Intensity & The Void - Look for Signs

Feeling an extra dose of intensity this week, or perhaps like you're in the void with no reference point? Among the reasons: the June 10 eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and the extra potency experienced during Wesak season. Continue reading for a big picture of these roller-coaster moments and how to manage the intensity.


Eclipses like the ring-of-fire solar eclipse at the new Moon on June 10 are like a cosmic lightning bolt of change. It makes no difference where you live, whether you can see, or even whether you can sense or feel it. Eclipses can be game changers for humanity's evolution and each one of us. They happen on one day, yet energetic effects can be felt for weeks or months.

For any of you sensitives, you're likely feeling much more intensity during 2021 energy cycles. These include eclipses, new Moons, full Moons, equinoxes, solstices. Add in Mercury retrograde--with its impact on communications, timings, and technology--and your intensity barometer rises.

Wesak season isn't really intense. It is, however, a powerful and auspicious period of time when we can connect more tangibly with spiritual forces, the unseen realms, and enlightened beings like Kuan Yin and the Buddha who we celebrate at Wesak. At our Post Wesak of June 19, you can have personal experiences with these.

Manage The Intensity

Life in 2021 is already intense. After all, we have ongoing uncertainty and our global society is experiencing an earthquake of change! Everything at the foundation of how we live, work, and interact with each other is up for review. Indeed, the very foundation has so many cracks that it must be totally rebuilt!

I'll be writing more about how to navigate this dynamic in my new book, "The Spiritual Compass to 2021".

If you are like most of us, coping with intensity is a "side job" in everyday life. What does this mean?

  • It means that we must daily be mindful of things like eclipses and the significant undercurrents of change they catalyze within us and the collective.
  • We need to daily remind ourselves---especially when working on a task--to keep our time focus quantum and single-pointed vs multitasking.
  • We must daily allow for emotional roller-coaster responses so we can better manage them when they surface. Many times, as you likely have noticed, they seem to arise out of nowhere.
Look for Signs

Remember that we are purposefully alive now to co-create a brand-new world. We cannot do that in the back seat. We cannot create meaningful change in a vacuum, or by only praying for world peace. The Earth, and all of nature, need us to step into our full power--in the front seat.

The natural world is reminding us of our role--to be at the forefront of a global movement honoring the planet and each other. We do this by reaching deep inside ourselves, connecting with our divine power and embodying it--in our words, responses, and actions. Let's trust in the rainbows we see-- they symbolize our potentials.

Rainbows are among the signs the Universe gives us. They stir our strong inner knowing that we can prevail and thrive, even during hardship when things look very dark. Seeing a rainbow, or even imagining one, can catalyze our passion for being alive and able to make a difference.