Healing After Elections

What just unfolded in the US elections is a wake up call about the state of society. It's about America but also the world, increasingly interdependent and connected yet divided by a fear-based mentality of us and them. A revolution is needed, beginning inside individuals like us, awakening to a more loving and inclusive way to be.

Many people are feeling shock or sadness as the dust begins to settle from the stunning and unexpected elections outcome on Tuesday. There were signs ahead, but with all the chaos and craziness, those signs were deep below the radar.

You don't need to be an American to feel the shock of this election. Lots of anxiety and fear is being generated across the world - because of the unknowns and the unclear direction of America.

From a historical perspective, we haven't had such a crazy upset in elections since the 1940s. One key difference:  in the 1940s we were not a globally connected world, sitting on a precipice that involves the continued sustainability and habitability of our planet.We cannot go back in time - only forward.

No one really knows what is about to unfold - it's that unprecedented.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, along with suggestions for riding through this in the highest way.

FIRST, as the world is processing the shock about what happened, strive to stay in your heart and above the octaves of fear. When you don't know what else to do in a moment of feeling panic, stop long enough to go within and take some deep breaths while accessing your heart.

SECOND, if you are sad about the outcome of the election, to key to healing is remembering the big picture. If you are angry or discouraged, own how you feel and work with it internally. Then channel those feelings into constructive change.

THIRD, if what occurred in the US elections runs counter to cherished goals you want to see implemented, do not give up. Your voice matters. Your energies matter. Refuse to be silenced. Trust that goodness does prevail, and put your whole being into fighting for a good and just world.   

FOURTH, stay in the present. That's your only place of power. Self-monitor your thoughts, and when your mind travels to the "what ifs" with worry about the future, rein it in. To be an effective vehicle for positive change, you must be here in the present.

FIFTH, keep your focus big picture and quantum. A broken system or even one dysfunctional piece of a system will take time and persistence to fix. Don't lose sight of the gains already made, even if they fall short of your minimum ideal. Positive changes happen much faster when people focus on gratitude for the good and cooperate with others on mutual goals to create more good things.

SIXTH, if you are American and upset about the direction of society, focus less on being an American and more on being a decent and loving human being. If you hear others talk about a person or group that compromised something you cherish - use that information not to blame and show retribution but to understand the deeper levels of motivation involved. To understand others and their motivations does not mean that you condone their actions. Understanding is a healing tool.

SEVENTH, if you live outside the US or simply feel disconnected from the whole political process occurring in America, raise your frequency higher in these moments by striving to be compassionate and loving. To care about others means that you care about yourself and our world. Caring is the first step towards creating the kind of world you want to live in.

Trust that you have boundless support to be here now, and to be a light-filled force for positive changes. Know that you can create miracles when you apply love.   


anhaible@comcast.net 11th November 2016 1:50 pm

Thank you for these words. As an American by birth, I must say this election has further weakened my identity as a being belonging to any national group. There will be many things coming from this transition; the U.S. is continuously weakening as a world power - which will allow other things to unfold. Trump may have unleashed a sleeping dragon - a movement that will transcend the old and bring us into something truly different, global, and united. That is where I place my vision.

Toni 11th November 2016 6:11 pm

"We cannot go back in time - only forward." I had a bit of a chuckle at this because this American situation reminds me some what of Atlantis before it went down... If time doesn't go round in spirals then it goes round in circles... And although I have no idea how it shall all unfold, I know we create a different outcome this time...up.

Cheers :thumbs:

IC2ITUC 14th November 2016 8:04 pm

MANY of us are ELATED about the outcome of the election. WE NOW WILL BACK AWAY from becoming a Socialistic, Marxist, Communistic, Country which stifles the Souls living under those conditions. GET OVER IT--THE 'HIGHER VIBRATING SOULS" have SPOKEN !

angelpie 15th November 2016 9:35 am

I'm totally with you IC2ITUC!! In fact I'm quite shocked that most 'gurus' in the metaphysical community did not see this coming. I experienced both a visual and auditory 'heads-up' that Trump would win and I believe he will be a great President.
Makes me wonder which side these 'enlightened' people are on.

IC2ITUC 16th November 2016 6:41 am

ANGELPIE, Yes, I am also surprised that a number of the 'Spiritual Community', with their so called 'Ascended Nature-Higher Vibrations', just throw their SENSE and KNOWLEDGE of who is LIEING, DECEITFUL, UNTRUSTWORTHY, LAWBREAKING, ETC., out of their Mind when making a choice for OUR PRESIDENT !! I think some of it might be due for SOME because of their heightened SENSITIVITY to EMOTION and their EMOTIONAL STATE overrides the part of their Brain which governs LOGICAL ASSESSMENT !! For others I just fear that the 3 D part of them that they are trying to suppress more NOW, still overtakes them and says , "You are a DemocRAT (sorry for the misspelling- {smiley}) so no matter who we run, you will vote for them." Kind of reminds me of Michael Savage's expression stating that "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER" !. BUTT (again-misspelling intentional) THEY are entitled to their BELIEF'S as ALL of us are with our FREE CHOICE "Prime Directive". Also our past experiences noted in our AKASH and DNA influence ALL of us, of course. THEY and WE will eventually all 'come on board' TOGETHER.

Toni 16th November 2016 9:42 pm

The trump suit always beats the other suits. It is quite clear for those that see. ;D

spiritlifting 25th November 2016 5:59 am

I am WITH you guys! The people have clearly spoken, and against all odds -- this is a revolution and it is ON PURPOSE I am again proud to be an American. Now we can apply or hearts to healing a system that uses corruption, abuse, lies, manipulation, propaganda, extortion, and a host of truly ugly things I will not mention to suppress and subvert freedom, soveringnty, and free will for the humans. Atlantis? Yes. Will we get it right this time?

It is time for all of us to grow up, step up, and take our power back. I hope Trump gives us enough of a "state break" (no pun intended) to do that!

"Liberals", do your research, find the facts. They are not opinons, these things actually happened. It's all there to see.

I really like how Matt Kahn said it the other day....we are all in a collective grief cycle...the first stage of that is DENIAL. So some folks are at a different stage of waking up in their grief cycle, is all. But we will all heal together. I have total faith is all of us, and our future on this beautiful planet!