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2012 was a much talked-of year. Speculation about what would occur, how and what it would all mean was to be found everywhere! The Mayan Calendar Long Count is probably the most well-known of the numerous calendars and prophecies throughout the ages, which pointed to this time being one of great significance in the history of the human race, and of this awe-inspiring and beautiful planet on which we live. Debate about what it would mean in terms of our individual lives and collective existence was rife.

For sure, the build up to December 2012 and beyond seemed to be a time of awakening, of our eyes opening – many for the first time- and a burgeoning desire for a more meaningful and conscious existence. One could ask, were the prophecies right in pointing to this time of massive change, or is this time of massive change occurring precisely because, in their divine wisdom, peoples of old knew that a suggestion of awakening and transformation needed to be inserted into the collective consciousness, or ‘global brain’, before it was too late? That the mere mention of a time of transformation, catastrophe and a return of the Divine in some form would, eventually – with the momentum gained over generations – be enough to bring about that very transformation of which they spoke.

These are simple conjectures on a deeply complex matter, and I must leave it to those with a sharper intellect than I to pursue them to their end, but it seems to me that undeniably SOMETHING is occurring in our world now. And what occurs in our world is a reflection of what occurs within us. All around there are people waking up from what has felt like a long and heavy, but nonetheless un-restful, sleep. We’re looking around at our environment and seeing its awesome beauty, mind-blowing complexity and striking simplicity.

Alongside this we’re seeing – again, many for the first time – the damage that we have done to this breath-taking home of ours, as we thrashed around in the unconsciousness of our sleep, objectifying nature, the cosmos, each other. Seeking only to ‘secure’ our own destiny, at the expense of anything and everything else. Such has been the heights and depths of human ignorance. But there’s no place for blame or recriminations at this time, just recognition that so much needs to change and the pace of that change needs to increase exponentially in coming months and years.

With astrology being my passion and path, naturally I turn to the universe for guidance. Not to be told what to do, but to be shown the bigger picture. To receive cosmic wisdom direct from Source. The heavens speak. I listen. Their voices echo within and around me. They reveal the inherent order of the universe, the cosmic tapestry woven through time and space, connecting us with them, with each other, and with the ancient races who long ago spoke of this time, knowing of its intensity and significance for their descendants.

We are their descendants. They were talking to us.

As change gathers a pace now, and more and more people awaken to this fact –  whether it be through political awareness, spiritual development, a deeper appreciation of the earth, of their lives or of themselves – there can be an accompanying sense of overwhelm as we look out upon the world that we’ve created and view many of the consequences of which we, the human race, have been the cause: ecological destruction, the extinction of precious life forms, starvation in one part of the world and gluttony in another. The oppression practiced by political and religious regimes that seek power and control above all else. Objectification of human beings the world over. Life cheapened by over-sexualisation and over-consumption, by the willingness to kill each other in war after war after war.

Yes – it is time to wake up. The human race is the product of life becoming conscious of itself, of consciousness being able to reflect upon itself and make choices according to complex cognitive processes. Now we must step-up to the next phase. A phase not of the evolution of consciousness, but of conscious evolution, whereby we recognise our power over what happens from here on in and acknowledge the cost of remaining conscious only of our needs and not those of the greater whole. Whereby we recognise that we are the creators of the future, and it is born out of how we live and breathe our present.

The heavens do not speak of destruction. We live in an ever expanding universe, about most of which we have no knowledge whatsoever. We are mere specks in this cosmos, and yet we are specks of the Divine, and as such we can – and must – make a difference. We are not created. We are the creators. WE are creating our new world. As the Hopi elders remind us, echoed by the poet June Jordan in her ‘Poem for South African Women’:

‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’.

Through working with hundreds of charts and their owners in the past few years, it has become clear to me that the heavens are awakening within people like never before, and the wisdom they impart is changing in its quality and content. Individuals and groups are resonating far more strongly with cosmic energies not long ago felt to be barely discernible at a personal and individual level. This tells me something. It tells me the heavens need to be heard, as widely as possible. They need spokespeople, interpreters. They need to be recognised for what they are: a codification of Divine wisdom, transcending culture and language, pointing the way home.

As an astrologer I seek to interpret cosmic wisdom as faithfully as possible, to assist those with whom it resonates in their conscious evolutionary development. For me this is the cutting edge of astrology: its application not to the minutiae of our daily lives, but to the magnificence of our Divine potential. It points the way, charts the course, and reveals to us the inherent love of the universe which is always and forever guiding us home.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read my thoughts.

? May we all evolve consciously together ?

Sarah Varcas



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Sarah Varcas is an Intuitive Astrologer, committed to decoding the wisdom messages of the cosmos for the enrichment of peoples’ lives.


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