Creating New Paradigm Relationships

This message came during February, often thought of as a month focused on love, soul mates, and having more love in one's life. The Council of 12 is addressing a topic that often comes up in my healing work with others-how to have more love and how to create the new types of relationships that match the new paradigm world we want to inhabit. Relationships are often a focus of my private healing sessions, even when it may appear we are working on issues such as career or physical health. Everything in our lives is connected to how we relate to ourselves, other people, and the happenstance of everyday living. When we can develop a heart-focused approach to being with others, our work and other life activities become infused with light and positivity ~ Selacia

Now is the time of new beginnings. You have the opportunity in 2010 for greater potency, more loving relationships, and more connection to your purpose and path of light. In this very month of February, and in the time leading up to the annual Wesak of May, there is an accelerated momentum of positive energy. In February, also, there is often an emphasis on love and relationships, providing a useful catalyst to the creation of new paradigm relationships.

To fully use these opportunities, you will want to bring your energy up to date. That means putting your past in perspective and seeing it with new eyes. This includes your past relationships and your past methods of being in relationship with others. You cannot create or sustain a new paradigm relationship with outmoded energies rooted in the past.

Bringing your energy up to date also means recognizing your gifts, and offering them in the world. Offer them without expectation and without a need for reward. Offer your help to others, including those you are in primary relationship with, without expecting their help in return.

Shine your light, and the world will shine light back at you!

Begin shining your light at home, with your significant others. Become the positive light-filled example that they can emulate. Avoid the learned tendency to react to your loved ones. Show them a higher way to be with you and each other. That higher way is to become the Divine Changemaker that you are.

You as Divine Changemaker

This means becoming conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It means avoiding reaction mode, and consciously choosing how you respond to others. It means taking responsibility for yourself, making the changes within that you want to see manifest in the world. You want a loving world. Learn to be loving. You want to be treated fairly. Learn to treat yourself fairly, and to have integrity with yourself. Be your word, allowing your actions to mirror what you say you will do.

If you want to create and sustain new paradigm relationships, discover and heal your old paradigm patterns of relating to yourself and others. You include yourself in the equation, knowing that to have more unconditional love in your life, you must first be more unconditionally loving with yourself.

Similarly, you know that to experience more reciprocity in your relationships, you must hold within yourself the energy of reciprocity. That means you are able to give as well as receive and that your giving and receiving are in balance. To treat yourself within the energies of new paradigm relationships, you need to be skilled in giving to yourself and also in receiving from the cosmos.

What does that mean? It means that you are open to receiving the goodness that can come from everyone and everything around you. You are able to receive goodness from loved ones, from strangers, from life in general, and from the movement of spirit in your life. Receiving goodness can be as simple as taking in the beauty of a sunset that brings you joy. It can be receiving a smile from a stranger. It can be listening deeply when a loved one offers you encouragement or other support. It can be paying attention to a gentle nudge your Higher Self gives you, showing you a skillful way to resolve a dilemma.

New Paradigm Relating

Reciprocity is a key element of new paradigm relating. It is the opposite of the fear-based greed that has dominated human existence for thousands of years. When you act on the energy of greed, you don't have giving and receiving in balance. This will show up in relationships, and also in every other aspect of life. One is example is finances. A person with a tendency to be miserly will be unwilling to share what he or she has. The truly abundant person has learned to create a balance in giving and receiving. He or she has developed enough self love to allow for true reciprocity.

The energy of reciprocity, when it is expressed in one's life, becomes a magnet in attracting others who have learned to relate with reciprocity. When you have relationships rooted in this energy, people are content with what they have, content with giving to others, and content with what they receive.

If you are like most people, your early family life did not teach you how to create new paradigm relationships. Your parents probably did not know how to fully love themselves or to be in reciprocity. They couldn't show you, as no one taught them. Don't blame them, then, for what they did not understand.

Know that you, as a Divine Changemaker, can be the one in your family to break from the past dysfunctional patterns. This is, after all, a part of your role in this pivotal lifetime. You are living during these times to shed the past fear-based patterns of relating. You are here to create a brand new type of existence that is based on love.

Family - The Foundational Piece

Your family is the foundational piece in your relating this lifetime. What you learned in early life with your family--and what you inherited in your DNA from your family's lineage--is integral to how you experience relationships in adult life.

Since families provide your most foundational relationship patterns, it is vital for your spiritual growth that you address unresolved issues from your early life. This is true regardless of what sort of connection you have today with your family.

A part of the challenge in resolving these things is that conflicts reveal themselves in stages over time. This is a natural part of your growth and how you evolve, and yet it can be frustrating or simply confusing to find yourself addressing family issues well into your adult life.

Let go of all judgment, both of yourself and family members, as you look at and address these things.

The more advanced you are on your spiritual path, the deeper you will be able to look at yourself. Family helps you to do that. The more advanced you are, the more accepting you become of yourself, others, and anything that occurred in your past.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


Marcell 11th February 2010 5:18 pm

i feel blessed to have access to such information and advice in todays mad world. these are valuable words for life as we know it and for breaking chains of behaviour and making a difference.

Thank you.

G 11th July 2010 5:31 pm

Selacia, thank you. I've been working through a relationship crisis that unfolded a legacy of challenges on both sides of our families. This all came to a head when you channeled this information. It's helped me connect some dots that I intuitively started to do but it brings the point home when I read your words. Thank you!