Eclipse Countdown

Shift Your Life at Eclipse Season

Right now with a change of seasons in the air and a duo of powerful eclipses on the way, don’t be surprised if you sometimes feel scattered and like you are “in between” things. Change and energy shifts can be unsettling, to be sure. These natural cycles, however, can become amazing catalysts for the positive changes you want to create. In this article I describe what this can mean for you – and what you can begin doing right now in preparation.

Since cycles like season changes and eclipses happen annually, why would things feel either more unsettling or more intense in these moments? And why would you simply sense that the energies had been amplified several notches?

Why You Feel What You Feel

For one, you are not imagining things. There is a plethora of energy recalibration occurring. Most likely, because you are awake to your spiritual path and conscious of the planet’s mega shift, you are a “sensitive.” This means that you feel things more than the ordinary person still asleep to the bigger picture of things. It means that many times you sense energies even before they arrive! You are intuitive, after all, and like a cat that senses an earthquake seconds before it happens, you can anticipate things way before you have physical world validations.

Here’s another important thing to note. Natural cycles have a kind of preamble to them. The seasons, for example, don’t radically change overnight. It’s gradual, with little signs here and there – signaling the new season. With eclipses it’s similar – an effect can be felt up to six weeks before and six weeks after the actual eclipse.

Impact of September Eclipses

Within this larger context, consider that you are already being impacted by both of September’s eclipses: the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse of 12th-13th and the Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 27th-28th during Equinox weekend. An eclipse tends to amplify the effect of the moon, too, catalyzing emotions and increased awareness of things usually hidden from view. Significant endings and beginnings tend to get energized – on both a personal and collective level.

It’s like someone put a magnifying glass on the status quo and what’s out of balance. This, of course, can be uncomfortable to say the least!

Back in the 1800s or even the first half of the 1900s, our world was in a radically different place. Energy shifts were happening, but most of humanity was unconscious and the momentum for radical revolutionary change was not fast enough for most to notice. Starting in the 1960s, however, everything shifted and humanity began to wake up. With each decade since then, there’s been a powerful surge of energies that not only support awakening but shine light on dysfunctions, inequities, and injustices.

Each time we have an eclipse cycle, it’s like the energetic catalyst for change moves up several notches. Before 2010, those shifts were much smaller than now. Each year we’ve seen an incremental acceleration of the process – with the September 2015 eclipse season helping to bring a whole new set of energies.

What you are sensing now is these new energies arriving this September.

Part of the discomfort you may feel with changing energies is that they are fluid. They have varying potentials. Therefore, it’s impossible to know how they will play out on either a personal or planetary level. There’s another side to the discomfort, however, and I suggest tapping into that: the extra powerful push available to help you shift your life.

Turning the Magnifying Glass Around

As a divine changemaker, you are at choice in cycles like this. You can utilize even chaotic and uncertain energies to grasp nuances previously hidden from view and to make connections not possible before. As you do this, you can jump start your life in miraculous ways!

It’s like you are turning the magnifying glass around – the magnifying glass that seems pointed at you and perhaps making you feel uncomfortable as it brings to light what you need to change. Rather than fighting it, you say “yes” to it.

You courageously take that magnifying glass in your own hands and point it inward, receiving spirit’s guidance. You boldly invite the deeper look at yourself. You do this, not with self-judgment or harshness, but with self-love. You do it knowing that whatever you are seeing is not you at your core. You are love.

The love that you are is not afraid of being at the helm of such big changes and challenges. That boundless part of you intuitively knows you are okay. It trusts that you can do things you have never done, if truly needed and appropriate. It sees your path, not as an obstacle course but as an engaging labyrinth full of adventure and amazing potentials. The love that you are can find contentment even in irritation, for it remembers that you are divine. The love that you are helps you to find your way home.



alohaleya 8th September 2015 9:23 am

Such beautiful, exciting words - thank you Selacia! Aleya

zorro 8th September 2015 1:18 pm

Bless you, Selacia, for your words of upliftment during this cycle.

antoinette atanasoff 8th September 2015 2:06 pm

I certainly needed to have this understanding presented as you have dear Selacia. I am so grateful to you. This shall help me on many levels in this my birth month. Blessings/Namaste