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Message for September 2017

I’m not sure if the words have, as yet, been invented to describe the current moment; there are highs and lows, there are jolts backwards and leaps forwards, there are upward shifts and downward falls. This goes way and beyond a fairground ride to a profound journey within, reaching deeply into the nooks and crannies of the soul. Yet, to write about it is to help process it and make sense of it, so without the words to really capture the essence, how can one distil and condense it? Perhaps the lack of a suitable vocabulary is actually more of a gift though as it means we can’t over-think or over-analyse this, we simply have to feel it and be with it?

We each have our own experiences in life, yet we are all inter-connected as a part of the universal whole. Whilst we each have our own thoughts, beliefs and ideals, we are woven together as a part of the rich tapestry of life. Yet, when day becomes night, even if it is just for a few minutes, it’s easy to become discombobulated and disorientated and, unless there are others who stand firm, we become lost. Although we walk alone through life, every thought, breath, action and non-action all send ripples through space and time, so, in truth, as one soul breathes out, another breathes in, allowing the flow of life to continue.

So, whilst many are still feeling confused and bewildered, others are finding their feet and their courage. Some may run but others will stay and allow themselves to willingly and consciously become a part of the cycle of evolution; to breathe in when others breathe out and vice versa. More than this though, to stand firm even when the skies grow dark with storm clouds and the winds gather force and momentum.

It takes courage to choose such a role but, so many of us are now choosing to live a more connected and awakened life and this brings a sense of unity and connectedness that inspires each of us to carry on, even when times get tough. Admittedly, I've had many many challenging moments in my life and I've reached low’s I never dreamed possible. I've wanted to give up, to let go and end, and I've wanted to rise up, live and thrive as well. During the lows, I've been acutely aware of my breath as all I could do was watch the in breath follow the out breath, wondering if that cycle would continue and, indeed, wondering if I wanted it to.

Yet, I always had a sense that with every in breath, there was an out breath somewhere else in the world. It was as though, I was part of a cycle that had purpose and meaning. Once again, it’s hard to articulate, but this gave me strength and my curiosity inspired me to carry on, and so now, when life gets challenging for so many, I find myself breathing more willingly and mindfully, knowing it’s my intention to instil the hope I felt when I needed it to those in need. Of course, I’m human and I still experience lows, but feeling, and being, a part of the bigger picture somehow allowed me to gracefully accept the constant cycle of change and shift.

So, for those of us who can, breathe deeply into the world. For those of us struggling, know you are not alone...

With love,



September looks set to be a month of renewed energy and motivation as you begin to push back against the inertia that’s been stifling you over recent weeks and months. Although you have, on the whole, remained positive, there have been times when you’ve felt as though you couldn’t move or change the situation you’ve found yourself in, leaving you feeling frustrated and powerless as a result. Of course, it takes determination and effort to push against inertia as it can feel suffocating and restrictive as it’s had such a tight hold over you as though you’ve been stuck inside an elastic wall and, no matter how hard you’ve pushed, it’s just sprung back again. So, you now find yourself feeling weary of expending so much energy but it hasn’t dampened down your inner fires as your spirit is still soaring. This inner strength is always with you, even in challenging times, and it’s important to remember this as life events can often cloud the view.

Your resolve to not give up has tested your morale on more than one occasion but it is this resilient, innovative and vibrant energy that’s enabling you to look beyond the elastic wall to see a different way of moving forward. Sometimes, seeing the same situation from a different perspective helps to shift the dynamic as life can feel too up close and claustrophobic if you feel trapped, but when you step back and breathe, whilst the situation doesn’t change, you do, and this can transport you from where you are to where you now need to be. This isn’t about breaking down the elastic walls or forcing through the elastic, it’s about reaching the point of realisation that the elastic is just a metaphor and you are only imprisoned because you believe yourself to be…


The equation of your life has never been a particularly straightforward one; you are simply not an ‘a plus b equals c’ kind of person. You are a complex soul and even when a plus b does equal c, it doesn’t at the same time. Confused? Well, it’s easy to see why anyone would be confused, yet, if you go deeper within, this is likely to make perfect sense as it’s a reflection of the inherently complex and evolved nature of being you. Painting by numbers and living inside the box just do not fit your expansive and far-reaching awareness yet, there is a part of you striving to do just that because you feel, on some levels, that you should be a sheep and follow the flock of ‘normal-dom’ because that’s what everyone does. Is it? Really? Perhaps this is less about how others live but more about how you see and judge yourself?

