Yearly Astro-Forecast For 2022

Message for 2022

At the beginning of my forecast for 2021, I wrote about an experience where I found myself looking out of the window to see the rain falling through the sunlight. Unusually, when I looked out of the other window in the room, there was no rain. In this somewhat surreal moment, I felt in between worlds, on the edge of a cloud; neither here nor there. It seemed apt to use this experience once again as, for the most part, I have spent most of 2021 feeling as though I’ve been spiralling in between worlds, trying to find my feet, and trying to cling hold of a point in space that would bring me an anchor with context, direction or a sense of perspective.

It’s hard to look ahead to the coming year without looking back over the previous twelve months as this gives us a reference point, and it has unquestionably been a challenging and difficult year for a great many souls as we have felt wave after stormy wave crashing in on the shorelines of our souls. There have been times when the waves have been so relentless, it’s been hard to take a breath and this has felt overwhelming at times, and yet, there has also been moments of tranquillity, stillness, and great joy.

Very few would look back over the previous twelve months and not feel the impact of the events that have happened. We have all changed and evolved, not always for the better, but we are simply not the same people we were this time last year.

For me personally, 2021 was a year for gazing very deeply into the core of my being, both literally and metaphorically. I reached a stage where I felt cornered in my reality, and I had no choice but to acknowledge the situation I found myself in. I have always been stoical and determined, not wanting to let my health issues get the better of me, but last year, my health issues had other ideas and I was pushed so hard, I had no choice but to turn and face them head on. I realised my denial had left me translucent and I felt as though I had no foundations. It took me a while to realise the power of the grief I was experiencing in connection to the disconnection I had with both myself and my life. The life I once lived was no longer possible and I’d lost my sense of self as my identity had been shaped with the things I did and enjoyed, and slowly they all eroded and fell away, leaving me with a deep hole in my heart and soul.    

I felt this loss so exquisitely within, and yet despite the pain, I also reconnected to a deeper part of myself and it was from here I realised the need to wholeheartedly accept myself, my health issues and my reality exactly as it is. It isn’t the life I dreamed of, but it’s the life I have, denying it doesn’t make it better, it only stops me from living.

After what felt like a few months, hope rose up within me inspiring me to connect to the bigger picture of my life. I somehow felt more alive and more connected than ever before, it was feeling like I am, once again, an integral part of the universal orchestra rather than a broken and disregarded spare part that was long forgotten. In short, I started to feel a sense of self-worth and self-belief once again. It was at this point I decided to work out what my true priorities were in life, and I realised that being out in nature, connecting to the natural world was what made my heart sing. I therefore had to find a way to facilitate this. My legs wouldn’t take me so I needed to find some wheels that could. With the love, support and generosity of so many I successfully managed to crowdfund for an all-terrain wheelchair which is now on order. I shifted from a place of utter despondency to one of hope, where my heart feels lighter, and I feel a stronger sense of purpose.

The reason I’ve mentioned my own journey here is because the year ahead really feels like a year of connection, of communication and of togetherness. So many of us spend days, weeks, years even in isolation, struggling in pain or grief, feeling so alone, and yet if we reach out our hand, there is someone there. For me to reach out to others to ask for help and to say I wasn’t fine was a huge giant leap for me, I felt as though I was leaping into the unknown, but the support and love I’ve received felt like hundreds of hands reaching out to let me know I wasn’t alone.

This is the core of the message for the year ahead, it’s not feeling alone, it’s knowing that even when we are in a space that is dark and painful, if we reach out someone will hear. Of course, reaching out takes courage and strength, but it is also a leap of faith, and it’s important to know that none of us have to struggle alone.          

I’ve felt as though the very fabric of my being was ripped up and torn to shreds last year, but the love and generosity I’ve received from so many has felt like magical threads weaving me back together again. Yet, I haven’t been put back together in the same way; I am changed. I am not the person I once was. Of course, I still have my struggles, but I don’t feel alone, and this is a year for each of us to cultivate a deeper sense of community, to find a family in the energetic sense of the word. And for those of us who may already feel complete and content, to reach out to others; don’t be islands.

