12th September 2013: Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Keys to Creation

Today we encounter a waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius (5:09 p.m. GMT). In the run up to this we have a Grand Trine in fire above us, firing up our enthusiasm and giving us courage to face the challenges of our day. It’s worth remembering, though, that such a Grand Trine can leave us feeling invincible when we’re anything but, and given its fleeting nature this time around it may be best to wait until the Quarter Moon before we commit to that great idea we just came up with which could transform our life in the blink of an eye!

That said, the fire in the heavens today has some gifts to share for sure, and if we’re in need of a confidence boost or an energy blast it’s there for the taking. The Moon reminds us that perspective is undoubtedly important, but if we adopt a perspective which denies the more basic realities of a situation we could find ourselves trying to climb a mountain in our slippers or deep sea dive without an oxygen tank.

In its square to the Sun in Virgo we discover the wisdom in paying attention to material details alongside the inspiration of possibility and potential. After all, whatever potential we fulfil we do so in this material world, not off in a formless realm elsewhere. If we fail to take account of the basic conditions with which we must work we may risk overlooking some important issues that can impact the success of our endeavours.

But Jupiter, in mutual reception with the Moon (each in the other’s sign), is on hand to offer some protection, so we can’t go too far wrong and second chances will be available if we mess up today. That said, it’s so much less hassle if we just don’t mess up in the first place and do the groundwork to enable firm foundations to be built. It might mean more work in the short term, but once that work is done we will be forever grateful that we took the time to do it.

So it’s an interesting day…. one in which we may be tempted to cut corners due to a surge of enthusiasm or over–confidence, but equally one in which the efforts we make to progress methodically and with down-to-earth consideration will be generously rewarded. Enthusiasm and inspiration are great and can fuel many a successful endeavour, but often the most enduring results arise from attention to the details that not only bind us to the material world but also enable us to create within it and make our mark.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas


gloriagene33 12th September 2013 8:46 am

Hi Sarah
I really look forward to reading your contributions, I search you out daily. You offer insightful, loving, and gentle reminders to us to seek out our better selves.
There is great clarity and inspiration for us.
Where have you been hiding all these years.
Thank You So Much.
Much love and Appreciation

jambo 12th September 2013 5:06 pm

Very true-details are part of the deal.
Saturn & Venus, work to create beauty.
Virgo & Pisces, combine details/analytics with inspiration/vision.

jambo 12th September 2013 5:08 pm

oops-also, thanks for the post, Sarah!

bluefeatheryone 15th September 2013 9:29 pm

A grounded life is a happy life for me. LOL. Ty, Sarah. :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 16th September 2013 5:51 am

Where have you been hiding all these years

Hello Gloria :) That's a good question! Probably the same place I'm hiding now, still trying to find myself... :)


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