In many ways, you are never happy with who you are as you feel you could and should be better, be more etc. Why? Why do you want to blend in and try to be someone you’re not? Why don’t you feel like you’re enough exactly as you are? Do you fear your true essence or do you feel life is just easier if you try to make a plus b equal c? Of course, intuitively you know you can never truly be happy compromising your creative spark but this doesn’t stop you trying as you’ve forged out a belief based on ought’s, must’s and should’s. Perhaps the time has come for you to carve out some new beliefs based on what you truly believe rather than on what you think you ought to believe? Why not be you, let your effervescent energy sparkle, make your own decisions about a,b and c, and create your very own equation for a happy, joyful life…


September looks set to mark a change in the direction of the currents when it comes to the tides of your life. Over recent weeks and months there has been a sense of a maelstrom of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences all swirling around your consciousness in a big heap of cluttered, distractive ‘stuff’. It’s been hard to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to making sense of this and you’ve frequently felt as though you’re swimming against the currents even though, at the same time, you’re being carried along by the tide. You have struggled to make sense of how you can be doing both things at the same time; as a result, you have felt extremely discombobulated and disorientated as all of your effort has been focused in trying not to do what you’re doing and in trying to do what you’re not doing.

In many ways, these are the same thing, so you have been running backwards and forwards to stay on the same spot without really knowing why you even need to stay on the same spot. In short, you don’t. It’s just the same spot is familiar to you and, in a chaotic and confusing world, familiar is good even if it doesn’t intuitively feel right. There are many riddles and layers of confusion pervading from the depths of your consciousness as you try to make sense of why things are the way they are. You are not happy just to ‘drift’, equally though, you are not quite sure if you are ready to re-direct the currents as you have no clear destination. Maybe though, this isn’t about destination, perhaps it’s about enjoying the journey and, more importantly, enjoying the here and now? So, take a breath, stop struggling and allow yourself to be…


As you continue to explore the cycles and patterns repeating themselves in your life, there is a sense you are beginning to feel slightly nauseous as though you have spent just a little too long on one of those Waltzer-like fairground rides that spin and twist; you know the ones that go round and round and round, spinning faster and faster, going forwards and backwards but without really going anywhere. It seems, the more you reflect and explore, the more you are being tossed about in the ever-changing landscape of your soul. Yet, just like the fairground ride, despite the spinning and twisting, you seem to be in just about the same place as when you started. This isn’t to say you’ve been half-hearted in your attempts to create change, there is just a sense that you are perhaps trying so hard to shake up your life, you have forgotten what you are trying to achieve and why. Maybe just shaking things up isn’t enough?

Maybe you need to have a clearer sense of what you truly want from your life? You have been sitting on the periphery, hedging your bets for quite some time; you leap onto the fairground rides with eager enthusiasm to create change but without actually knowing what change you’re trying to create. It’s clear you have the energy and momentum, but now you need to concentrate on focusing and directing all of this in much clearer ways. So, what do you truly, wholeheartedly want from your life? Are you afraid to ask such a question as the answer may take you out of your comfort zone or is there a possibility the answer may mean the need to make some changes? Have the courage to believe in yourself and ask yourself what you truly truly want…


Well, the good news is that September looks set to be a month of breakthrough, inspiration and clear vision, taking you beyond the confusion, uncertainty and doubt that has been encircling you recently, allowing you to step back to see the bigger picture and to re-gain your creative, fiery roar once again. And the bad news? Well, there is a tendency to expect bad news to follow good but is that a reality or just a perception? If you expect bad news does that mean it’s more likely for it to happen or is that just codswallop and bunkum? Of course, everything moves in cycles: day and night, endings and beginnings, good and bad, but by looking at things in such a binary, either/or way, do you risk losing sight of the middle ground? Maybe news is just news and by flavouring it with ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you immediately give it more power over how it affects you? Of course, to do so is simply human nature but it bothers you that you are still caught up in cycles, and cycles within cycles as you are free-spirited at heart, and you don’t want to feel bogged down by out-dated belief systems.

Of course, you could just decide not to buy into such beliefs anymore but maybe that’s too simple? Maybe there’s a part of you that thrives on the ‘struggle’, that feels a triumph at the end of a ‘battle’ is more satisfying than a change of perspective. After all, you are lion, and you’ve come to expect the need to ‘be more lion’. This could be true but the only person suffering in that belief is you. Maybe life isn’t about battles or struggles, perhaps it’s about being more lion by basking in the sunlight and allowing your vibrant, sparkling, creative, effervescent roar to reverberate into all areas of your life allowing you to live the life you were born to live... 


September looks set to be a month where you continue to review and explore all aspects of yourself and your path in life. You have felt quite scattered recently and you are now keen to find ways of bringing together the different facets of you into a more cohesive whole. Your head and your heart often have different agendas and you can find yourself at odds with yourself as you try to collate a vision of not only where you’re heading, but also of where you are now. Sometimes, you almost feel as though there are two versions of you: the logical, planning thinker, and the creative, intuitive dreamer. Head versus heart is notoriously hard to live with but it really doesn’t have to be. You feel the divide acutely because you are so aware of it but does it bother you because you feel you shouldn’t have both jumping up and down wanting to be heard?

