Have a Breakthrough during April Crossroads

Feeling edgy and out of sorts, or simply sensing that you’re on the edge of your seat about to make your next move?

If you’re experiencing either of these states right now, you are in good company. You don’t have to look far in any direction to notice people with an anxious disposition. Some of them close to you may be acting out their jittery feelings, too, adding to your own nervousness.

Especially if you are sensitive, you can feel what others are feeling. Sometimes you are aware of this response – other times it may be unconscious. Don’t make sensitivity or awareness bad. It’s part of being multidimensional to tap into the interconnected world and the collective. This includes people you work with, live with, and interact with in everyday life.

Energy is energy and it exists whether or not you are consciously aware of it. No matter how hard you try, you cannot divorce yourself from the world and its current energetic shifting that touches everyone around you. Even pets are impacted!

As a reminder of what’s going on, here’s a recap of this month’s energies underlying the edginess, chaos, and intensity.  We now sit between two powerful eclipses in a longstanding transformational cycle building for decades.

Next Wednesday’s Grand Cross Peak

Part of that cycle is the rare cardinal grand cross energy you can feel now before it peaks April 23. Even after that peak, too, is a cycle of releasing and adjusting to the new energies.

For perspective, what you are feeling is both personal and your tapping into the collective dance of radical shifting involving how Earthly life is lived. It’s not just about one day, or one month, but certainly April is an intense time for most people to handle! In my private astrology readings for DNA healing clients, we address the very personal implications of cycles like this.

These definitely are moments you don’t want to sleep through or let slip by unnoticed. Indeed, this cycle has great potential to catalyze just the breakthroughs you have needed to get free of your past and move into a much more promising future!

From a multidimensional perspective – as I describe in my book Earth’s Pivotal Years – “upward spirals of growth can occur either very slowly or seemingly in a flash of time. This applies to both individuals and the planet as a whole.”  When we have a grand cross, think of it as a crossroads that can ignite your personal spiral of growth with a bolt of lightning!

Avoid the tendency to go into fear and have a breakdown. Use these energies to have huge breakthroughs instead.

5 Tips for Having Breakthroughs

Here are five tips for having breakthroughs in April and over the coming weeks as the chaotic energies continue to play out.

First, avoid your learned tendency to be harsh with yourself. Refuse to listen to your ego voice that keeps you in fear and negativity. Don’t let that critical voice convince you that things are hard, no fun, or tough to accomplish with all that’s going on. Invite your higher wisdom to help you stay positive, on track, and open to the gifts of self-discovery now becoming available at this crossroads.

Second, when you first begin to feel a negative emotion, check in with yourself to determine how much of what you are feeling is yours, how much is other people, and how much is the collective. The only feeling you have any power over is your own. This means owning how you feel but refusing to act on the emotion. An angry text or comment to a colleague or loved one will backfire. Find a gentle way to communicate or hold your tongue for a bit until you can find more constructive words.

Third, remember that just on the other side of chaos and darkness there is peace and light. These qualities always are there, in fact, but during turmoil it can be challenging to access them. Keep your focus on your light-filled intentions and your own light within. It is your own light that can reveal things blocking your full divine expression. Allow this light energy within to bring you the outer resources you need to break free. These resources could include insights from others not invested in seeing you the way that you have always seen yourself. It’s common knowledge that enlightenment is catalyzed by being with and seeking input from others outside of you. Asking for help doesn’t make you less than – it can help you to be more than your ego self is allowing you to be.

Fourth, know that crossroads like these tend to bring up intense desires to do or be something different from what society dictates. To have breakthroughs, you will need to self-moderate your desires and only take actions on things that truly need action right now. If you’re not sure, wait. Meditate on your desires and invite dreams or other inner input to help you see the larger picture of where these desires will lead long term.

Fifth, on a daily basis, ask your higher self to reveal to you what you are not seeing about your situation. Ask to be shown – directly or through other people – what in your DNA-level conditioning is blocking your forward movement. Invite a knowing of how your current blocks relate to things you experienced in past lives, vows you took in other lifetimes, or agreements you made with people at another time in history. These things, not on the ordinary person’s radar, can be seen in the field of the DNA, which is also the place they need to be cleared to have real progress. Remember, too, that in your DNA are very beneficial patterns helping you in this pivotal lifetime – ask to be made aware of these things so that you can see your divine qualities. Then call upon those qualities to assist you in creating breakthroughs that subsequent generations will liken to miracles!


Atrest 22nd April 2014 10:34 am

Selacia, thank you so much for this article. I am so thankful for all of you that share your awesome insight which we all so need especially now. Have a most blessed day.

JeanMichelle 22nd April 2014 1:05 pm

Thank you!!! I couldn't figure out why I one moment I was completely at peace and the next I was terribly angry. I was wondering if something was happening right now. Thank you soooo much for this article!!!


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