Benefit from February Energies

February is a perfect time to reassess things and put in motion a makeover designed to lift your energies higher. This month’s energies, with the Mercury Retrograde and a host of other factors, support inner reflection and establishing new foundations for your life.

You aren’t the same being you were a year ago, and you certainly won’t be the same person by the time 2014 ends!

The Power of Self-Assessment

Your power right now is to assess where you are, what needs to shift, and how you will shift it – coming up with a plan to put in motion over the coming months. When you do this assessment and planning from an optimistic, heart-centered, and spirit-focused perspective, you raise your frequency and expand your view.

Higher-frequency energies and a bigger-picture view of current and future potentials will help you get and stay in balance and in touch with your intuitive knowing. Remember that spirit knows what you need, what your blocks are, and what you need to put in place to take the next key steps.

Working with Mercury Retrograde

If you question whether you are impacted by energy cycles like Mercury Retrograde, consider the collective and how this impacts your current and future life experiences. People you work with and people several steps removed from direct interaction with you are impacted by the same collective dance of energies you are.

At this stage of evolution, humanity cannot ignore the role of the collective and the interconnectedness of all beings. The Earth is truly a global connected place, no matter where you live or what technology you use.

Your next new relationship, work project, or other opportunity will come out of the collective soup of potentials – you sometimes benefiting from actions of strangers and sometimes delayed in a similar fashion.

Knowing there is so much going on behind the scenes, outside your awareness, you are best served by keeping up-to-date with your own energies. You benefit from regular energy maintenance, self-inquiry, and healing of DNA-level blocks as they arise. These blocks could feel familiar or like something you have already addressed numerous times. Trust that if they are arising, however, it is a new and deeper level of that same issue – showing itself to you now so you can address it within the DNA and access a whole new level of freedom!

Having Foresight about Cycles

Skillful energy maintenance requires understanding of energy cycles and having foresight about how they may impact you personally. Avoid applying fear-based superstition to any cycle. Instead respect the natural cycles and work with them to get and stay in balance. This means paying attention to things like moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, and Mercury Retrogrades such as the one of February 6-28.

With a Mercury Retrograde, for example, you may sometimes feel unsettled about plans and communications with others on sensitive or important topics. You also may totally forget an appointment or forget to mention a key fact in a communication. The phone line may go dead for no apparent reason. No need to get nervous about the probability of such things happening – simply take extra care with the details of life and avoid getting too serious about things outside of your control.

2014 Unique Energies

Each year has its own unique energies – partly because of natural cycles and partly because of where humanity is along the timeline of our paradigm shift. The last couple of years have stirred lots of reflection about where things are, how they got that way, and how to proceed in a different way.

With 2014 now in full swing – especially given that it’s a Horse Year in Chinese astrology – there will be a big push to take action. Stimulating that big push is some very fiery energy. That means taking action on your dreams, and taking action to stay balanced, spirit-connected, and on track.

Since fire can be used in both positive and negative ways, you will want to master your inner fire to get the most from this year’s action-oriented energy. Set the foundation for that now with the tips below.

5 Tips for Success

Use February for reflection and creating new foundations that can benefit you for a long time to come. Invite your higher self to connect with you as you consider these tips for success. Read them out loud if that helps you to anchor them. Post a copy of them somewhere in clear sight, as a helpful visual reminder. If additional ideas come to you, write them on the list and work with those, too.

First is your focus. Accelerate your momentum during February by focusing less on what you want to change about the world and other people – shifting your attention inward to what you can change about yourself and your response to external circumstances and people.

Second is your outlook. Imagine or visualize regularly throughout your day that you are surrounded by a benevolent universe. As you envision the world as a friendly and supportive place, you magnetize goodness and helpfulness.

Third is your discernment of energy. This means looking at the big picture and allowing for subtle movements that you cannot yet detect. This helps you to be patient when it appears nothing is happening to move you forward. As a divine changemaker, you are learning to sense the difference between a blocked energy and an energy that simply is not yet ripe. Keep in mind that energy is in constant motion and much can be percolating beneath the surface. Remain positive and focused on your goals, but allow for the percolation process and divine timing.

Fourth is addressing your own environment. This month is a perfect time to do this. You can experience more uplifting energies in the coming months by addressing your living space now. Answer these 3 questions, then take action to bring lightness of being into your home: (1) Does your home feel sacred to you? (2) Does it feel warm and inviting when you come home? (3) Have you intentionally brought the sacred into your living space?

Fifth is coming back to spirit. When nothing else makes sense, come back to spirit and the unbreakable foundation a spirit-based life provides.


COBALT 10th February 2014 4:15 pm

This is so exactly what I needed to read, right down to synchronization within the text.

Blessings! :smitten:


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