Do you feel you need to be an either/or sort of soul, either head driven or heart focused? Is there any reason you can’t be both? Maybe it’s because you feel you shouldn’t be both that you pull against your natural state of being? Maybe if you embrace your head and heart, you can allow them to unite and work together? Just imagine those two powerhouses working in harmony! It seems clear you are keen to shift your life from where you are to where you want to be but you feel thwarted by your own multi-layered nature. So, the time has come for you to stop doing this. Yes, stop! Celebrate your ordered, nerdy head, and honour your more wafty, creative heart; they are both wonderful facets of being you and, in truth, you wouldn’t be you without both. So, instead of trying to ‘sort yourself out’, why not just be yourself instead…  


September looks set to be a time for you to embrace one of your most precious gifts, it’s time to allow your true nature to surface and for you to be the lighthouse you know yourself to be. Lighthouses often reside in the nooks and crannies of life, in places others wouldn’t dare to tread, but they guide others to safety and light up the way. Sound familiar? Lighthouses reach out into the darkness with the light within and the light you naturally radiate comes from deep within your heart and soul. Whilst you struggle to acknowledge your own true nature, you are a guiding light and the time has come for you to use this more now; you have much wisdom to share with others, and your compassion is far reaching. This isn’t about massaging your ego, it’s about asking you to use your gifts and to embrace your true nature.

Intuitively you know how to dance with the light, yet you frequently hold back as it takes you into unfamiliar territory. It’s not that you live in fear but you allow the boundaries of the everyday, pedestrian world in which you live to permeate into your depths so sparkling and shimmering feels out of place. Although you are a lighthouse, you prefer to cover your light by everyday ‘ought’s’, ‘must’s’ or ‘should’s’ as you try to conform to societies perception of ‘normal’. Yet, you are anything but normal! You are vibrant, passionate, compassionate, tenacious and an expansive thinker, and you know it’s time for you to let your true gifts shine brightly. Why hide yourself away when you feel so inspired to twinkle and shine? Maybe you’re not keen to rock the apple cart of your life but maybe it’s time to make some cider or a nice apple crumble? In other words, shift your perspective and you’ll realise the apple cart rocks all the time, it’s now up to you how the apples fall…


September looks set to be a month for re-igniting the flames and passion within as you begin to walk a new path in life. Whilst you continue to explore your inner world and hidden mysteries, the concept of having boundless depths and an infinite consciousness no longer seems to overwhelm you; instead you are starting to feel quite excited about the unchartered terrain of your soul. The more you befriend your depths, the more your inner fires smoulder and glow suggesting you are opening up to the bigger picture of your life. Where there were once boundaries, there are now open horizons. Where there were once walls, there are now ladders and open pathways. In many ways, this all sounds rather twee, and it would be understandable if you felt somewhat sceptical as to the notion of glowing brightly and exploring new horizons, as life rarely works out that way, yet, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible, does it?

There is no doubt you have had your fair share of knocks and bumps in life, both physically and metaphorically, yet ‘what was’ doesn’t have to define what happens next. You may still feel bogged down with the many responsibilities you carry, but you cannot deny an increasing sense of shift occurring deep within your heart and soul as your spirit lifts and begins to soar. Perhaps it’s time to listen to your intuition and let that guide you forward now? Stepping from where you are to a new way of living and being takes courage, but you have that by the bucket load. It’s in your inner world where your power, intuition and gifts reside, so it seems logical that you need to go to your inner world to seek out direction and guidance. Listen to your soul and let your flames and passion dance once again… 


What do you truly want? Yes, it is a stuck record. You are, once again, being asked the same question. Your immediate thought may be one of frustration at being repeatedly asked the same thing. You may feel irritated you’re being bothered by this again but pause for a moment: is there a chance you’re being asked this question again as you haven’t, as yet, actually answered it? You may have danced around the edges and rolled some possible answers around your consciousness, but you haven’t, hand on heart, said out loud what you truly want. You are a multi-levelled, multi-layered soul, so your answer is very unlikely to be simple and clear cut but without knowing what you truly want how can you know where you are heading and why? Perhaps you are happy to drift with the currents or perhaps you simply prefer to keep your life stuffed full of distractions and things to do?

