Catalyze Your Rebirth with Your Voice

As we continue to sit in unprecedented moments of intensity, it's important to remember the potential this year offers for a grand rebirth. Energies are in play to help catalyze this - on both a personal and societal level. Continue reading to discover what this means for you and humanity at large.

Let's begin with humanity, now in a chaotic dance of rapid change. The overall direction of this change is positive, progressive, and evolutionary. The majority of people on Earth, if they were asked right now, want this - the sooner the better. Numbers count, especially when people are empowered, educated, and find their voices to speak up about what matters.

There is a challenge, however. The dance of change now underway is not one cohesive whole. People are at different stages of awakening.

Many are caught up in an emotional tide of fear. Lots of people feel threatened by changes put in place since the 1960s. It's like they are stuck in time.

Other people, especially the wealthy, often fight progressive reforms simply to preserve their elite status. They choose to ignore the true interconnection of all beings and the importance of a sustainable planet. Their greed blinds them to what is decent and good.

Humanity Rises Up in Cities Across the World

On January 21, a significant energetic referendum on goodness, decency and human rights took place in cities around the world. What started as a women's march on Washington after the January 20 US inauguration grew into a global event with millions of participants. Rallies and marches happened across America, with hundreds of sister marches in key countries including Canada, Mexico, Argentina, India, the U.K., France, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why did they march? It was more than a protest against the new US president. It's wasn't just about women's rights. Women - and some men - marched to protest discrimination, hate, bigotry, racism, religious intolerance, and the marginalization of women and other groups. They marched to bring public attention to far-right legislative agendas involving a roll back in freedoms and a reversal of progress made on climate and world peace. They marched to put a spotlight on authoritarian leaderships that use hate and militarized control to silence discontent. They protested a normalization of speech that is demeaning and dehumanizing.

Your Role

The causes stirring people to march are as old as humanity itself. Most likely you fought for freedoms in more than one lifetime. Deep within you is a soul memory of human oppression as well as a deep determined longing to balance the scales. That memory is being triggered now. Listen to it. 

Your Rebirth

Your rebirth is catalyzed when you listen deeply to your inner voice. There is wisdom inside of you that knows where you need to position yourself next. It has a vision of what your life will look like and feel like when you step into your new skin. This vision is quantum and bold. It most likely involves using your voice in a new way. An expansion is needed.

You can consciously and actively create your own rebirth. Most likely you already have signs of some new directions, new interests, and new perspectives about your role. These signs may be subtle, but they are there.

5 Questions to Ask Now

For clarity about your next steps and where your voice is needed, ask these questions now.

(1) What am I observing or doing that stirs my passion? (2) How can I fight back when I learn about government plans to roll back freedoms and reverse progress on climate and social change? (3) What are the societal issues that matter to me as a soul? (4) What is a key life skill that I can teach others? (5) How can I use my voice as a divine changemaker to open people to love and kindness?

What is important to remember now is that regardless of where you live or what you do for a living, you have a specific role to play in birthing a more loving world. What that role looks like will shift over time, so don't get too attached to outer appearances. Focus more on your larger soul purpose and invite spirit to show you the next steps at each phase.  


IC2ITUC 24th January 2017 11:37 pm

I had better not comment, being a Conservative ! Gosh darn it--I just HAVE to say something from MY Perspective !! :roll: I THINK you DemocRAT leaning Souls have FINALLY stopped using that old "blame game" phrase : "IT'S GEORGE BUSH'S FAULT" so now you can INVENT another one which will be : "IT"S DONALD TRUMP'S FAULT" ! You can use it to cover up YOUR PARTY'S Communistic, Marxist, Agenda which WAS REJECTED by the Electorate. Don't give us that excuse about the Russians, and Popular vote. TRUMP won MOST COUNTIES in the U.S. ( THOUSANDS of Counties for Trump and a ONLY a few HUNDRED for Hillary) AND HILLARY LOST. GET OVER IT---.YOU LOST.!! If you can't take the loss Mentally, Psychologically, etc., you can always go to your "Time Out and Safe Rooms" for your delicate Souls ! A number of "Channels" have stated that TRUMP is the one needed AT THIS TIME for the coming Changes needed in the "New Energy". Crooked Hillary and the makeup of her Current Party, would have kept the "Old Energy" of 3 D intact a lot longer than Trump will.

lauriealice 25th January 2017 9:16 pm

Hi Selacia!
Thank you for this wonderful article. Talk about being triggered! They don't understand that they can't touch us if we operate out of love for each other- and that we pray for them every day-how much that must hurt. Keep up the good work you have always done with others well-being-this too shall pass. We love you!

keryndawer 26th January 2017 4:12 am

Thank you Selacia for Shining Your Light :angel: and for giving us this beautiful and insightful message as to how we can all best be of service at this pivotal time. May we each find our unique way in our Rebirth to be in Loving Service to humanity, to all sentient beings and to Beloved Mother Gaia :smitten:

Blessings, Love, Light, Peace and Joy to You and All :smitten: