2nd May 2013: Last Quarter Moon

Provocative Protection!

Today we encounter a Last Quarter Moon before the Solar Eclipse in a week’s time. This Moon is both provocative and protective. She’s poking and prodding us to get a response, to fire us up and get us invested in something, whilst at the same time making sure we’re not thrown in the deep end too soon.

Whatever catches our attention today, we need to take note and be prepared to step out a bit beyond our comfort zone to explore further. We don’t have to go all out and leap into the unknown, but there are signposts around for us now and we need to pay attention. In the coming week we will begin to see just why they caught our eye and come the Solar Eclipse on 9th/10th May, yet more pieces of the puzzle can fall into place.

Together with Chiron, this Moon reminds us that sometimes we just have to put our feelings and sensitivities aside in order to embody a broader vision of what’s possible in our lives. Not in a brutal or self-critical way, but in the same way that a supportive sports coach will push you to go beyond where you think you can in order to discover you have more strength, stamina and endurance than you thought you had. It’s an act of kindness and support, even though it feels a bit cruel at the time! We must be our own coaches now, pushing ourselves beyond the point where we think we’ve given our all, because beyond that point is a whole new world of possibility and potential, and once we step into it our lives may never be the same again.

Enjoy your day!

Sarah Varcas



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