Yet, is the idea of knowing what you truly want really so abhorrent? Could it be that you don’t want to know as you worry it’s unachievable? Or do you fear if you get what you want then the thrill of the chase will be over? Maybe though, what you want is something that evolves in time so the more you focus on it, the more you move towards a state of happiness and away from a feeling of lack? Yes, there’s a chance you could make a declaration and change your mind or go down a one-way street, but that’s a part of the journey of being human. Surely to try and fail is better than to sit on the side lines trying your best to ignore it? This may sound harsh but it’s not meant to be, it’s just a gentle nudge in the ribs to get you to embrace your full potential and to realise what an amazing, incredible, beautiful soul you truly are…


September looks set to be a month of contrasts as the kaleidoscope of change and shift continues to filter deeply into the different areas of your life. Of course, this isn’t new as change has been a constant for you, but you are not alone in this, change happens to everyone. Yet, there are times, when you feel as though you have more change to deal with than others and this can be hard for you to process as your belief system is based on the inherent randomness of life, where no one person should, in theory, have more to deal with than anyone else. But, just like it’s possible to roll two sixes or get a Royal Flush, chance doesn’t mean balanced, fair or equal, it isn’t measured out in small doses, it just means stuff happens. It’s easy to see the patterns of struggle in your life as they stand out like a hundred-foot neon sign, but the good stuff is there, it’s just easy not to notice it.

You have never been much of a lover of change as it’s disruptive and means things can’t be constant, but you are always wise and know it’s an inevitable part of life. Whilst you may never feel completely at peace with the process of change as it rarely makes sense, you are nearing a point of acceptance where you are feeling more open-hearted about the constant ebb and flows of the tides of life. As a result, the kaleidoscope of change is likely to feel less onerous and more like a golden opportunity for a fresh start. In many ways, this is all a matter of perception, but it is also about your willingness to step beyond your belief system and to realise that the inherent randomness of life has the potential to bring you joy and new beginnings…  


As you continue to move forwards in your life, putting one foot in front of the other, there is a part of you finding the whole process rather strange and awkward. It’s as though you have reached a depth of self-questioning so profound that you find yourself questioning every thought and every process, and wondering what on earth life is all about and trying to understand the point of everything. Being in such a space is challenging though as you still have to navigate your way through the everyday up’s and down’s; so you now find yourself in a slightly bewildering space of trying to put one foot in front of the other to keep on keeping on but questioning why feet go one in front of the other and what is keeping on keeping on. It’s as though you’ve reached the lowest and deepest point of existential ponderings and philosophical meanderings where nothing really makes sense anymore, yet, at the same time, you’re still very much in the real world.

Of course, on the whole, where one foot leads, the other will follow (although there are always some exceptions to that rule!), so you are keeping up the momentum but it’s hard to maintain this when you lack the understanding as to why you’re doing what you’re doing. Life feels uncertain and unknowable, and whilst you know this has always been the case, you are now looking for some firm foundations, a little bit of terra firma to stand on where you can breathe, feel the earth beneath your feet and re-focus. Yet, all you need to do is to look down to see you are already on such ground, but your head is spinning from the questioning and your spirit is ricocheting around like a kind of confused pinball machine. Take a breath, pause, feel your feet, step into this moment and stop over-thinking! 


There is a sense that you have, for quite some time now, been standing at a doorway. The door is closed and your hand is hovering over the handle in a kind of hesitant, cautious anticipation, wondering if you should open it and go through or if you should walk away. You’ve touched the handle and you’ve also turned to walk away but, like a moth to a flame, you keep coming back. There is a part of you longing to turn the handle, throw open the door and charge ahead, but there is another part of you concerned about the change this could bring to your life. There is no doubt you are tantalised and intrigued by this door, and although you’ve tried, you cannot turn and walk away. Your focus is very much on what may, or may not, be on the other side of the door: is this the place where your dreams come true or will it simply be another room like the one you’re in now? How can you know?

There is no keyhole to peep through and even you haven’t mastered the art of looking through solid matter. It would be easy to assume that the door itself doesn’t have any power but maybe it does, maybe it’s the door that’s the real issue here as you’re a resilient, strong and highly adaptive soul so you know you can cope with whatever you may find on the other side. Yet, you are hesitant as you can’t know what lies beyond. You don’t want to ‘get it wrong’ but you also know you can’t stay as you are now. You want to open the door but you become overwhelmed with a cascade of worries and what if’s. Stop for a moment. Step back. The door is still there but there’s no wall! It’s time now to see beyond the door and to step into new terrain…



Cheri 31st August 2017 1:57 pm

This does take a great courage to persevere. It is intense and ongoing and seems totally out of control hahaha!!

It takes a certain amount of surrender and trust in your soul. We have all had to reach way down and figure out who we are at our very core. I keep trying to figure out exactly what's going on but have no frame of reference. It's like learning as we go. My brain has to get out of the way of needing to know and just allow the clearing to continue until the heart emerges free and crystal clear.

However, this is one of the greatest things we will ever do so I have to get out of my own way and let the heroic self emerge with love and surrender to the process!!


franny7 31st August 2017 5:53 pm

Just Beautiful, Sarah. Thank You:)


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