24th June 2013: In the Wake of the Full Moon

Faith and Patience

In the wake of the Full Super Moon which threw us back upon ourselves and highlighted the need for self-reliance above all else, we may find ourselves eager to take the reins and act but uncertain quite what it is we’re supposed to do next! This is an uncomfortable place to be, because we have a sense of urgency without a plan of action to back it up. We may jump before we’re ready, act on impulse then discover it was the wrong one, or just give up and think no matter what we know we could do, we’ll never get it together so what’s the point in even thinking about it any longer?

In a word, the issue today is one of patience, or rather, lack of it! Even giving up can be a symptom of impatience, revealing our unwillingness to stay hopeful for longer and continue with one small step after another towards our desired goal. The vision of what we want to achieve or manifest in our life may be so clear that the prospect of not having it right now can cause us to jump to ridiculously rash conclusions that it’s just a pipe-dream, an impossible fantasy rather than a possible reality. We may find the waiting intolerable so we ease the pressure by deciding it would never happen anyway, closing down any possibility for life to prove us wrong.

Looking at the charts for today I can’t help thinking it would be a great shame if we gave up now. Just as it would be if we acted now without having thought things through. The cosmos speaks of everything finding its right place, gently slotting into the space it should occupy for life to unfold as it must. We can’t hurry this process. It’s way bigger than any of us. In fact it’s bigger than all of us put together! So the best thing we can do is stand back, give it time and continue to trust. In the background, of course, we can continue to make plans, consider our options, ‘gird our loins’ or whatever it’s going to take for us to act when the time comes. This isn’t wasted time, it’s a valuable space in which we can settle, listen, consider, day-dream and plan our way forward. And it’s fine to act now if we’re clear, calm and collected. But if action comes from impatience, a sense of anxious urgency or a despairing need for something, ANYTHING, to happen, then we may end up regretting what we’ve done in the not too distant future.

In two days’ time Mercury stations retrograde beginning a three week period during which we can test out some of our notions and adjust them as necessary. In the meantime considered planning is far better aspected than rash action, and patience recommended rather than urgency. All things will happen in their own time, not ours. And no matter how we’re feeling or thinking right now, that time will come soon enough…

Have a good day everyone.

Sarah Varcas


betsy. 24th June 2013 11:26 am

I find this message seems to go well with the message on the 21st "Power of Imaginative Action." I love it when things happen like that. <3 I loved your comments there & thought they could even apply to this message: "when we're really struggling to get something to happen and meeting every conceivable obstacle, there's a clear message there, but when we're working towards something and learning along the way how to refine our efforts and get better results it feels different. Things may not always go to plan, but there's an overall forward motion, even if it is slow." This morning, I got a similar message. That this is not the time for any knee-jerk reactions. That if something bugs me, I would do better to take my time to feel my way through it rather than push my way through it. I was reminded again of the masculine controlling/pushing vs. the feminine receiving. "Good things come to those who wait." Patience isn't always my strong suit, LOL, but doable. ;D Much love to you! :smitten:

Sarah Varcas 25th June 2013 5:56 am

Patience isn't always my strong suit, LOL, but doable

you and me both Betsy.... :)

Emma852013 25th June 2013 7:19 am

What a beautiful message Sarah :smitten:
And thank you Betsy :smitten:
The last days I've been on the verge of giving up hope but someone seems to whisper wait, have patience, continue forward.
It's so true that things/people/circumstances appear at the right time and even if it's foggy right now I know thing will clear further thank you all for reaffirming and giving me strength.
A life filled of love joy and ease and whatever our hearts desire is what I truly wish for everyone. To truly love and appreciate oneself in order for the universe to bring us all the good in life takes practice practise, maybe it was my ego that got in the way for a minute saying " but ive done so much already do I really have to do more" haha funny in a sense. Yes this is work, and as we work consistently I am sure we will all be rewarded at the right time.
Faith is the answer.
Blessings and love/Emma

betsy. 25th June 2013 12:11 pm

"...as we work consistently I am sure we will all be rewarded at the right time." Love this, Emma. Divine Timing. I agree. <3 Much love to you!

Sarah Varcas 26th June 2013 4:41 am

Hello Emma :) Thank you for your comment. I can relate to what you say very much... that feeling of 'I've done so much already'... yep, I certainly know that one! It can be difficult to keep the faith when you keep being knocked back or results aren't what you've hoped for. Faith takes practice, like everything else :) Love and blessings to you too Emma :smitten:


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