We are all in this together. Each of us are vibrant souls, and whilst having some time alone is good for all of us, feeling like an integral part of the universe is deeply important. So many of us go through life feeling like we are not good enough or that we are simply not enough, and this needs to change now as we each turn within, and towards others, with love, tenderness and compassion.

It’s time to blossom as we sense our souls expanding and we breathe deeply into life, allowing life to breathe deeply into us. There are no clear-cut instructions or a rulebook to follow in order to take the next steps in our evolution as it is a natural process; just like the bud blossoming, our souls are ready to burst open into the light.

Each of us are ready to let the fires within burn brightly as we each become a beacon of light for ourselves and one another. The more wholeheartedly we dive into this, the more powerful the awakening for us all.

When I get my new wheelchair, I can connect to the whispers of the trees, touch the sea, and feel the rain on my skin. Knowing that the love and generosity of so many will travel with me on each journey, really does highlight the interconnectedness of us all. All we can ever do is to take life a day at a time, but surely it’s time now to live life as fully as possible?  

I wish you a bright, happy, healthy, and joyful year ahead.

With love,



You have spent a great deal of time over the last year thinking about the things that are truly important in your life. You have contemplated the things that nourish you, the things that enhance your life, as well as the things that deplete you. As a result, you have started to make some significant changes in different areas of your life, and you are beginning to let go of a great deal of clutter and distraction. Although you still have plenty of people to see, places to go and things to do, you are discerning more and prioritising, having the courage to let go of a great deal of the inessential that has filled your life for so long. Your year ahead look set to be filled with self-discovery, reinvention, and creativity as you think about new ways to explore your dreams. During this period of reassessment, you have spent a great deal of time looking back over the whole journey of your life and this has brought to light a deeper sense of purpose on your path ahead.

As a result, you have gained a much deeper understanding of your true motivations and you have realised the ways in which you compromise your own needs when you try to be everything to everyone. Of course, wanting to be there for others is a part of your essence, but you have a tendency to give, then give a bit more and then give even more. Whilst you do have the energy and capacity to do this, over time you end up depleting your reserves and this can create a deep inner restlessness as you are not able to re-centre on your own needs and dreams. You are wise enough and intuitive enough to realise that it is perfectly possible to be there for others without sacrificing your own needs, you just need to choose such a path moving forwards...


Breathing deeply into life and allowing your intuition to lead the way both look set to continue throughout your year ahead as you seek out new ways to enrich and enhance your life from the inside, out. You have let go of a great deal of clutter on all levels of your life which has left you feeling freer and lighter, and rather than rush to fill up the space left behind, you have given yourself some much-needed breathing space to reflect, ponder and contemplate the things that truly matter to you. In many ways, 2022 looks set to be a year of creativity and innovation for you as the winds of change gather a powerful momentum inspiring you to look at your life, your path, and your dreams with fresh perspective. Although you tend to keep at least one foot on the ground, rooted in reality, the dreamer in you is soaring high as you can sense so many possibilities and opportunities within your grasp.

Life rarely turns out in the way we expect, and whilst this has knocked you back at times, your determination and energy to keep on keeping on has been inspirational. Yet, you long for more than ‘keeping on’, you want the space to fly free and to express your creative energy in all areas of your life. It can be hard at times, as you are always so aware of where you are, where you want to be, and where you feel you ought to be, but it’s important not to let this invoke feelings of lack within you as you are standing at a crossroads of opportunity to create a brand-new way of living and being. It takes courage to fly free and to allow your true potential to flourish and shine, but you seem ready now to live your best life…


Celebrating your uniqueness, your gifts and your creativity are themes that look set to continue in earnest throughout 2022. Being you is rarely straightforward; being you is complex and beyond the understanding of just about everyone (even you at times!). You are a kaleidoscope of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and experiences, and very often all of this can come at the same time. Whilst this can be overwhelming, it also enables you to not only think outside of the box, but to recycle the box and turn it into something completely different. In other words, you ride on the leading edge of the crest of the wave of life; yes, there are times when you just want to get off the wave and have a well-earned rest, but there are also times when your perseverance to learn how to surf pays off. You might sometimes fall into the water or end up being carried by the currents, but unless you try, how will you ever know?

