June 2016 – April 2017: Eris Conjunct Uranus

Revolution Within and Without

9th June 2016 sees the first exact conjunction between Eris and Uranus in the 24th degree of Aries. In it we meet the untamed feminine: wild and radical, owned by no one, shaped by nothing and prepared to do what it takes to expose the enduring lies that diminish and debilitate humanity. She points the finger without hesitation, names the oppressor and fights to the death of all falsity presented as truth. Eris is our power – men and women, one and all – to take a stand; to face the unpalatable facts of our sterile life; to honour the deep, gutsy knowing in our very bowels that life itself is raw, passionate and cannot be tamed. Her alliance with Uranus affords her ever greater influence, instilling within those who join her crusade the power to shake awake even those most deeply asleep in this world on the brink.

Unlike Mars who will fight to impose, Eris fights to expose. She refuses to accept the social mores of conformity used to keep us down. Eris unflinchingly illuminates millennia of denial and degradation of the feminine, highlighting equally its trademark oppression of women and girls, alongside its brutalisation of boys and men. Currently aligned to Mars, the archetypal masculine, we see these two forces in intense dialogue, negotiating a settlement and positive way forward which honours both polarities in us all.

At a planetary level Eris conjunct Uranus will shake things up like never before. Revolution is in the air and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! She is a warrior goddess for Mother Nature mobilised to protect her at any cost. Taking no prisoners she stands beside those who honour our great mother, confronting those who exploit her. Unsentimental to her core, she will do what’s necessary to protect the beating heart of Gaia and asks of us a similarly gutsy attitude which stands firm in the face of intimidation and refuses to swallow the lies we’re so readily fed. Eris resists the imposition of another’s agenda and urges we do the same. It is time to decide for ourselves what happens next and why. Time to rise up and change the agenda to one that serves this planet and all life upon her, not exploits it to destruction.

Many fear Eris and all she stands for. We balk at acknowledging our share of the fierce mother who will both kill to protect or devour her young depending on situation and circumstance. We do not want to see in ourselves the forces of nature that destroy rather than nurture. Eris doesn’t fit neatly into a spiritual narrative that says we’re all love and light and rage has no place in the awakened heart. She tells us everything has a place, otherwise it isn’t awakened, for awakening knows all things intimately. It doesn’t pick and choose.

This cosmic conjunction, aligned also with Mercury and Chiron, highlights the power of emotion and the untapped potential of humanity, inviting fulfilment of our destiny as multi-dimensional beings. It alerts us to the lie that life is a competition in which we are forever protecting something we could lose at any time. In truth we simply cannot lose what really matters for it is our very essence, the defining substance from which our being is shaped. All else is an illusion created as we struggle to acknowledge our core divinity. Were we all to know without doubt our divine essence wars would end overnight, starvation disappear, the equitable distribution of resources implemented and our blessed Mother Earth honoured as the breathtakingly beautiful being she is.

Needless to say the human race is not there yet! Our default settings tell us we have reputations to protect, battles to fight, honour to defend and worth to prove. Eris reminds us just how deeply we are programmed to polarise the world and then fight ‘the other side’, no matter who or what it may be. In her alignment with Uranus we encounter the unpredictable nature of such a world view. When we create an ‘other’ out there, it takes on a life of its own. We cannot control how it shapes its own individuality, responds to our challenges or fashions its own destiny. Our present moment perceptions can change the future irretrievably. If we see a world full of enemies, enemies are born. If we see a world full of allies, allies are born. And if we simply see a world full of one, the One is born and any notion of enemy or ally becomes redundant in the glorious merging of All That Is.

This mystical edge of unity-consciousness is also the sharp edge of reality against which we are wounded as we strive to shape our own destiny. It’s entirely up to us how all this plays out: war or peace; division or unity; ignorance or wisdom. Nothing is ‘written in the stars’, but across our hearts and minds instead, for this cosmic alliance is within and without: unpredictable and divisive or awakening and unifying. The choice is ours and so is the task, but one thing’s for sure: the time for exponential change has arrived.


peacekatwombyn 10th June 2016 4:13 pm

Dear Sarah,

Thank you sssooo much for delivering information that explains what I (and I'm sure many others) am feeling way down deep in the Essence of my Being.
That sense that there is something afoot which will support the Higher Good even though it "appears" the Higher Good has taken flight to another locale.
The energy that was not only the foundation, but the catalytic converter for the populist voice in recent American politics thru Bernie Sanders and his unprecedented campaign seems like Eris in action....yes? And that story is not over yet.....the truths he brought to light will not be dimmed and I will not be surprised (but thrilled) by the unfolding of information that will call for a never before seen version of the electing of the next US president. I use this as an example of how I feel the potent and honestly forthright power of Eris playing out in our world now. With your telling us that these massive opportunities for change are being supported by Eris (and others) thru April 2017, I feel that I can breathe much easier.....thanx & Namaste Peace to All


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