27th June 2013: Moon in Pisces & Venus in Leo

One of a Kind & One of the Crowd

Today the Moon enters Pisces and Venus enters Leo, forming an alliance that assists us in balancing our role in the collective with our need to be recognised as an individual. As human beings we walk both of these paths, one on which we must learn to place the greater good above our own personal gain and one on which we must discover who we are as unique individuals and how we can best go about expressing that individuality in the world. At times these two paths can seem at odds and we may stumble upon either one in an attempt to find a balance. But today the Moon and Venus offer some food for thought in this respect.

We cannot, they remind us, neglect either aspect of our existence. To do so is to live a lie that says either we are more important than everything else or everything else is more important than us, neither of which is true. Indeed, both contain a fundamental deception to which we often succumb when considering matters of the individual and the collective: the assumption that it has to be an either/or. That honouring the greater good necessarily demands a relinquishment of all that individualises us and makes us who we are. That we cannot stand apart from the group and yet still contribute to it in influential ways. And, ultimately, that the collective does not and cannot live within us as individuals, influencing and shaping our development even as we consider ourselves apart from it.

We live in a world formed of energy resonating at different frequencies. Just as we cannot breath out and then ensure that our out-breath will never mingle with that of everyone else on the planet, we cannot prevent our energy field from merging with those of other people, and it is from this merging that the collective energy field is born. This web of energetic threads stretches across the planet connecting each and every one of us. We cannot escape it, we can only give to and receive from it, in a never-ending flow of energy exchange.

So no matter what particular path we may be walking, whether it be one of individuation or one of losing ourselves within the greater whole, we are forever contributing both to our own uniqueness and to the collective energy field from which we all draw support, inspiration, comfort, solace and nourishment. And within these dual roles we have a certain responsibility: to act with authenticity, compassion and integrity. In so doing we can be both vibrant individuals and effective parts of the whole, knowing when to bow to the greater good, when to stand firm in our individuality and when our uniqueness can contribute to the collective in ways that hiding in the shadows could never do.

Today the cosmos encourages us to remember exactly who we are: energy beings born of the collective into uniqueness, straddling both these worlds to live each to its fullest, not sacrificing one for the other in the mistaken belief that we have to choose…

Enjoy your day everyone.

Sarah Varcas




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Sarah Varcas

Sarah Varcas is an Intuitive Astrologer, committed to decoding the wisdom messages of the cosmos for the enrichment of peoples’ lives.


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