A Shift in Energies Helps You to Move Forward

These days it's not uncommon to have odd experiences with time, space and memory. You know that time isn't what it used to be. It is actually accelerating.  And you may experience what seem to be "gaps" in time, not being able to account for hours, days or even weeks in the way that you did before. 

Your relationship to space, including your own personal space and the space of others, is likely different too.  You may be feeling the need to have more alone time, or perhaps to be with different people. 

Memory is the third thing.  Don't worry that you are losing your mind.  It's not dementia! So what is happening?

First of all, know that you have just come out of a very intense and harsh several-week cycle that involved a slowdown in your projects and perhaps a feeling that you were treading water. With that cycle complete, there is now a potential for more forward movement again. 

Second, you are learning to live and operate in a multidimensional world.  It is not business as usual, for the strict boundaries you were used to are not there.   You will be seeking out additional training in navigating this new world.  It is a world of many layers, involving more unseen forces than you are used to, and more transparency than you have experienced this lifetime. Your Higher Self will be gently nudging you to find the resources most helpful to you as you learn to work with these things. Some of your training will come from outer world teachers.  Other training will be received directly and indirectly thorugh your inner world resources. Pay particular attention to your dreams, to flashes of insight you receive after quieting your mind, and to fresh ideas coming to you on awakening. 

The following are some additional specific suggestions of how to work with the changes so that you progress and find more joy. 

  • Don't expect things to be like they were before.  Expectations always lead to disappointment anyway.  Know that you live in a very unique historical period, during which you are part of a revolution in human consciousness.  You cannot have a revolution without change - lots of it. 
  • Moving forward sometimes means being still for a bit, gathering your energy and connecting with wisdom and experience so that your next steps take you where your really want to go.  This is not wasted time.  To simply jump ahead, when you aren't sure where or why you are jumping, can have very mixed results. 
  • Get into the habit of questioning how you spend your energy and time.  The times you live in are more fluid than before, and they require a more fluid response.  The old linear approach, with rigid timetables and projections, will lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.  If you have planned a weekend outing and then have a strong intuitive sense to stay home alone, you will want to do a personal check-in to determine your highest option.  Remember to honor your inner wisdom as it guides you down a path of sanity. 
  • Remember to regularly update your relationships.  As you shift your consciousness to higher levels, you will naturally have different interests and priorities.  Sometimes this means that you have less in common with old friends.  New people will be coming into your life as your energy invites them in, and as you take actions to befriend others and to be helpful to those you meet.
  • To thrive during these times of chaos and financial uncertainty, you will want to explore new ways to offer your talents.  Whether you work for a company or for yourself, you will be the most successful when you keep an open mind about your present and future.  Don't limit yourself by attaching too much importance to a job title, salary, company stature, or outer signs of worldly success.  The key is to connect with your passion, and you can only do that by residing in your heart and living from an intuitively guided place.  Your intuitively guided reason, when you learn to connect with it and apply it to your actions, will lead you in the most beneficial directions.  Trust that you can fully develop this ability, and have it work for you in these roller coaster times.