Your vibrant mind frequently thinks about why things are the way they are, asking questions, and questions about questions. Your head is so busy, and it can be hard for you to find any quiet time to go within, to breathe and to be at one with your true essence. Your year ahead looks set to challenge you to find the stillness within in order to get to know yourself on an even deeper level. Although you have spent a great deal of your life working out what makes you tick, how well do you really know yourself? Have you found peace in being you or are you still wrestling, trying to work out who you truly are? This is your time now to stop trying to be the person you thought you ought to be and to start being your vibrant, unique, and wonderful self…


As you gaze back over the year now behind you, there is a sense you have managed to tick off a great deal from your ‘to do list’ of life. You have worked hard and kept the wheels turning, keeping on keeping on, and made some important life decisions. Yet, this all feels quite ‘pedestrian’ and run of the mill, where’s the magic? The sparkle? Where’s the vibrant, creative you? Yes, the wheel of life keeps turning and you have things to do, places to go and people to see, and you’re generally far too busy to ‘indulge’ yourself with creative endeavours, but your soul is calling out for you to listen to the sweet song within to inspire you to shift your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Of course, embracing such a change takes courage and wisdom, but you have both in abundance, so it’s time to ask yourself whether you are happy to remain in the comfortable slippers of ‘pedestrian’, or if you’re ready to try something new?

Your ‘to do list’ is not meant to feel like a chore to plod through, it should be a reflection of the things that bring you joy and a tingling of excitement. You have had some challenging times over recent months so it’s understandable to see why your inner glow feels a bit lacklustre, but you thrive on forward thinking and grabbing life with both hands, and it’s time now for you to reclaim your zest for life in order to move beyond the pedestrian and back to living a life that feels much more ‘you’. Only you can decide the shape and form of what such a life would entail, but it doesn’t seem likely it would be carved out by ‘to do lists’, must’s and ought’s. Believe in yourself, trust your intuition and embrace the sweet song within your soul…


As you continue to connect to the creative fires burning deep within your heart and soul, you have experienced a rapid pace of growth and evolution over the last year. Although much of this change is within you, there have been some significant shifts in your life as well. It can sometimes be hard to know which is more important: where you’ve been or where you’re heading, and whilst it’s good to look back to gain context and perspective, looking ahead can bring you a sense of direction, adventure, and hope. You are still undergoing a powerful transformation, shedding old and outdated beliefs, and opening up to living more wholeheartedly and consciously. Yet, looking backwards or forwards both keep you away from the present moment and this looks set to be your focus in 2022: to live more mindfully in the here and now.

Yes, the past and future bring you insights and wisdom, but it’s where you are now that truly matters, as the past is behind you and the future hasn’t happened yet. This isn’t to say you should stop dreaming or having goals, far from it, this is a gentle nudge to stand firmly in each and every moment in order to grab hold of life with more energy and zest than ever before. You seem ready now to let your creativity and intuition lead the way as you finally start to believe in yourself and your gifts far more. At the same time, when you get lost in linear time (looking backwards and forwards), you lose touch with the bigger picture and intuitively you know there is far more to life than this. Your effervescent free spirit needs the room to dance freely in life and the year ahead looks set to present you with some amazing opportunities to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out...


You have spent a great deal of time recently re-shaping and re-defining your true priorities in life and although this has led to you making some difficult decisions, there is a sense you are beginning to feel more confident about your path ahead. Your willingness to turn within in order to gaze into the mirror of your soul has been challenging at times, but you have faced your inner truth enabling you to connect more consciously to your energetic, intuitive, creative and spiritual essence. As a result, you seem more awake and alive, as though you are looking at the world with new eyes: everything feels fresh and new, and you can see potential where you once saw brick walls. Of course, this doesn’t mean that life is now ‘perfect’ (if such a thing existed), but you feel more in balance in so many ways. Yet, despite your inner radiance and flow, your head is still whirring away, trying to find answers to the many unanswered questions you have in life.

