28th / 29th January – 14th April 2016: Asteroid Ceres in Pisces

Divine Timing

Asteroid Ceres enters Pisces at 6:40 p.m. UT on 28th January 2016. Ceres, goddess of grain, brings us nourishment and protection. She feeds our body, mind and spirit, nurturing us to become our fullest, most authentic selves. She honours the cycles of life: the dark barrenness of Winter; emerging, fragile life in Spring; the glory of blooming Summer and the harvest of a fruitful Autumn. Forming an angle to the Moon as she enters Pisces, she is all the more deeply in tune with these cycles and rhythms, reminding us that we, too, have our own seasons of famine and fruitfulness, whose wisdom must be honoured, not second-guessed when we think we know better how life should unfold.

Living according to these cycles is one of the greatest lessons taught by the heavens. No matter how much we may want something, no matter how hard we strive for it to be, if it’s not the right time for its becoming, it will not manifest. Which doesn’t make us helpless victims of fate! We forge our own path and shape our own life together with the creative force that brings each moment into being. This force is our ally and friend, our mentor and master. It knows what we don’t and fulfils cosmic laws beyond our ability to understand. The more accurately we read its flow and the more effectively we align ourselves with it, the better we can play our part at every stage, being patient when we must, productive when necessary and courageous as needed. If we push for results when results are not yet due we suffer exhaustion and frustration. If we do nothing, waiting simply for fate to deliver, we miss out on the blessings woven into our life which need to be potentised by our unwavering focus. If, however, we team up with the vital life force that pulses through all things – listen, watch, learn, wait and act accordingly – we become that force, creating the highest, most expansive and fulfilled expression possible in each moment.

As Ceres moves through Pisces in the coming months she invites us to taste something of the magic which allows us to create in ways beyond our wildest dreams. She will feed us soul food and nurture our spirit which lives outside of time and space, where neither past nor future exist. Ceres in Pisces is our spiritual mother who parents our soul, perceiving the resplendent, sacred presence we truly are. She knows how far removed from that presence we become as we live this human life with its demands and distractions, fears and frustrations. She sees our disconnect as we struggle to make life deliver as we think it should, not as it wants to. There is magic in the air right now, but it is the magic of ourselves in alignment with life, resonating with the creative spirit that brings all things into being. The magical alchemy of a cocktail of patience, wisdom and focused action which allows creation to follow its nature and take shape as it must.

This is true magic: not escapist fantasy that stands in stark contrast to the heaviness of everyday life, but the unbounded possibility which awaits when we surrender to the unifying force of creation pulsating through time and space. Fuelled by our commitment to presence and our surrender to our human nature as much as our spiritual one, it invites us to gather up every passion and desire – every emotion, thought and sensation – offering them up to the greater glory that is life fulfilled through us, not life fulfilling us as we see fit. The sacrifice required to let go a treasured dream whose time has passed, is more than equally matched by the gift of freedom bestowed upon all who recognise that life knows best: those who consult its plans alongside their own, locating common ground, mapping uncharted seas and exploring where no spirit has gone before.

Ceres walks beside us now as we step out onto a new path, unpredictable in its twists and turns. It may look dark ahead, shrouded in mists of uncertainty or the storm clouds of a burgeoning struggle. It may seem more luscious and fruitful than we ever imagined, or simply familiar: more of the same which we thought had now passed. Whatever awaits, she holds us securely in a loving embrace, reminding us that faith in the sacred flow will be more deeply rewarding than any effort made to harvest fruits before they’ve ripened in life’s sun.



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Sarah Varcas

Sarah Varcas is an Intuitive Astrologer, committed to decoding the wisdom messages of the cosmos for the enrichment of peoples’ lives.


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