender to the joy of being you and let this joy lead the way now...


Apples, apple carts and cider look set to continue to play starring roles in your life over the coming weeks as you contemplate the life that you are living, the life you have lived and the life that you aspire to live. Keeping on keeping on has seen you maintain the apple cart with love and precision, but when you step back a little from this scenario you may wonder why having line upon line of shining, perfectly aligned apples is actually that important as your usual state of being is far more footloose and fancy free.

Over recent weeks you have realised that there is more to life than pristine, rosy apples all lined up with mathematical precision and as you step into September you are likely to feel the urge to upend the apple cart and to savour Keats’ ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ by making cider and getting giddy on the results! However, before you completely throw caution to the wind it is important to ask yourself why you have spent so long polishing apples? What compelled you to step back from your more usual fancy free existence? Why have the apples become so important as a measure of your happiness? 

It seems that you have somehow and inadvertently stepped onto a conveyor belt in life, one that leads to jolly things, but one that feels distinctly at a tangent to your usual state of being. Having apples is nice as they can bring you some stability, but when this comes at the cost of not having the space or the freedom to dance on the apples to make cider and have some fun (or even to pick some new fruit), then intuitively you know that something is out of kilter in your life. Enough of apples!

September looks set to be a month of self-exploration as you start to re-connect to your true and effervescent essence enabling you to look at the bigger picture of your life with fresh eyes. With the scent of cider in the air, you might be tempted to leap into unknown territory, but don’t get lost in the heady fumes without first re-centring and re-aligning your razor sharp intuition and realising that this is the perfect opportunity to not only make cider but to find a new unique selling point as well...


‘It’s oh so quiet. It’s oh so still...and so peaceful blow a fuse’. Bjork’s lyrics seem oh so apt for you in September as you step from ticking along, minding your own business as suddenly everything changes! Bjork’s song might have been about falling in love, and this is not beyond the realms of possibility, but more likely is an overwhelming realisation that comes and taps you on the nose (hopefully gently but possibly not) reminding you that you have a magnificent blank canvas in front of you waiting to be coloured in and given shape and form.

In essence, September looks set to be a month of you breaking free from keeping on keeping on in order to start living, loving, being and evolving. You are a vibrant, majestic and colourful soul, and tiptoeing along being ‘oh so quiet’ has allowed you to maintain the status quo in your life, but the status quo really isn’t on the cover of your vision board of life. In essence, you are ticking along but being ‘oh so quiet’ really isn’t you; you need the room to dance, to sing, to shout, to laugh and to stomp whenever you want to. 

Sudden bouts of blowing a fuse do bring some relief and respite from the quiet as they can bring you waves of inspiration and creativity, but are you truly happy to tiptoe through life when you can stomp, splash in puddles in your wellies and give shape to that patiently waiting blank canvas? Of course, only you can answer this question, but it seems important to at least explore it now as the fuse blowing looks set to remind you of the bigger picture that life still has to offer you.

On one level it seems that you feel like a colouring book that hasn’t, as yet, been coloured in; you have the pens, the paints and the crayons to hand but you have held back as you know that as soon as you start to fill in the pages, your life will change. Change is not always something to fear and avoid though, as change can be life-affirming and life-enhancing as well. It seems important now to make a choice as to your true priorities in life and to dance like you have never danced before...


September looks set to be a month of continued revelation and insight as you awaken fully to the concept of living your life consciously and whole-heartedly. Now, before you take a sharp inhalation of breath at the idea of someone daring to critique the way that you live your life, there is no judgement here, nor is there any suggestion that you have previously not wanted to live your life consciously, but there is a sense that, up until now, you have hedged your bets on the side of caution and hung back waiting to witness the outcome of living consciously in the lives of others.

Such caution is wise, but it is important to realise that living consciously is unique to each individual, therefore just because someone else either makes a complete success or a total hash of it is not a true indicator or measure for you to go by. Sometimes, the only way of finding out is to find out for yourself... 

