5th September 2013: New Moon in Virgo

In Need or At Peace

Today’s New Moon in Virgo sits at the apex of a Kite formed with Jupiter, Saturn/North Node and Chiron. In this position she reminds us just how insignificant new beginnings can seem in the face of the vast potential which lies at the heart of the universe. If we fail to appreciate this fact we may overlook the tiny seeds of hope and change planted in our lives, while we scan the horizon for more significant signs of life, turning away downhearted when we fail to find them.

‘Look beneath your feet’ the Moon reminds us now. ‘Mother earth supports you right here in this place, not over there on an illusory horizon line which forever recedes as you approach. Your roots are fed here in the present moment, not over there where you believe you should be’. It’s an oft repeated lesson but one that bears re-stating and today the Moon does just that for us.

We have all that we need right here, right now. There is nowhere to be and nowhere to go. Those voices in our head which tell us otherwise are deceptive in their certainty, sacrificing peace for the promise of an imaginary future replete with all that we believe should be ours.

In honour of this New Moon we would do well to just stop and sit, just be. Allow her energy to surround and fill us, for in doing so she will help us recognise what we truly need, only to discover that it’s all at hand, nothing is lacking. So swiftly the voice of the self pipes up ‘but I need this and that and the other that I don’t have yet’. But if it’s not here now, then right now, we don’t need it. It’s that simple and yet that profound.

How can it be that we do not need our loved ones by our side when they have left us, or a cure for the illness that ails us. How is it that we don’t need peace when despair has been our companion for too long? How is it that we don’t need the money to pay our bills? Because if we don’t have any of these things in this moment, then in this moment we don’t need them. That’s how.

This New Moon in Virgo reveals life to us through a magnifying glass focused upon this very second, and then this one. She exhorts us to be totally present, even if just for a minute, to allow the present moment to infuse us with its energy and spirit, aside from the commentary our mind wants to add.

Humanity has created so many things that we think we need, and each one keeps us ensnared in the density of the material world if we invest it with greater power than we invest in Truth and peace. She asks us the question; ‘Do you want to be at peace or do you want to be in need?’. Asking ourselves this same question at the time of this New Moon may help us to access answers previously unavailable amidst the din of fear and desire.

If New Moons had different sizes like Full Moons do, this one would be very tiny, not because of insignificance, but because her truth can be written on the back of a postage stamp: ‘We have what we need’. It’s that simple.

Happy New Moon everyone.

Sarah Varcas


Peter fox 5th September 2013 4:04 am

"But if it's not here,then right now, we don't need it." Now that is simple
and profound! Thank you,Sarah.

kay 5th September 2013 8:35 am

"Do you want to be at peace or do you want to be in need?" That's a powerful question. Thank you, Sarah.

Silkworm 5th September 2013 1:57 pm

I can't articulate how this is perfect for today, but it is. Not since Maya Del Mar (may she rock on in peace) have I read work that resonates so completely, (simply and eloquently), during or even after I've experienced what's being described, on a regular (daily) basis. Thank you so much.

shapeshifter 5th September 2013 3:43 pm

Thanks Sarah, for the scoop from the new moon in Virgo.
(I'm a Virgo)

When I knocked on Heaven's door asking for what I thought I needed, I was told that everything springs forth from within me.

Now I know what that means.

Deeni 5th September 2013 11:50 pm

Perfect. Thank You, Sarah.

I see why NOW is so important.

'Cuz when you stop, and look around . . .

You see
that You
have All
You need.

Much Love and Light to All. : ))


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