Energy Gateway Tools - 11/11 Activation at Mystic Journey

Energy Gateway Tips for Chaotic Times  Connecting with the Sacred  

In these chaotic and often intense times, it's helpful to remember that positive transformation energies exist alongside the challenging ones. Example: many things in our outer world are in turmoil and uncertain. Despite this, we have an opportunity to regroup our energy and access a higher view with meditation and connecting with the sacred at the core of all things. When we do this, we bring wisdom and perspective to our experience.     

On some days, like the upcoming 11/11 energy gateway and 11/18 new moon, we can benefit from additional spiritual openings and insights. New awareness can come to the surface, allowing us to see ourselves more clearly. In those moments, solutions for longstanding issues can come to light. Letting go of the old may be easier too, once we have recognized we are ready to move on and embrace new adventures.    

The Sacred and Lightness of Being   

Key to your progress now is staying present and conscious to what you are creating. There are many distractions and situations that could get you off track and unfocused - like dramas with people you know and on the world stage. Do your best to self-monitor where you put your energy. The more present you are, the easier it will be to pull yourself back from dramas so you can go within and connect with the sacred. A daily connection with the sacred helps you to bring a lighter energy into everyday things and interactions with others. Your life flows better, you feel more connected, and you have the inner resource to face difficulties.    

Intend now that you will use the energies of this month to deepen your connection to the sacred and discover expanded ways to express your higher purpose for this life.    

11/11 Next Weekend   

Since it's November with 11/11 next weekend, consider exploring sacred numbers and the symbolic importance the ancients applied in spiritual rituals and in the architecture of temples and pyramids. Chances are, you or your ancestors were alive during one of the great civilizations of Egypt or Greece, having utilized sacred symbols to mark a special day. Invite a knowing of this.      

Meanwhile, trust that there is a reason for everything that unfolds, and that you can learn and grow even when you feel stuck and immobile. Use the vast amount of love and light



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