27th May – 2nd August 2016: Mars in Scorpio

Sacred Grit and Divine Grace

27th May sees Mars retrograde back into Scorpio where it remains until 2nd August, fortifying our determination to leave no stone unturned when it comes to self-knowledge and the on-going evolution of consciousness. This Mars is a force to be reckoned with. Any thorny issues we tried to skirt around during the first two months of this year may sabotage us now unless we stand firm to face them, do what must be done, say what must be said and embrace the consequences with courage and fortitude. Mars in Scorpio can be a tough taskmaster, ceaseless in his efforts to dislodge whatever obstructs the truth. So best bring any compromising secrets out into the open now, before he does it for us with his characteristically uncompromising zeal!

For those in need of resilient endurance to move through challenging circumstances, Mars in Scorpio can be a wonderful ally. His unremitting resolve and unfailing determination helps us turn about any challenge, arising triumphant out of what first looked like ashes. This is the power of rebirth on our side, emerging from destruction against all the odds, ensuring we ascend victorious. But there are conditions placed upon our victory. If we use it merely for power over others we will soon find ourselves exposed and deposed, up-ended by a universe that simply will not tolerate self-interest when a greater well-being is at stake. Never was it more important than now to restore harmony, reconnect the disconnected, mend the broken and heal our wounds. Those who continue to impose their own will upon a life which serves far greater agendas may meet a formidable foe in this Mars, who demands its own highest expression from us all.

Physical activity is always important during Mars’s journey through the sign of the Scorpion. Its forceful energy may need to be channelled through the physical for release. Dancing, running, sex, a brisk walk or a feisty workout can all help us manage positively the power of this planet. If we allow ourselves to get too absorbed in its emotionality we risk losing connection with the grounding influence of the physical. Stay close to Mother Earth during this time. Walk bare-feet upon her, feel the wind in your hair, the rain on your face, the sun on your skin. Remember there is all manner of support around, to help us conduct the cosmic forces that animate our being. We’re not in this alone and the more we open ourselves to the possibility of powerful allies in the energetic realm, the more we can receive supportive blessings of sacred grit and divine grace.

Deep within, far away and all around, the force of Mars in Scorpio is unavoidably felt. As it penetrates our psyche its flames of transformation reveal the truth of who we are. We misuse it at our peril, but it bestows bold blessings when afforded deep respect and boundless awe.


Anni 26th May 2016 7:22 am

Just LOVE the suggestions for physical activity!!!! :)

shapeshifter 26th May 2016 11:02 am

Feels like you're talking directly to me. Yep, have been engaging in the physical activity as well and feeling my connection to the energetic realm which also keeps me grounded.

Esmé 27th May 2016 7:47 am

Just LOVE SOME of the suggestions for physical activity!! :)

MareGrane 29th May 2016 8:29 am

Thank you Sarah, I think it's a consensus - feeling a bit more physical and taking in the sun. This also took the sting out of Scorpio for me. Loved it. Blessings, :angel:


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