Humanity's New Chapter

Your wise self knows that this unique cycle of time is not the end of life but a transition into new beginnings. Your everyday self, however, may be doubtful. That conditioned part of you remains immersed in linear illusions about what is possible. You have learned to doubt things that you could not prove with your eyes or by other physical means.

You see massive changes taking place and notice that much of your familiar world is falling away. However, you do not yet see the new world that you want to live in. You may sense that your new Earth is on a cosmic drawing board, being created in the background as you and your society struggle with a multitude of challenges.  

Your ego-self, however, wants proof that a more light-filled world is in the making. Your ego-self, which is impatient and afraid, gives you repetitive messages of doubt. Your inner wisdom, which does not need material evidence, trusts in the process of evolutionary change.   On some days, it may seem as though nothing is really changing. It may even appear as though humanity is descending rather than ascending. In those times, it may appear as though there's no way out and that all of humankind is doomed.  It is common to feel weary, angry, and even hopeless when weeks of uncertainty and chaos turn into months and even years with no end in sight. The challenge in this cycle is to remain in balance in the midst of the enormous cleansings happening on a personal and planetary scale.  

You as a Divine Changemaker  

Remember that, as a divine changemaker, you are alive now to be at the forefront of changes involved with shifting the planet into light. To be a divine changemaker means that you are moving into conscious creation and taking back your power.  
Now is the time to put all of what you have learned into action. It's important that you act on what you know. Do this even when you feel that you don't have all the answers. Start from where you are and more answers will come to you as needed. Trust that your light-infused actions will make a difference in what happens next - in your soul's progression and in the future of our beloved Earth. 

Excerpt from Chapter 12, "Earth's Pivotal Years" by Selacia