There is a part of you unwilling to let go and ‘go with the flow’ as your quest for answers and understanding takes precedence, but this quest can stifle the flow as it highlights a tendency to put things on hold waiting for the answers. Yet, what if the answers don’t come? What if there are no answers? What if asking more questions just leads to more questions? It’s time to ask yourself why your quest to need to understand why things are the way they are is so important to you. Why do you need to have the answers when intuitively you know you are moving in the right direction? Your head and your heart are both phenomenally powerful assets, but rather than see them working against each other, it’s time to merge them into a more cohesive whole. Centre yourself in your soul, breathe deeply and believe…


You have been on quite a journey over the last year as your life has been on fast forward as you’ve navigated challenge after challenge. There is a weariness within your heart and soul, a sense of disconnection from your usual passion and creative zest for life. You are a radiant being, and whilst there are inevitably times when you feel like a piece of driftwood being tossed around in stormy seas, it’s important to remember that your soul is like a lighthouse, and it will lead you through even the darkest of nights. You just have to have the faith and self-belief to turn your inner light on and follow it. You have been so distracted with things to do, people to see, places to go and managing your swirling, whirring mind that it’s easy to forget the simplest of things. When life becomes chaotic and stormy, pause, take a breath, and reconnect; it’s a bit like pressing reset on a computer! You are incredibly wise and intuitive, yet you often ‘park’ this in order to keep on keeping on. Yet, if you embraced these gifts more, you would not only be able to better manage your supercomputer of a mind, but you would also navigate through life with far more grace and ease.

Your year ahead looks set to bring you an opportunity to consciously turn your inner light on more brightly in all areas of your life as you start to think about what truly matters to you. Whilst you can easily see the bigger picture, this can also confuse you as you can see every side to every situation making it hard to know how to move forwards. You are so interconnected it is unquestionably hard just to ‘switch this off’, but it seems important that you take the time to be more centred in your own essence more as you bring the focus within…


As you stand and gaze back at the year behind you, a surge of different emotions surface as there is not only a sense of relief as you take a big deep breath and sigh after the busy-ness, but a sense of excitement as you feel more energised and inspired than ever before. As you wipe the sweat from your brow after a challenging few months, you are beginning to realise that you are stronger, more resilient and wiser than you ever really believed. As a result, you have evolved and grown, and your perspective on life has changed immeasurably. Although you have been charging forwards with determination, there is a part of you longing for a chance to rest and reflect on the shifts you’ve experienced. Yet, at the same time, you are feeling a sense of joy as your heart and soul are glowing so brightly. It can be so confusing being you at times! However, your ability to function on multiple levels of awareness at any one moment in time allows you to process your experiences whilst opening up to new ones, and this is a rare gift to treasure.

Embracing your personal power looks set to take centre stage over your year ahead as you consciously choose to own your choices and feel an even deeper sense of interconnectedness in life. It’s important to remember that every thought, choice and decision you make ripples out into the universe like a pebble in a pond; your choices and actions have power, shape and form of their own. You give them flavour, tone and texture, so the more intent and passion you inject into your choices, the more you will shape and define what happens next. This doesn’t mean everything is suddenly rosy, wonderful and perfect, it simply means you can help to create the storyline of a brand new chapter in your life...


As you enter each new year, there is a sense of renewed determination within you to get on top of your life ‘to do list’ so you can then make some decisions as to what happens next. Each year you tick off plenty, but each year you add more, so you often end the year with a longer list than you started with. Whilst this is a natural part of being human, there is a sense that this is keeping your focus on the horizon rather than on the present moment. There is a need for you now to review your ‘to do list’ with honesty and courage as much of what remains on your list has been on your list for a long time and it’s time to ask yourself if they are truly goals or are they there out of habit? If they are goals, why are they still on your list? In other words, why aren’t you living and breathing your goals if they resonate so deeply with you?

Of course, life doesn’t always afford the opportunity to live as freely as you might like, but there is a sense that your ‘to do list’ has become more of a tether than a motivator and you need to ask yourself why. Why does it feel so heavy? You are a free spirit and a creative being, but having the weight of this list dragging along with you prevents you from soaring. In many ways, having such a list is a good distraction that takes you away from actually having to live your list. What holds you back? You are a vibrant, talented, and amazing soul, and the more you realise this now, the less you will want to hide under the duvet of life. This is your life, so life it your way. It’s time to live the life you were born to live and to wholeheartedly enjoy the ride….


