21st June 2013: Sun enters Cancer

The Power of Imaginative Action

At 05:05 GMT today the Sun entered Cancer marking the Solstice: mid-summer in the northern hemisphere and mid-winter in the southern. This shift signals the beginning of a month during which we may well find ourselves full of imaginings, feelings and intuitions but somewhat lacking the motivation to make them a reality. Imagination is enhanced at this time, as is idealisation, and it’s important that we keep our feet on the ground as much as we allow our heads to play among the clouds.

There’s currently very little to ground us, with Pluto being the only planet resting in an earth sign for any length of time. This means we must work harder at manifesting our dreams into reality. Commitment to do so needs to be resilient and resistant to the seductive nature of the mind which says ‘if it’s meant to be it will happen without my forcing it’. We need to recognise the difference between forcing something that’s not meant to be and co-creating something that is. If we fail to grasp this in the coming weeks we could miss opportunities available to us purely because we overlook the active part we have to play in seeing them through to fruition.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which, as we all know, travels through her own cycle every month, waxing and waning, visiting every sign in the zodiac and influencing the subtle shifts and changes of the under-lying elemental energy field in which we live our lives. Thus when the Sun is in her sign we are also more deeply subject to the Moon’s moods. What inspired us one day may do nothing for us the next. What fills us with fear one night may clearly be the shadow of our wardrobe the following one! The changes can be that rapid and that subtle when the Sun travels through the Moon’s domain. We need to be alert to this, ensuring that we don’t make a meal out of any of it, rather choosing to let it all pass around and through us, retaining only those feelings, ideas, visions and sense impressions which will assist us in manifesting a more authentic and resonant life for ourselves.

A few hours after the Sun entered Cancer, the Moon entered Sagittarius, reminding us that inspiration is an important part of creativity, and signalling the start of a two day period during which we are encouraged to open ourselves up to the possibilities such inspiration can reveal. Come 23rd June we have a powerful Full Moon in the earth sign of Capricorn, providing a significant opportunity to ground that inspiration and commit to giving it form and substance in our lives.

Which brings me back to the issue of manifestation, because without understanding how its principles work we may be forever destined to dream but not do, to imagine but never to integrate those imaginings into our everyday lives. The cosmos tells us now that this would be a waste, of energy, of life, of ourselves, of everything that has led us to where we are today. We cannot afford to waste these energies and this time. They are too precious for anything but honouring. There is work to be done and commitments to be followed through now. So we must take note of what inspires us, pay attention to our dreams, and then decide what we must do to make them a reality. Because without the last part of the process they’ll remain forever unfulfilled and so will we.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 22nd June 2013 12:13 pm

"...‘if it’s meant to be it will happen without my forcing it’. We need to recognise the difference between forcing something that’s not meant to be and co-creating something that is." I find this such a fine line to walk. I am not one that likes to feel pushed & will buck if I feel I am. I find it so hard to tell the difference between forcing something that's not meant to be & initiating or co-creating something that may be. It almost feels like a struggle between my heart & head. My heart says, "Go for it," but my mind says, "No, if it's meant to be it will come to you, so don't force." I have a hard time recognising the difference. Thank you, once again, Sarah for pointing out things with such an undercurrent of love & support. You've definitely given me something to chew on. Much love to you!!! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 24th June 2013 5:34 am

Hi Betsy, yes it can be a real challenge to discern the difference. I'm still working on it, but it seems to me that when we're really struggling to get something to happen and meeting every conceivable obstacle, there's a clear message there, but when we're working towards something and learning along the way how to refine our efforts and get better results it feels different. Things may not always go to plan, but there's an overall forward motion, even if it is slow. For me there's a feeling I get, kind of in my abdomen, if I'm pushing against the flow. It's like a knot. I've come to trust that feeling more and when it arises I take note and step back to look at what's really going on. So far it seems to be fairly reliable.. :)


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