You may recall the dancing theme from last month and the suggestion that you let go a little and embrace this expansive state of being more in your life? Well, this is all part of the same process as your willingness to dance and embrace a positive vibration in life is in direct correlation to how consciously you live. Yet there is something deeply unsettling about all of this to you, the idea of dancing, letting go and stepping into the unknown all sounds great and tickety-boo on paper, but you know that the reality is life brings you a completely different set of choices and options. But does it? Does it really?

It is all too easy to get lost in having things to do, people to see and places to go as this can keep you tied to the treadmill of doing in life, but when you pause for a moment and connect to the bigger picture and the concept of living consciously in the present moment, linear time and its pressures fade away as you realise that the burden is simply one perception of your reality and as soon as you change this perception by opening up your eyes fully and taking a deep breath, then everything changes. This is your moment now to re-shape your life from the inside, out...


When you plant flowers, flowers grow. If you plant weeds, weeds grow. Yet when you plant nothing, what grows? Nothing? No, weeds. There is a sense that you have been carefully tending and cultivating your patch of ground for a long time, keeping the canvas fairly blank to accommodate your changing ideas but, at the same time, pouring rich nutrients into the soil in order to grow the most amazing crop when you are ready. Yet, as the saying goes, if you plant nothing, weeds grow, so instead of your intended crop blossoming in the soil, it seems that other things are now taking root and gaining a foothold and most of your energy and attention is focused on clearing the weeds as they appear.

Weeds can take over and, like ivy creeping insidiously over and through the walls of an ancient building; they can stop anything else from growing or flourishing. However, ivy creeping over a ruin is a beautiful and incredible sight to behold, so are all weeds truly bad and in need of eradication? Isn’t a weed just ‘a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants’. Perhaps the mystery of the unknown plant popping up through the soil will bring you unexpected joy and pleasure? 

It seems that your focus on keeping a pristine patch of ground ready for when the ‘time is right’ has consumed your attention so much that you have lost sight of the beauty already around and within you. Some of the ‘weeds’ are beautiful and have incredible healing properties, so why fight them? At the same time, until you have planted your own crop how can you be sure that the weeds are even weeds? Are you still unsure what you want from your life or have you simply got so tied up in weed eradication that you have forgotten to live fully and in the moment?

Lots of questions to ponder throughout September but there is a strong sense of breakthrough as you start to embrace a new chapter of your life that sees you letting go of the somewhat military style intensive farming operation of weed eradication to instead go back to basics, be at one with the land and to re-connect to your true Self...


As human beings, it is so easy to get wrapped up in chasing dreams and seeking material goods for sustenance, but, as you know, there is a hollowness to this as nourishment cannot be found in such things. Although you have always know this, it is only more recently that you have started to actively seek out a new way of living and being that is driven by your desire to find ‘home’; home in this context is not a roof over your head but it is a sense of inner balance and harmony that comes from finding peace in life.

You are an intuitive and fluid soul, and it seems that the complexities and demands of modern living have become increasingly onerous for you leaving you craving the simplicity of living a more enriched and meaningful life. Yet is it hard to juggle between the material pressures and your deeper spiritual and creative needs as these often seem at a tangent to one another; you feel that one repels the other. However, it is possible to find a balance between modern living and being you, and over the coming days and weeks there is a sense of realisation stirring deep within you as you begin to establish a new equilibrium in your life.

September therefore looks set to be a month of great shift for you as you face the Truth of your reality and embrace the strength within in order to not only find home, but to be home as well. In a way, this is a kind of ‘phoenix moment’ as a great deal of your past looks set to fall away as you begin to live more consciously in the present moment.

Although the past is important, the present is your biggest blessing, and the more you embrace this and live in it, the more strength you will tap into within. You are a fluid being so why not ride the waves with passion and strength, and love being you? Finding balance can mean change and it can mean endings and beginnings, but all of these are a part of the cycle of life and the more fluid you become the more you will realise that all is as it should be...


kay 2nd September 2013 11:17 am

So many of the comments recently on Spirit Library reflect exactly this for many of us. We've been run through the ringer and stretched out of shape. Wishing us all a blessed and nurturing September.

bluefeatheryone 2nd September 2013 12:15 pm

Spot on for me, Sarah-Jane. Thank you so much for the timely message! Love to you! :smitten:

kay 2nd September 2013 4:27 pm

Make that wrung through the wringer.


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