As you continue to re-align yourself with your true priorities in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to trust your intuition more. On your journey through life, there are moments of tranquillity and stillness followed by times of tumultuousness where life feels anything but still. There are many other moments though where you feel in-between the two, not quite sure if you are coming or going. These are the moments when you need to pause, breathe, and re-align, but this can feel challenging because you are simply too busy to find the time. Yet, finding just a few moments of pause can enable you to ride the waves of life with far more serenity and wisdom.

A clear theme emerging for you for your year ahead is to prioritise your own needs and to give yourself some much needed ‘you time’ on a regular basis. To take even just a few minutes each day to re-centre affirms your willingness to live your life more consciously and intuitively. It can be hard to do this when life is busy as you feel like you are being torn in two by the need to be and the need to do, the need to pause and the need to be busy, the need to think and the need to intuit, but it’s important to realise that life doesn’t just have to be about keeping on keeping on, nor is it just about keeping your head afloat. You have the skills, talents and tenacity to re-shape and re-define your life to shift from ‘just about managing’, to thriving, flourishing and blossoming. This isn’t just about mindset, it’s also about you believing in yourself and in your ability to be creative as you explore some new dimensions in life. Now is the time to embrace your wisdom and to let your intuition lead the way… 


You have always been one to set the bar high in life, you have high expectations of yourself and often feel a need to do more, be more and achieve more. This motivates you but it has also left you feeling a sense of lack as you have placed your pedestal so high, even you know it’s out of your reach. This obviously hasn’t stopped you from trying to reach it but, gazing into the window of your soul, you have learnt something quite amazing about yourself over the last twelve months, you have realised that constantly striving to sit on the pedestal you have created isn’t actually all that important. You have realised that perfection doesn’t really matter as life is all about the cuts, grazes and potholes that appear along the way. Intuitively you know that it is better to live in a state of perfect imperfection as this allows you to be you now, in this moment. Striving after some distant horizon or state of being that is constantly out of your reach (however hard you try) makes for a discontented you and you have grown weary of trying to get it right even though you don’t truly know what right is!

2022 looks set to be a year where you dismantle the pedestal in order to re-focus on your dreams and goals. You seem ready now to open-up your heart and soul in order to reconnect to your true essence and you want to live in a way that makes your heart sing. In addition, you also seem ready to simplify your life by letting go of a great deal of clutter and excess. It’s from this space of simplicity where clarity will come in terms of establishing your path ahead. It’s time now for you to live your life more consciously and to be perfectly happy being absolutely, perfectly you…


Knowing yourself and being yourself both look set to continue throughout 2022 as you reach a pivotal turning point in your life connected to re-shaping and re-defining your path ahead. For most of your life you have strived to know yourself, but you have struggled with this as you so easily ebb and flow with the currents of other people’s lives. You are energetically so fluid that it can be hard for you to know where you end and where others begin. However, even though you are a free and fluid soul, it’s important to realise that you are not a powerless pawn in the game of life and it’s time now for you to take ownership of your fluidity. In many ways, it’s been easy for you to drift, or to believe that you drift, because it has taken away the need for you to acknowledge your gifts and to step into unchartered terrain. It’s not that you doubt your gifts, but on some level, you seem to doubt your place in the world and your ability to share these gifts with others. It’s time now for you to realise that you not only direct the currents, but you also truly have a need to express your gifts freely in order to feel more centred and balanced.

The reason you so often feel out of kilter is not because you’re in a dinghy lost in stormy seas, it’s because you are not acknowledging your true power. This isn’t egotistical, far from it, it’s a willingness to accept that you are a gifted, intuitive, creative, and loving soul. It really is important for you to believe in yourself more, to breathe deeply into life and to be yourself. Everything you do from this moment on carries a new vibration as you open-up to living your life and being the wonderful and creative being you know yourself to be…



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